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Found 32 results

  1. Para saber todo del evento clickea en el siguiente enlace directo al tema interno ->
  2. El Anclar De azur Lane La gran apertura de la academia naval latino américa. La sirena de los mares "HOOD", esta aqui!! el concurso se llevara a cabo desde el miercoles 13 al miercoles 27 del mes de junio, del 2018. Recuerda el ganador obtendra: El barco Hood capitan con 10 puntos de comandante x25 camuflajes de sirena 7 dias de cuenta premium (recuerda llenar el registro para participar! para ingresar al registro entra al facebook de la comunidad y sigue las intrucciones) "Prepara tus cañones, que se avecina una tormenta a tus estaciones de batalla!, Buena suerte capitán!" Para participar unete a la comunidad oficial de world of warship latino america (facebook)-> https://www.facebook.com/groups/Wows.Lat.Am/ encontraras todos los requisitos para participar, te recordamos que el registro para el sorteo es desde el miercoles 13 hasta el miercoles 27. asi que estate atento. por ultimo, mas eventos y sorteos vienenen camino. Suerte capitanes y mares justos.!
  3. Hey Guys! I got a channel I am looking to grow, I enjoy talking to new players mostly showing them tips and tricks. Everyday I do a WoWs live stream on YouTube under the channel Sforcecubed! Just looking to get new players to the game, and watch someone who's very small so they can watch and hopefully lean form. Thanks for your time guys and I hope to see you on todays stream! Included is a link to yesterdays stream.
  4. [-FBI-] Recruiting

    Looking for people not interested in using voice comms, not interested in socializing a whole bunch, but still interested in playing the game, and enjoying themselves, at the very least. If you're someone interested in using voice comms, interested in socializing a whole bunch, still interested in playing the game, etc. I'll still take you, I just don't personally do a lot of it myself, but I'll be around from time to time. If you don't enjoy the game, don't enjoy any of the above, but you still play, we will take you. Currently looking for anyone, I'm a new player, who played in the closed beta, but did other things, until more recently, and have since gotten back into the game. Ex-WoT, Ex-AW, Ex-MWO, etc. etc. player, currently stuck on Warships, and enjoying it a lot more than I originally thought I would. If you're interested, add me in-game, "Fireonfergal" and you're more than welcome in the [-FBI-]~
  5. Out of curiosity while I stand here watching pasta boil, what are the biggest and smallest playable ships in the game? I’m under the impression that Yamato is the largest ship ever built, though I could be wrong (or it could be outstripped by a design in game that was never actually built). As for smallest, I figure that it would be one of the Tier II DDs, but again, I’m not certain.
  6. Iae galera ( tudo bem ?! ) . Galera experiente e novata ai do wow , indo direto ao ponto , estou aqui para sugerir uma versao do wow para consoles ( do mesmo jeito que o world of tanks console ) . Talvez nao seja a proposta mais interessante a muitos de voces , mas eu gostaria de ver os jogos da wargaming todos com uma versao console ( claro que cada qual com servidores separados do pc para nao haver conflitos ) , apesar de serem jogos relativamente dificeis de se jogar ( pelo fato de requererem um pouco de estratégia e planejamento ao se movimentar pelo mapa ) , acredito que todos eles funcionariam perfeitamente para os jogadores de console , nao sao muito rapidos ( isso nao me preocupa num jogo , mais sempre tem alguem que pergunta ) e nao tem uma quantidade abusiva de comandos ( nada a ponto de nao caber no joystick ) . Nao joguei muito os jogos da wargaming no pc , mas no console jogo muito o wot ( na epoca do pc eu era focado em alguns jogos entao nao mudava muito ) , desde que parei de jogar no pc (o coitado do meu pc morreu e era bem caro :-; , sem planos para voltar ) passei a viver uma vida nova nos consoles e , por incrivel que pareça , achei mais divertido ( recuperei o fogo pelos jogos depois de muito tempo se apagando ) . passo jogando diversos jogos , sempre tem espaço para mais um ( ter vários jogos é algo que nunca me atrapalhou , só me deixou mais viciado ) . por favor considerem essa opção , estou tentando a mesma coisa com o WOWP . ( acho os jogos da wwargaming bons de jogar no controle , pelo wot ps4 vejo que muita gente joga bastante , não me permito perder a oportunidade de tentar trazer mais um pra ca , por mim e pelas pessoas que gostariam de tentar , jogadores , amigos , entusiastas entre outros ) . Acredito que o jogo iria agradar a uma grande quantidade de jogadores nos consoles , infelizmente nao existem (que eu conheça ) jogos gratuitos com temática de batalha naval no ps4 ( ao menos nao desse tipo ) . muitas pessoas até teriam o primeiro contato com esse tipo de jogo caso viesse , pois o jogo ficaria estampado na tela de jogos gratuitos da PSN/LIVE e até pelo fato de que muitos nao conheciam o jogo no pc ( algumas pessoas nem buscam jogos no pc por reconhecerem nao terem hardware para maioria deles ) ou nao tinham sequer como jogar-lo .
