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Found 1 result

  1. TinCanMan_

    Oland Config

    I started with an Oland that had 12,____ hp to begin with and 3 heals. Now with survivability expert and Hull B, I start each game with 16,900 points. Then I add in superintendent for 4 heals which is pretty sweet. But wait! Then I discovered the India Delta signal that adds 20% to repair party consumeable. So I'm getting up to 4 x 202hp for 14 secs (4x 202x14) = 11,312. That's almost what I started out with on my base Oland. So, I started around 12---- something and now I am potentially playing at around 27k. Btw I am starting to stack the dreadnaught awards in a dd. I'm digging myself out of a poor W/R hole but pretty psyched about this build. My guns are not all that I want them to be but have good dispersion and now maybe I can get in a kill of a DD and go heal instead of just run. What do you guys think? Are there better ways to build and play the Oland? First post. Thanks in advance