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Found 3 results

  1. ....and i'd like to apologize for the TLDR of this post in advance, people....I would've written a shorter introduction, but I didn't have time.... ....In the current meta and with ranked kicking off it's 14th season....Let's try to come to a consensus on this.... ....I'll give you my full take on my experience of these ships: ....With the DWT-using PA line, I deferred to my instincts as a DD/BB main who plays DDs for the adrenaline and thought--nope, I'm not going down that tech tree...so: no idea....in fact the feel of being targeted by a PA with DWTs is alien to me--sort of like being the wingman in the old "Thatch Weave" in the days of the Hellcats and Wildcats....tough call there. ....The Kagero is my most played ship....Her stealth is excellent, her 'pedoes are long range dump-trucks of battlewagon annihilating little bastids....Her drawbacks are, like most of the IJN DDs, a slow reload on the arty and that she can only area-denial in the caps so much....I usually load the TRB, which throws off some players because they're not necessarily aware I can't provide smoke for the big dogs. ....With the Akizuki, again, I prefer a stealth-torp feel and the "bravery of being out of range" as a DD so I've only test-conned the Akis on the PTS....I don't feel like I'm ready to buy one or fxp one on that fork of the IJN DD line....I will say, though, during the 13th season of ranked using a Z-46/Kagero platoon of course the Akis and the T9 Kitakazes and T10 Harugumos were real trouble for me to deal with. ....As the French DD line has debuted recently, I have to say I didn't like the lack of smoke in the first few DDs....I took a Jaguar into a random with a pal on the New Dawn map and got dusted off immediately....The French DDs do not look like something I'll be good with until I practice in coop with them more....so much for fans of the Le Fantasque. ....As for the KM, I have the aforementioned Z-46 but have not played her very much apart from my foray into the 13th season....so with respect to the Z-23, again--I'd have to call "limited data sample" on that one....My go-to KM DD is the T-22 and I have a nice T-61 that's really a Gaeda with more stealth and quicker loading fish, but not the 150mm upgrade that the Gaeda has as an option for the MB. ....as for the VMF of the USSR/Russian DDs, I have never liked the feel of being a sort of cap-bully with arty that's meant to slice other DDs to pieces up front....I have experience of the Kiev and the Ognevoi in randoms that makes me conclude that with the heal buff they got some months back, I'd say I'd prefer the Kiev now for random/ranked, but pre-heal buff the Ognevoi was also good....2 things: the ballistics and the reloads on those two are like [edited] light sabers being tossed and everyone is telekinetic....You can barely miss when you're in tight going smash-mouth to another DD....the Ognevoi has that other weird wrinkle in that you can have a different torpedo suite with one hull or the other....So my vote there for what I'd want in the 14th season is Kiev. ....The Benson is, for me, a good platoon with the Kagero--you've got good smoke and a 10-torp spread to work with, so that really all you have to compensate for is the weird trajectories on those 127mm rifles that can be hard to walk-in at distance....She's near the top of my list among all these boats. ....Lastly, the Lightning is, in a way, my brand new toy....I finally fxp'd past the Jervis because I never like that one's specs....I did that today and took the Lighting back into coop--having barely tested her on the last time the PTS was up....so stay tuned to my full take on that puppy. ....So?....the verdict?....I *would've taken a Kiev into ranked in the next few days and see what else I might want to riff on herein. *[desmo spotted this error on my part] ....Your thoughts?
  2. Avenge_December_7

    Ognevoi B or A Hull?

    So the B-hull of Ogneovi gives various boosts to things like health, maneuverability, and AA. However, it also comes with a critical downside: the torpedoes go from a 55s reload to 92s reload, in exchange from going from 2x3 to 2x5. Is the increase in the various stats of the B-hull worth the massive increase in torpedo reload time?
  3. I will make note that I am currently on the Ognevoi, but am familiar with the stats and play style of Russian DDs up to Tier 10. My points are based on my opinion, and I will respect the counter points or arguments provided from any persons. I expect that a similar level of respect be shown from you to me. Generally speaking: American DDs have some good qualities compared to IJN DDs and vice versa. Relatively speaking, USN DDs have good guns, that fire fast and fairly accurate, although arc higher than one may be comfortable with at the extent of their ranges. Torpedos are good, but not as good (in terms of range, accuracy etc) than IJN counterparts. Invisi firing within firing spotting range is more than possible with USN DDs. I don't have the numbers here, but this is a fact. IJN DDs have excellent torpedos, and concealment, and rarely use their guns. Torpedo range is excellent. Shoot (torp salvos) and scoot. So, generally speaking, USN ships have great guns, and good torpedos, good conealment when firing. Jap ships have excellent torpedos, and excellent concealment. So, both nations have good qualities that make them useful in different ways. Russian DDs: - Early tiers have large salvos of torps, with attrocious torp range (this attrocious range holds until tier 8, and even 8km is poor in tier 8, especially when you're spotted from 10km away). - Guns are good, almost as good as USN ships (so is this where Russian DDs excel?) No. Turret rotation is hilariously bad until tier 6. You are always spotted, no matter what, when firing, unless you stay within a VERY small radius between you and the enemy (and you need to appropriate Captain skills) in certain ships, Gnevny is one of them. If the enemy is focusing on other friendly ships, great. If a cruiser or two focus you, you're &@^#ed. - The Ognevoi is literally the worst piece of trash I have ever played, and though my WOW experience is limited as of yet, I would rather play the M3 Lee than this thing. Guns are good, except you lose one of two (and sometimes two of two) turrets every game. so you're wheeling around in a two gun DD with absolutely no torpedo opportunity, because range is 4km. - I understand IJN and USN ships have specific and unique qualities and characteristics from which they excel. Russian ships do not. And they are NOT a jack of all trades DD. Atrocious torps, that is without a doubt a fact. Guns are not good when combined with poor traverse, the fact that the Tier 6 has cannons made out of whatever is 100 times more fragile than glass. - Concealment is absolutely atrocious. These DDs are meant to use guns, so you will be spotted, all the time. But the guns are good right? Either traverse is bad, or you lose one or both or more turrets. - Turn radius is hilariously bad. So then, if IJN and USN DDs have strong-points, what are the Russian DD strong-points? I am having difficulty finding them. Obviously the guns are intended to be the Russian DDs strong-point, but given the restrictions and limitations imposed on the guns, maximizing the potential of the guns are extremely difficult. The limitations and restrictions are such: - Glass cannons (especially in Tier 6) - Horrible turn radius, meh speed until later tiers (7-10) - Atrocious concealment - Abysmal stock gun range - Maneuverability is not significantly better than IJN and USN DDs at any tier. In conclusion, Russian DDs do have good guns. These guns fire fast, and accurately from decent ranges (when upgraded). You can, and will, have excellent games when playing Russian DDs. But given the various limitation imposed on these guns, Russian DDs simply do not have a strength that sets them above the competition. On a general basis, Russian DDs, in my opinion, are much worse than their IJN and USN counterparts. I think they should be given a specific skill set that makes them desirable in comparison to IJN/USN DDs.