  7. Just asking..

    Hi everyone! I just want to know if is there any Clan tool for attendance code, for clan battles days here in WoWs
  8. Kii Special Camo

    Good day, Could one of you fine gentlemen who are well-versed in the Japanese language please translate the characters imprinted on the Kii special camo? I would be ever so grateful. Warm regards,
  9. @Pigeon_of_War Pigeon ma boi, when is [REDACTED] being released? Hopefully it's not [REDACTED] because that would be [REDACTED]. Also, could you comment on [REDACTED]? I am very [REDACTED] at [REDACTED] features because the [REDACTION] is [REDACTING] me off. Everyone: [REDACTED] WHEN?! WG: [REDACTED] p.s. pls release RN BBs on or before the 9th, it's muh birthday :D
  10. Just wanted to take a moment to thank our devs for the improvements over the past year to pVe. It's been exciting and a pleasure to see the consistent growth that coop has enjoyed. Again thank you for the following additions/improvements to coop: Many new and creative bot names. New and improved spawn points for friendly and bot ships. Thanks again. If I think of anything else, I'l be happy to share. #youcompleteme
  11. Losing it

    I'm losing it, amigos y amigettes. Losing my will to play. I've been on a downhill slide for a month. I have now acquired all the ships I ever wanted. This means that I don't have any motivation left to grind past T8. If I may be frank here, the +T8 games are rather a letdown after the mid-tier stuff. Give me a mid-tier ship on Big Race, Solomon Islands, or Fault Line and I'm far happier than on any upper tier maps. (The mid tier maps are far more beautiful compared to many of the alien landscape high tier maps. Moreover, the Italian and French lines don't excite me just as the KM DDs didn't. My plan was to play a lot today but I just can't bring myself to hit "BATTLE!" To me the tier system is like school. T1 = the third grade. T10 = the 12th grade. Do schools have 5th graders duke it out with 7th graders? Nope. I have just had two crappy games where +2 ships knocked me out the game quickly. To quote Charlie Sheen in Platoon: I'm so tired grandma, so tired.
