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Found 10 results

  1. For the last 2 months my clan been having issue with saving oil because someone in my clan is spending it without confronting the rest of the clan, for some reason my clan leader thought it was a good idea to have 6 executive officers (terrible Idea do not repeat this). Now my leader wants me to figure out who the abuser is and remove them, the only problem is the clan treasury docent keep track of oil transactions for the clan but it still tells me how much oil my clan has left. Is there a way to get the list of oil transactions for the clan (ingame or not), or do I have to wait till the devs add that feature?
  2. Tailboard

    Oil per day

    Can I earn more than 30 oil a day? If i collect 3 containers that give me 30 oil. Ive seen guys in my clan that appear to bring in more than 30 oil a day? Thanks
  3. I am proud to say that my clan, the Brother Grimm's Armada, has finished our LAST Naval Base building upgrade. We now have every building fully upgraded! Of course this is reason to celebrate.....however...…. …..now what to do with all the oil that I and my clanmates earn from here on out? This is where I want to open a discussion: what should Wargaming do to enable ourselves to use all the excess oil that we earn after our Naval Bases are fully upgraded? What are ways in which each clan can spend extra oil on?
  4. Oh For Five Six! intends to be a small, mature clan assembled to be casually competitive in Clan Battles and other group related activities. I took a poke at this back in July and didn't have much (any) luck. I figured it was time for another poke since I'd really like it to lift off. Know in advance this is a new clan looking for its first recruits so activity is going to depend on recruitment success. I'd be happy to help some like minded folks who need some guidance to polish off their basic tactical game skills in preparation for success as a group. I'm seeking folks who may lack confidence in what they bring to the team skill-wise but have the passion to improve and help others. I can help you, and I hope to help develop others who like to help as well. Maybe a few really good players can join up and help me improve too? I'm always learning and want to foster that characteristic within the clan. We do require at least 1000 battles in game- whether that's on another server or on the NA server. This helps ensure some basic fundamental understanding of the mechanics and what the game involves. I'm in the Mountain Time Zone and do try and play a few games on average daily. My work schedule allows for me to play mostly evenings on my "week on" and during the day on my "week off." STATS HERE
  5. In regards to the new Clan Naval Base, the update notes don't say anything to how much the New Buildings in the clan base Cost in Oil. As a clan leader I would have liked to know ahead of time so that I can discuss with my members what we would like to prioritize, but there is no mention of this in the patch notes. I did note that in the PTS it was 830,000 oil (I believe) to fully upgrade the base. However, what you have to do in PTS to earn things is often different on the Live Server. Any answers would be appreciated, or post below if you would like this info too.
  6. With the recent update the clan base was reorganized and a portion of our spent oil was returned to us. However, this did not account for the unused oil we had acquired. PMWC has over 60,000 in oil. What happened to that oil? The oil was stolen by WOW. Hell, it's their game so I guess they can do what they want, right? So I started a ticket hoping to get a logical response. Here is how that progressed..... PMWC: You have issued us 99,600 oil for the new base. We spent more than that to get our base where it was. Also, we had over 60,000 oil not used. Please exsplain why we lost 60, 000 oil and were only issued 90,600 oil for the new base. WOW: Dear PMWC, Thank you for contacting. According to this article: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-079-royal-navy/#new-clan-base, oil exchanged for previously constructed buildings will be returned to your clan's account. Headquarters is the only exception. Thus, the maximum capacity of the clans will remain unchanged. The Oil you will receive will be enough to claim the bonuses in the same amount as you would have claimed on the old clan base. That's why your clan received less oil than was spent. About over 60,000 oil that was not used. We will get back to you as soon as we have additional information. Until then, I have to ask you to be patient. Please wait. PMWC: I re-read the article provided in our response, which addressed oil previously used, but did not address un-used oil accumulated for future use by our clan. The fact that your response is conspicuously missing, requiring more time for your response is disconcerting. I as well as other clan members have spend real money to advance our clan by obtaining oil, an important commodity. Surely I can not be the only clan leader questioning the loss of oil. We are eager to receive your response. WOW: Dear PMWC, Depending on the level of your base some oil was spend automatically on the Headquarters. Should you have any other issues please don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck on the battlefield. Best regards, What a crock of crap. When I read their response I heard, Too bad, its our game and we will steal what we want.
  7. anonym_34uRlJniL1Mg

    PSA: Supply Lines Event (more oil)

