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Found 15 results

  1. Submarine_M1

    Game suggestion

    I'm looking for a game that's like world of warships and crossout mutant combo, and just like both those games I'm hoping for them to be relatively free or so with (some) in-game content. Is there any games like it as I suggested?
  2. _wilhelmina_

    Giant Perler Bead HMS Nelson

    Section 1 half done.
  3. shadowsrmine

    Saw a Show Tuesday Night Wensday Morning

    Called Black Files Declassified all about a Hyper Sonic Stealth Aircraft flying 4000 MPH and upon seeing the description I immediately asked myself,How can a hyper sonic aircraft setting off sonic booms all the time be stealthy and whilst watching did a search,This is some of what I found And sonic booms are just one of the reasons why the Concorde,Blackbird and others were discontinued and or retired https://www.flightglobal.com/video-existence-of-secret-aurora-hypersonic-sucessor-to-sr-71-blackbird-revealed-in-uk-defence-ministry-ufo-report/67937.article , https://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/06/15/aurora/, https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/the-senior-citizen-program-the-aurora/ Wow
  4. I wanted to share this.....hanging around business :v and here’s my more successful landing I’m hoping to make a server so that I can play with others who happens to play this amazing game.... I am using mods on this game and will provide a link to it hopefully soon
  5. shadowsrmine

    Went to the Library

    Been going there for a long time,There's a support program Called 'Friends of Library' pretty much nation wide where books in various forms of condition can be purchased for pennies on the dollar IE Cheap and at times even free,And you never know what you'll find there both donations and library books that have been discarded check out your local library and see,Picked this up yesterday for a $1.00 https://www.amazon.com/Draw-Furries-Anthropomorphic-Fantasy-Animals/dp/1600614175/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=draw+furries&qid=1583311676&s=books&sr=1-1
  6. So due to the virus having an outbreak in my city and seeing that I can't go anywhere or do anything I finally have the excuse to watch all the movies I got over Christmas! One of which was TURN! and My GOD this series is well done! the characters the clothing the props, everything is very well made and historically accurate. I was actually worried it be simular to HBO's "Rome" which was 1% battles, 20% character development, and 79% sex. honestly everyone and their dog got a piece in that series! still a good series none-the-less. and yes.....Like everyone said i would, i find simcoe to be....well i'll just post this video to discribe him.... anyways, I'm up to season 3 and have season 4 ordered and should have it by next Monday! Thank You vintage stock! If you're into American history, might i consider trying this one out. it only has like 5 inaccuracies. anyways, until next time I'll C'ya on the Seas! P.S. Try not to get sick, WASH THOSE HANDS PEOPLE!!!!
  7. shadowsrmine

    My Cat is Dying

    Knew it was coming he's old and his back legs are arthritic he stopped eating yesterday,And he loves to sit on my lap,Well just a few minutes ago he struggled down off my lap and collapsed at the bottom of the chair breathing hard and crying
  8. TheGreyDeath

    River Rocket?

  9. They're still discovering New Things about this Glorious Failed Attempt
  10. shadowsrmine

    Who'dve Thunk It!

    SciFi Becomes Fact Once again
  11. I'm of two mind's on this IE Paper Ships or No Paper Ships, I think Notser scored some points here OTH
  12. xAnchobi

    My name is god like

    stop hating my username is awesome. It was either Benshapirohamburger or Suc_my_etheral_pp
  13. Halonut24

    Football's back Boi's!

    AAAALLLLRIIIIIGHT boys and girls! It's getting to be that time of year. Football's back. So, in the spirit of the season, I figure I'd ask my fellow forumites if they watch any football, or what teams they watch or are looking forward to. For me, I'm a Chargers fan, through and through. They're looking good this year, and can't wait for Week 1. Who else is pumped for Football Season?