  12. and what is most frustrating about it for me is that I simply can not work out why I keep getting out played in it, despite taking advice to use smoke more aggressively, rather than like a German. Right now I am swearing and cursing like a true blue sailor- in a house with kids at 20:06 at night. I thought the Nicholas and Cleveland were frustrating. I am not the person to say the [edited]thing is bad, but that while I am (mostly) controlling my engagement ranges, choosing the times to risk getting spotted, and picking generally appropriate times to drop torps, I just can not work out how to do GOOD in this ship- like 3 kills, 60K damage, multiple caps+ sorts of games which SHOULD be the staple of a tier 6 Destroyer in my opinion. OH NOOOOO. No, I GET LUMPED WITH BARELY BEING ABLE TO deal more than 25K damage per battle in guns that barely feel like they are more than a mere annoyance to battleships. like, not even severe as a papercut. and then the one game in my short career in the Farragut where I could call my individual performance up to scratch with my own personal expectations to call a battle "good", and the OTHER Farragut outclassed me by far. I just knew the second that enemy Farragut stepped into the early cap of mine on the 0.0 mark, that I was going to be in for an uphill battle against them, so I backed off once they finally let me own B, but they ruined my mental plans for the whole battle because it kept me out of the battle for over a minute while he had my general bearing the whole time. I didn't think it was going to be an overall bad thing because we had one more DD, well that was not the case. The following battle, was my win of the day where I got 2 kills and yet in 59 hits, only managed 7K damage Now, I can't not play USN DDs, because I promised myself that I would learn how to play these annoying buggers well and maybe impart that experience to further improve my German DDs(which I love by the way, you will find that I can not say I don't like any of them from Ernst Gaede and up) but I kind of liked the Dlemson and its seal club tendencies, But both the Nicholas and Farragut are complete write offs for me mentally right now because it took 9 Battles fully upgraded, not yet elite to get a 60K game. I did my first 60K in my Gaede in my third battle . Last night, I zipped up a bunch of Farragut replays, much as I will do when I finally break my keyboard and my 32" TV tonight and decide to call it a night. I have already received some advice, but so far I am not feeling like it is helping and I really do not want a repeat of my experience in the Nicholas Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 3 performance and replays are up.... Honestly I am glad that I am done with the rubbing my face against coarse sandpaper that is the grind for the Farragut. I still think its a good crapthat I can't tame which is why I hate it. It is the polar opposite of my hate for the Amagi. I hate that thing because its too damn good, even when I am playing like a potato, that thing nails citadels close to every damned salvo. that and I don't like playing while running away from the enemy, but running to the enemy. It will join my 85 other ships, and I will move the captain up to the Mahan methinks. Although I am also dreading the Mahan, if the Sims is anything to go by
  13. http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/109335-cv-resupplyreinforcements-unique-consumable/ Is the link to my post on given Carriers the unique "Reinforcements" consumable to help balance the need for WORKING AA Defences on Ships 'doing it right' or otherwise that are built for AA while helping keep CVs in the game. - The other topic, "Basics of Survival" needs to stay a Level 1 skill. (Simply merge "Priority Target" with "Incoming Fire" and have "BoS" take its place.) "Survival" HAS to stay a Lv.1 skill being basically that it _IS_ a Level 1 / 1st Pick skill for most all BB and CA ships. It isn't a choice or an option. As for Basic Firing Training.... it could be swapped with the Airplanes thing. It to Is and Remains a "1st Pick" / 'Lv.1' skill and should be kept there for game balance and flow.
  14. I just received my second super container after selecting the Signals and Camouflages option. I think the game is telling me to stop sitting still in smoke so often. Not sure if I should be disappointed or happy. But hey, 250 speed boosts for free! I guess I'll go with the latter. And regarding camouflages, a few days ago, I got five Restless Fire camouflages after 'trying my luck'. I've never seen it before so it came as a surprise. Does anyone have a complete list of camouflages that can be obtained from containers? I'm hoping that it's possible to get the 2015 Halloween and the American Alley-Oop camouflages.
