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Found 5 results

  1. Lose_dudes

    World of warplanes Q&A

    'Oh look, the sad dude with his stale jokes is coming to annoy us again' No, this time I'm serious(Actually!). I'm here to answer questions about the 'other' WG title. I stand for all the WoWP players who feel offended and oppressed by all the 'constructive criticism' of the game. Feel free to ask any questions about the game. Examples of actual questions: Q: Is there a resource that is shared between WoWp and WoWS? A: Yes, WoWP premium account translate into premium account for all WG titles. Non-questions: Q: Why would I ask some random 40% WR noob about some third-rate airplane game? A: :Meh:
  2. My Real only honest problem with the cv is that when you fought old cv planes u might get killed but u whittled away some of their power just like you do with other ships. the difference being other ships keep their full actual fire power anyway. the new cv build gives cv the ability to keep hitting hard even though there planes have taken dmg. my fix give each squadron a hp bar of its own separate from the attacking squad like there would be 3 lesser bars below th cv hp pool. so the squad attacking will always have full hp until it's pool hp goes to zero then that squad is gone forever. this gives the other players a sense of well that carrier hurt me but i hurt him back in a meaningful way. this means that a cv will really have to think about what he is attacking does he want to leave his planes over that dd taking dmg to his main pool hp for that squad. more like olden times no he would not leave them over an enemy dd for long especially not a dd like the monaghan which used to murder planes left near it for to long with the AA hull. current state of things is making people hate playing ships with less AA protection that's DD/BB and a lot of cruisers to so mainly AA spec cruisers are showing up to battle . tell where is the balance if whole groups of ships are being mothballed because they don't pack enough aa to keep one cv at bay let alone 2. fix number 2 limit cvs to one per match this is only required if you don't implement fix number one. i for one will not be purchasing anything until something is done to bring balance to this game and as i have said in the fight for a "open all containers button" i spend a good deal of money on this game can you afford to lose like minded people such as me.
  3. Hello, After a couple of weeks of inactivity on the servers, Ive just attempted to download the newest updates for the game. My update started off fine, and got to 11% where it is now stuck. I have no progress, and there is no download speed being displayed. Wargaming Game Center is using 11% of my CPU and almost 50 MB/s on my disk, but not downloading anything. My download speed is fine, at 120 MB/s. I am also having this issue with my update for World of Tanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am not sure where to go next. Thank you,
  4. Para saber todo del evento clickea en el siguiente enlace directo al tema interno ->
  5. Buenas Tardes capitanes! A partir de ayer tuvimos éxito en nuestras pruebas en el PT parar solucionar un problema con las pantallas negras en Windows 10 . Por desgracia, es demasiado tarde para incluirla en esta revisión 0.5.11 que se libera mañana, sin embargo nuestro objetivo quedará para la próxima semana con . (Emergency Update) ¡Si tiene alguna duda, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros!