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Found 7 results

  1. Cpt_JM_Nascimento

    Wallpaper version?

    Does anyone have this screenshot, but without the setence in the mid and the "collect" button? Thanks in advance
  2. So I had some birthday money to spend. Bought ODIN after reading @LittleWhiteMousereview. First game out Upgrades: AAM1, DCSM1,SBM1,DSCM2 & CSM1. CAPT SKILLS: PT, JOAT, EM, BFT, SI, FP & AFT. wanted to push a flank and ended up solo vs Alabama and Gneisenau wth 2 cv helping to kill me. First impression, nice rudder, responsive. Guns remind me of Graff Spee. The b turret gets disabled.... Then a turret gets disabled.... I fire a salvo from b, then it gets permanent knocked out. Quickly followed by a turret. ..... So I swap out AAM1 for MAM1. CAPT SKILLS: PM, EM, BFT, AFT, CE. next 2 matches one of the front turret gets disabled.. Engagement ranges from 12 km to 19.... ..... NO CC MENTION OF SWISS CHEESE FOR TURRET ARMOR. Buyer beware. OTHERWISE, MOUSES review is spot on. Think of it as a Graff Spee with extra front turret and Tirpitz level of brawling fun.
  3. Just looking at the Odin video I realized that 2 of the secondaries (red) are much higher caliber than the other 6 (blue) are, but I'm guessing that they're all going to be the same range. Looking over other ships with different sized secondaries, it seems that's how it is setup presently. Seems strange to me with the way that AA has range variety, but if it is just done as one range for all for secondaries that's fine I just figured it was worth getting it confirmed.
  4. NoZoupForYou

    Odin - Final Review

    For those interested. My take on Odin. As always, just one opinion. Do your research, view everyone's opinion and spend your money smartly.