  15. -Evento- [El Ocaso]-//- Escena °3 -[Acero, Fuego y Escarcha] ¿De qué va el evento? El evento es un concepto nuevo que se está aplicando en la comunidad de World of Warships, saliéndose de los estándares habituales de eventos y concursos. En este caso la modalidad que traemos da al jugador la posibilidad de protagonizar los sucesos. Y los ganadores del mismo pasan a ser parte de la historia oficial que se desarrolla a través de las escenas que conforman el evento. Nosotros en Latinoamérica somos los innovadores de dicho nuevo sistema, por ende, los precursores del mismo, así que sin hacer nada realmente grande, ya somos parte de algo totalmente nuevo, a mayor participación mejores premios, pues esta idea evoluciona de manera progresiva ¿Cómo va la historia? Han pasado una serie de sucesos en las escenas anteriores, si quieres saber toda la historia, sigue el siguiente enlace -> http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/94817-evento-el-ocaso-escena-°2-bases-seguras-y-zonas-de-conflicto/En resumidas cuentas las distintas pruebas entregadas a lo largo de Latinoamérica, sugieren que la flota de la niebla atacara pronto a la gran flota del caribe la última resistencia del nuevo mundo, Distintos capitanes a lo largo del continente americano sostendrán numerosas batallas con la niebla…. ¿Quién sobrevivirá al final? Solo lo sabremos al final de esta escena. ¿Cómo participar? En este mismo hilo publicaras tu recreación de video. Aparte de adjuntar tu Nick, País y Edad. ¿Qué es una recreación de video? Básicamente grabaras un gameplay, con uno de tus barcos (no importa cuál),pero a nosotros solo nos interesa las kill’s más épicas, las batallas más geniales, para que tu gameplay concurse, el nombre de la cuenta/barco del video, tiene que ser el mismo que del jugador que publique el video. No queremos gameplays de 20 minutos o más….sino esos 3 minutos máximos de batalla, que definieron ese kill.Para presentar tu gameplay, súbelo a youtube en tu propia cuenta y pública el video en este tema, será evaluado por los cc y votado. Asegúrate de subir tu mejor gameplay. No queremos spam. Ni que subas mil videos de lo mismo, y asegúrate de no exceder los 3 minutos de video maximo. ¿Premios? Tendremos 5 ganadores: 1° lugar: 3000 doblones + 1 espacio en puerto 2° lugar: 2000 doblones + 1 espacio en puerto 3° lugar: 1000 doblones + 1 espacio en puerto 4° lugar: 500 doblones 5° lugar: 250 doblones ¿Quiénes pueden participar? - Jugadores del servidor NA. - Jugadores con cuenta en el foro español – NA. - Jugadores que no tengan problemas de karma (team killer). ¿Quiénes puntúan las creaciones visuales? Los Community Contributors en su conjunto. ¿Cuánto dura el evento? La duración del evento, es para esta la primera escena del mismo. Comienza el día: martes 1 de noviembre del 2016 – 00.00 horas. Termina el día: martes 15 de noviembre del 2016- 00.00horas. (El horario es del pacifico PDT) (Haciendo click aqui veras la Hora PDT (OFICCIAL) .) ¿Quiénes quedan expulsados del evento? - Mensajes negativos no calificarán para esta actividad. Queremos composiciones divertidas y frescas. - Este no es un lugar para exponer sus quejas sobre el juego, sobré lo que no te gusta del evento o los foros. Esto es sólo para el tema en cuestión. - Si no son los autores de sus videoss pueden ser sancionados o bandeados por copyright. -No pueden “apartar” una publicación, si publican (editan un mensaje) fuera del periodo de duración del evento, no serán tomados en cuenta. Publiquen en este hilo, si tienes algo realmente que aportar o para participar en el evento. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMACION A CONSIDERAR: -Son libes de considerar adjuntar una pequeña reseña al video algo así como la narración de su batalla contra la niebla.-Pueden participar con un solo video así que edita tu post/mensaje si tienes un gameplay mejor que el anterior, ¡mientras más participes más posibilidades tienes de ser el ganador!-los 5 mejores gameplays, saldrán en youtube latinoamerica! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Almirante en jefe de la armada del caribe.Rex Leviathan Shadow NhiteringInforme de acontecimientos. 00:00 horas 1 de Noviembre del 2016 Base de avanzada, Puerto príncipe.