    I haven't come across a thread about this yet, so figured to pass along for any who miss it on the main page or launcher. There's a Supply Lines event over the next few weekends where clans and their members can opt in to earn extra oil by doing damage milestones in certain nations/ship types. It's open to all tiers, so those of us who prefer mid-tier can still have fun. All of the information is in the link below. To enter, a clan leader (Commander, Deputy, Recruiter) needs to sign the group up. Individual clan members must also visit the page to participate and get their battles accounted for in the challenge. Seems like a good way to earn extra oil by just playing Randoms with the clan base upgrade coming. It also works for those of us who don't always join Clan Battles or Ranked. I'm not even gunning for a win, you get oil just for milestones and even in losses, so all the easier to get the new structures built. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/supply-lines/ Happy Hunting! - Optio
  8. Leopard_IX

    Oil Accumulation

    If you're part of a clan, then you know that when containers are opened, you get oil. But what happens when the clan has upgraded everything in the clan port? The oil just accumulates and accumulates. WG needs to implement a game feature that will give players a use for the accumulated oil. One suggestion would be to give more bonuses by the amount of oil collected. For example, the cost of service would become decrease by another 10%. Another suggestion would be to give containers to the amount of oil collected. For example, a container would be given every time the clan reached another 5000 oil. It would be a regular container but of course, but of course, special containers like Bismarck or American freedom containers would not be out of the question. Similar to this idea, coal could be given out for every player that reaches specific milestones set in the game. This would be an individual accomplishment and not dependent on the team collection of oil. But one has to note that all these ideas can only be considered if the clan has reached its maximum clan port upgrade. Then, these ideas would be great to consider for the betterment of the game.
  9. bigpapaboss

    Oil for Coal exchange

    Hello Guy's, Does anyone know what will happen to the oil we have made. From what I am reading is that for each OIL we will get x5 COAL. Is there a stat of how much oil we have made. Also if I change clan my oil stat goes to "0" does that mean I lost all that oil I had? Thanks
  10. Don't feel like your playing Cantan yet? Or maybe pretending to play the Market in "Current events" class? Don't worry, they got ya covered... 1. Tin Farming citadels on USN CAs. 5 cits=1 tin can What do we get? 500: Albany 5000 Hotlanta 500000 Salem 2. Tea How do we get it? Doing damage with RN BBs...AP only. 1000 damage= 10 tea bags What do we get? 5000 "Keep calm and carry on" camo 10000 Campbeltown 1000000 Warspite 100000000 Belfast 10000000000 Thunder...Thunder...THUNDERER HOOOOOOOO!!! 3. Salt: This one is hooked to the Kama system Get reported or report someone get a ton of salt. Black list is 10 tons of salt Chat ban is 20 tons of salt. What do ya get? 100000 tons: Salt shaker flag 100000 Salty dog camo 100000000 "Legendary upgrade" that make any ship that gets near you get "melt damage" as long as they are within 10km of your bad self. 4. Wood. Taking fire damage in a French BB. Every 10000 points of fire damage gets you a plank of wood. 10 planks and you get a park bench. 10000 benches: De Grasse 10000000 Gas can 5. Potatoes They just show up like magic... 10000000000000 1 year Premium 6. Gasoline XP in the USS TEXAS!!! Go Mad Max baby! 1000 xp= gallon of go juice 100000 Gusher camo 10000000 HE shells with 100% fire starting rate. 100000000 Spotter plane that has a gas tank bigger than a scooter that can stay up still its shot down. 7. Vodka XP in the Krispy Kreme You need a stout liver for this one Comrade. 1000 xp= gallon of potato juice 10000 "Why me?" camo 100000 "Closing time flag" 100000000 Gremyashchy 10000000000 The vodka powered death machine that is the IMPERATOR NIKOLI!!! 8. Bamboo "Beautiful deaths" in IJN DDs Every 5 deaths gets you a ton of Bamboo. You can buy camos at ton a flag, or gamble by buying a container... So whats in the container? 90% "Kick me!" Flag 2% Old Shima Torps. 2% Kamikaze 2% Admiral Yamamoto 2% Legendary upgrade: Romulan cloaking device 2% Iwaki Alpha AKA The pickle of DOOM! I'm sure these minor changes will make for more "Fun and engaging" gameplay soon...I for one can't wait. Now...who will swap me 10 wood for 50 Vodka?