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Found 1 result

  1. Update! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this event! First and foremost, we wanted to show you the epic conclusion to the Torplushie length of the entire flight deck of the USS Hornet: Secondly, you will find our winners below: 1 World of Warships Torplushie (US or Canada) OR 10x More Coal, 10x More Economic Rewards and 10x More Signals Containers (NOT US or Canada): @Hiro_Yoshi, @Forgotten_Void, @Harpoon8, @koorutz, @o4x4, @Nolan2016, @Lizard_72, @GBWithWings, @GodzilIa, @DKH01701, @wildbi1111, @Aoyama_Mio, @SmuckingDonuts, @IJN_Yamato_BB17, @pinky932, @_MacDaddy_, @Grantwhy, @steveg1001, @Peter_Greenhalgh, @DiscoJim, @GulfStar66, @RizeKamishiro, @Toaster421, @ChasRichard and @jimbo122. NOTE: Please be on the lookout for a Forum DM from me so I can get shipping information from you. This should be arriving in your inbox shortly! Once again, thank you to those who participated, and a very special thank you to the crew and volunteers aboard the USS Hornet for being fantastic! Fair winds and following seas! Greetings Captains, Recently, the NA Community and Publishing teams had the privilege of staying aboard the USS Hornet in Alameda, California. In addition to team building and important business meetings, we were also there to grab some cool and unique footage. We're happy to share the first bit of that footage here as a part of October's Monthly Forum Event! Challenge: On every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from October 3rd to November 4th, we will update the main thread with a new video from aboard the USS Hornet. In each of these videos, we will present an object or area for you to measure in terms of Torplushies. Reply to the main thread with your best guess as to how many Torplushies long or high the given object or area is after each new video is posted. Replying with a response to each video will gain you an entry to win a prize. You will be able to earn up to 15 entries throughout the event. Please see the videos for further instructions. A very special thanks to the USS Hornet and the entire crew for making this event possible! Please support them in-person in Alameda, California or online at https://uss-hornet.org/ Video #1 (ended 10/3) (Answer: 4 Torplushies) Video #2 (ended 10/5) (Answer: 4 Torplushies) Video #3 (ended 10/7) (Answer: 5 Torplushies) Video #4 (ended 10/10) (Answer: 6 Torplushies) Video #5 (ended 10/12) (Answer: 4 Torplushies) Video #6 (ended 10/14) (Answer: 5 Torplushies) Video #7 (ended 10/17) (Answer: 13 Torplushies) Video #8 (ended 10/19) (Answer: 16 Torplushies) Video #9 (ended 10/21) (Answer: 6 Torplushies) Video #10 (ended 10/26) (Answer: 13 Torplushies) Video #11 (ended 10/28) (Answer: 7 Torplushies) Video #12 (ended 10/28) (Answer: 5 Torplushies) Video #13 (ended 10/31) (Answer: 19 Torplushies) Video #14 (ended 11/2) (Answer: 9 Torplushies) Video #15 (ended 11/4) (Answer: 2 Torplushies) BONUS Video #16 (ended 11/4) (Answer: ?) Prizes: 25 random winners will receive: - 1x World of Warships Small Torplushie (if you live within the US or Canada) OR 10x More Coal containers, 10x More Economic Rewards containers, and 10x More Signals containers (if you live anywhere else) Feel free to share this contest amongst your friends or clanmates. The more people that participate, the better! Fair winds and following seas!