  16. -Evento- [shiperween]-//- Escena °1 -[La niebla de alta mar] ¿De qué va el evento? El evento es un concepto nuevo que se está aplicando en la comunidad de World of Warships, saliéndose de los estándares habituales de eventos y concursos. En este caso la modalidad que traemos da al jugador la posibilidad de protagonizar los sucesos. Y los ganadores del mismo pasan a ser parte de la historia oficial que se desarrolla a través de las escenas que conforman el evento. Nosotros en Latinoamérica somos los innovadores de dicho nuevo sistema, por ende, los precursores del mismo, así que sin hacer nada realmente grande, ya somos parte de algo totalmente nuevo, a mayor participación mejores premios, pues esta idea evoluciona de manera progresiva. ¿Qué es Shiperween? Desde que el mar se conoce el mes de octubre esconde muchos misterios, una leyenda de viejos marineros cuentan del shiperween, es esa temporada donde pasan cosas extraordinarias e inexplicables, donde nada es lo que parece y no sabes si creerte o no, lo que tus ojos ven. ¿Qué es la niebla de alta mar? Muchos marineros a lo largo del tiempo y de la historia reportan sucesos inexplicables, sucesos nocturnos en ambientes lúgubres o aterradores, la niebla es uno de los aderezos para este coctel de sensaciones, estos marineros que cuentan las historias han visto barcos muy raros…. Con características y banderas nunca antes vistas. Tu marinero ¿Qué cosas as visto durante el Shiperween? ¿Cómo participar? En este mismo hilo publicaras tu recreación visual. Aparte de adjuntar tu Nick, País y Edad. Puedes participar con un camuflaje/skin o una bandera personalizada. O ambos, puedes participar cuantas veces quieras. ESTO NO ES OBLIGATORIO: Puedes adjuntar una breve historia/reseña de que fue lo que viste (bandera camuflaje o ambos) en el Shiperween para ambientar tu diseño/propuesta dentro del universo tétrico del Shiperween y así tu creación tenga un sentido lógico en el nuevo universo de World of Warship. ¿Qué es una creación visual? Son Banderas diseñadas por ustedes los jugadores que tengan relación con el Shiperween (Halloween). También pueden ser camuflajes/skins diseñados por los jugadores, que también tengan relación con el Shiperween (Halloween). Aceptamos recreaciones visuales en editores de imágenes, (paint, photoshop, Etc) o dibujos a mano escaneados o en fotografía (en papel, en pizarras, en libretas, etc). Pueden usar cualquier recurso visual para traer una bandera o un camuflaje hechos por ustedes. ¿Premios? Tendremos 5 ganadores. 1° lugar gana: fujin + espacio en puerto 2° lugar gana: 750 doblones+ 500.000 créditos + 1 espacio en puerto3° lugar gana: 500 doblones + 1 espacio en puerto4° lugar gana: 250 doblones + 1 espacio en puerto5° lugar gana 100 doblones + 500.000 creditos +1 espacio en puerto. ¿Quiénes pueden participar? - Jugadores del servidor NA. - Jugadores con cuenta en el foro español – NA. - Jugadores que no tengan problemas de karma (team killer). ¿Quiénes puntúan las creaciones visuales? Los Community Contributors en su conjunto. ¿Cuánto dura el evento? La duración del evento, es para esta la primera escena del mismo. Comienza el día: lunes 10 de octubre de las 2016 – 00.00 horas. Termina el día: lunes 31 de octubre del 2016 - 23.59horas. (El horario es del pacifico PDT) (Haciendo click aqui veras la Hora PDT (OFICCIAL) .) ¿Quiénes quedan expulsados del evento? - Mensajes negativos no calificarán para esta actividad. Queremos composiciones divertidas y frescas. - Este no es un lugar para exponer sus quejas sobre el juego,sobre el evento o los foros. Esto es sólo para el tema en cuestión. - Si no son los autores de sus composiciones pueden ser sancionados o bandeados por copyright. -No pueden “apartar” una publicación, si publican (editan un mensaje) fuera del periodo de duración del evento, no serán tomados en cuenta. Publiquen en este hilo, si tienes algo realmente que aportar o para participar en el evento. INFORMACION A CONSIDERAR: pueden participar cuantas veces quieran bien sea con banderas, camuflajes o ambos. Mientras más participes más probabilidades tienes de ganar. Respecto a la historia/reseña son libres de no hacerla, pues no es obligatoria. Pero si la haces tienes más posibilidades de ganar, pero reiteramos para participar en el evento, no es obligatoria la historia/reseña. Existe una posibilidad que si las composiciones (banderas o camuflajes) Realmente nos gusten, podrán ser implementadas en World Of Warship (dentro del juego). En un periodo considerable para adaptar dichas composiciones al juego! Así que tu esfuerzo no será en vano! -------------------------- Emperador del Shiperween. Rex Leviathan Shadow Nhitering Comienzo de la leyenda del Shiperween (2016)
  17. Después de recibir diferentes mensajes a través de distintos medios preguntándome de los “skill tree” o Arboles de habilidades de capitán, pues es imposible hacer una guía “general” del asunto pero hablare en este tema del asunto en cuestión dividiendo dicha guía en 2 secciones, Novatos – Expertos , Este asunto no tiene término medio, bien vamos a ello. NOVATOSaquí veras tu skill tree una vez que tengas el lvl suficiente para contratar tu capitán, cada capitán que tengas estará sujeto a los skill’s que decidas subirle, por eso es importante no mesclar capitanes, es decir si tienes habilidades de aviones caza contra aviones enemigos, de nada servirán en un destructor. Por esa razón es muy importante que decidas que subir a tu capitán. Antes de empezar a usar el barco en el cual lo vas a destacar. Como podrás ver, no todas las habilidades funcionan igual o tienen el mismo costo, el costo varía de 1 a 5, puntos por habilidad y no puedes aprenderlas en el orden que quieras, para poder dominar una habilidad superior, debes dominar una inferior. Es decir si quieres usar una habilidad que pida 5 puntos, antes debes dominar una habilidad de 4, una de 3, una de 2 y una de 1. No te explicaré que hace cada habilidad, míralas directamente en el juego (Las habilidades están sujetas a cambios si Wargaming lo considera pertinente) por esa razón de una manera más lógica, pídeme un skill tree, de acuerdo a un buque en particular y yo te daré el mejor skill tree posible para ese barco.EXPERTOSExiste un máximo de lvl para el capitán y es lvl 20. Es decir tienes 19 skill point’s para distribuir en tu skill tree. Por esa razón es muy útil distribuir los puntos de acuerdo al barco en el cual colocaras a tu capitán.IMPORTANTE: así uses cruceros del mismo país, no significa que el skill tree funcionara igual en todos los barcos, ya te explique cada barco es distinto y hay que atender distintas características.también recuerda, que solo puedes exportar capitanes a otras naves, siempre y cuando sean del mismo país del capitán, así que tienes 2 opciones subir un skill tree desde 0 en el barco de tu preferencia, o ir subiendo el skill tree y luego exportar el capitán a tu barco de preferencia.Si aún no te quedan las cosas claras pregunta, si quieres el skill tree de un barco en específico pídemelo y gentilmente lo elaborare.Recuerda que el “skill tree” puede ser diferente a la recomendaciones de otros jugadores, comunidades, etc. Este es un servicio para los jugadores de mi parte.Suerte! Y mares justos.
  18. Las batallas de rango están regresando y queremos que todos los jugadores participen con una nueva temporada en pie de guerra. Aquí se encuentra la primera pieza de información que está destinada a proporcionar una oportunidad de tener tiempo suficiente para actualizar uno o varios de los buques que deben entrenar un comandante o varios, si es necesario para los proximos combates. ligas mono-tier Para proporcionar condiciones totalmente iguales para todos los jugadores y hacer batallas más basadas en la habilidad, todas los batallas por rangos estará limitada por la única nave de nivel permitido. Además, habrá más rangos seguros para los principiantes (hasta el rango 16), comparado con la temporada anterior. hasta el rango 16 : Sólo naves del Nivel VI De rango 15 A Rango 1: Sólo Naves Nivel VIII La temporada comienza a principios de octubre todavía tienes tiempo suficiente para prepararte!
  19. Buenas Tardes capitanes! A partir de ayer tuvimos éxito en nuestras pruebas en el PT parar solucionar un problema con las pantallas negras en Windows 10 . Por desgracia, es demasiado tarde para incluirla en esta revisión 0.5.11 que se libera mañana, sin embargo nuestro objetivo quedará para la próxima semana con . (Emergency Update) ¡Si tiene alguna duda, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros!
  20. Operation Overdrive.

    Good afternoon ladies and gents of the oh so salty seas! Fog_Battlecruiser_Haruna here again with a bit of a rant / compilation of concerns voiced by my co-host. Tiny Tim! say hello Tiny! "Hi" Tim here has expressed some concerns over something we see on a daily basis...... the dreaded HE SPAM!!!!! (Atlantas and clev.... im looking at you boys....) "HE Spam blows....." Yes it does Tim, yes it does. so instead of flipping a lid and QQing about it why not turn to the community to find a solution on how to best combat the HS spam we see day to day. Frankenstein_Fire_Bad.png So lets see what the forum can come up with as a solution to HE spam tim! "K" On to the second subject in our wonderful study of QQ and salt. "Corn Flakes?" no you fool.... The Ranked System! "Oh yeah.... that." What is it tim? whats wrong? "I would rather take a pair of bolt cutters and cut my own toes off, rub salt into the stubs and then parade around in a bathtub full of broken glass than to participate in the ranked system." Hey now tim doesnt that seem a bit exsessive? "No.." You sure? "Yeah... screw the current system." But Tim why do you hate the current system so much? "Because potatoes have infiltrated the game and are spreading like wildfires in southern california" Too soon tim.... "Sorry..... nope im not sorry." moving on... So tim what do you think would make ranked a more enjoyable experiance. "Chewing on some cat litter....." Huh? What are you talking about? "I dont even know." ok so then why say anything at all tim? "IDK" moving on.... So does anyone have any idea how to help tim with his problems in ranked? ___________________________________ My name is Hillary Hussain Trump, and I approved this message.
  21. Tier 10 Disaster

    I'm trying to do the ontrack event. Well, it's going fairly well unto my most recent match. I was the only tier 8 in my New Orleans against several tier 9s and 10s. Well I had 5 tier 10s on my team and it was a total mess. Many ships were sitting there firing at 20km+ and it was basically watching a World of Tanks game. This Yamato guy on my team sat at 20km and didn't do anything, while our tier 10 midway was spaming the chat "Protect the BBs!". Our BBs just did donuts at 20km+, while the cruisers finally did their own thing, I followed them until we met the entire enemy fleet. Basically, the tier 10 players were incompetent, most of the ships in the game were sitting, then reversing, so I have no idea if this is World of Tanks 2.0. If this is how high tier gameplay is, I'm out. There's a game that does that, World of Tanks! PS: I wasted camo, flags to only get 1k xp on a loss! Thanks for free xping your way to tier 10!
  22. Hello all, I've been getting back into this game, and it is fun to play. However, the credit grind is killing me. I have no idea if I am doing something wrong, that I just suck, or it is the way the game is intended. I have many premium ships, and I must say I do not feel they are exactly premium compared to World of Tanks. For example, I notice that I bring in the same credit income as if I were using a non premium ship. My income varies from 99k-260k. I never broke 300k. My xp ranges from 500-1,500 on any game. Keep in mind this is using premium. I honestly am confused and see no point in buying any premium ship if this is what I am going to be getting. I just researched the New Mexico, but the 300,000,000 Silver needed is killing me. The Tirpitz repair costs along with my Atago make me make usually less than 100k. Any advice? Thanks, Kyogre
  23. Permanent Camouflage

    Well, not only do we have a seemingly very unpopular update, but this update brings with it some expensive new permanent camouflage! For certain ships (Fubuki and some others), we can get new permanent nice looking camo for only 3000 doubloons. What a bargain, huh? So in response to a large number of players who hated the Willy Wonka candy stripe camo and refused to pay 1000 doubloons for it, we can now spend much more and get nicer looking camo for our ships? WTH, Wargaming? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this one.
  24. 6,000,000 Pearls!

    See title.
  25. My super list of suggestions

    1. More detailed info in the post battle detailed report, like how many torps hit each ship, so we have an idea on how many torps it takes for that target to sink, just the number of hits and overall damage is not enough. This would also help players with ammunition choices, seeing how effective shooting HE or AP at that target was, so i can just pass my mouse above the number of hits and see more details. UPDATE: such changes are being introduced in 0.5.6 2. A bar progression for the next ship in the line, so when the player is grinding that ship he regret buying he can take a look at the progression bar and think "only a few battles left and i will get rid of this". Specially useful at higher tiers, when the "few" battles left are not actually few. Interesting to keep people playing. Something like this: (dont laugh about my paint skills) (ignore the needed experience disparity) 3. An option in the "Sound" settings section to turn off that annoying sound of when you get heavily damaged in one hit or salvo. You could also replace the sound with something like "That hurt!". Anything so i wont hear the sound of RNG ripping my soul appart. UPDATE: implemented in 0.5.6 as a sound option 4. Be able to preview an upgrade before installing, the "+2 Artillery" is too vague. We should be able to select an upgrade, see what changes in the ship (like range in km, turning radius in seconds), and THEN decide whether we want to buy it or not. 5. Be able to see how other players did in the team score. We already have this in WoT by clicking on their names in the team score, but for some reason we dont have this here yet. 6. Add the number of hitpoints in the ship detailed stats, like how many hitpoints each type of gun turret, torpedo mount or AA gun has. Would also help the (4.) suggestion, by seeing how many hitpoints each upgrade adds. UPDATE: its in the works for the foreseable future 7. Be able to see how each module affects the ship, showing things that are not shown when selecting them, like the disposition of that extra torpedo mount, that removed gun turret and other aesthetic but relevant changes to the ships appearence. 8. The ability to change the in game UI disposition by holding Ctrl + LMB and dragging the desired element to the part of the screen you want it to be, also change its size, like dragging the kill feed to sit right above the chat and increase the chat size. Something similar (or identical) to what we already have in that other tank game we are forbidden talking about. 9. Restrict the number of reports and compliments we can give to the same player, so we cant report or compliment him more than once for the same thing. 10. In addition, make the number of compliments infinite or at least a substantially high amount, that would encourage the players to compliment people more, once they would not have that "i dont know if you are worthy enough of my compliment" thing. 11. be able to change between torps spreads instead of single torps after pressing Z. GOD HOW ITS ANNOYING when youre trying to see if that spread will hit the target but you cant because you can only see the last drop, many times the one you sent WAY ahead in case the target turned or to hit another enemy, but changing from torp to torp (shimakaze for instance has 15) is quite annoying too, so be able to change between spreads would be more insteresting. 12. add more specific options to compliment or report, like "inactivity", "incentivates teamwork", "threats", "selling of gold and/or accounts", "spam" and so on. 13. be able to increase the chat font size 14. be able to follow your own objects after death, so you can do things like watching if your dive bombers last strike hit or follow your torps to see if they hit the target. UPDATE: implemented in 0.5.7 15. more camouflage options, like being able to change the colors of each layer individually (probably at some cost) of an existing pattern. Imagine how cool it would be showing everyone your football team colors when they win a championship or the league? UPDATE: new permanent cammos are coming in 0.5.6, no plans for the rest though 16. in game division invites. Invites to divisions that can be sent and accepted during the match, and as soon as the match ends the players will automatically enter the division. 17. the option to choose which ship we follow after we die by clicking the name in the teamlist. UPDATE: implemented (sort of) in 0.5.7 18. ribbons for secondary battery hits, as propposed here http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/69063-secondary-shell-hits-banner/ UPDATE: implemented in 0.5.7 19. a symbol next to the player name that indicates whether he is connected of not (similar to that one we have in that forbidden tank game we are not allowed to talk about), so we dont report someone that crashed or failed to connect to the battle. 20. last known position (obviously). UPDATE: implemented in 0.5.6 I will probably add more as i remember or think of them