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Found 2 results

  1. O7 Discord Community

    O7 Discord Remember to drop an O7 in chat! What O7 Discord offers you: A community of chill & competitive players A place to find divisions Fast advice for ship builds, strategies etc.. Developer News (Game News) channel Lax rules Shiptoasting - memes galore! Rules: Pretty much be civil and chill :) These are the accessible channels to normal members: Join O7 Discord: https://discord.gg/8hDysfg
  2. Thank You

    Time for another lecture. I’m not here to argue, and neither should you. This new update has seen the introduction of whole new ships, campaigns with rewards, dynamic divisioning, and the final mission for ARP. I’m here to address the behavior surrounding these new additions, especially towards the latter. It’s become quite the focus to my surprise, and I’ve noticed that a large portion of the playerbase is taking things for granted. There is so much in this update that I’m excited for, yet the forums don’t seem to share that. I’d hope to change that. I’ve been playing this game for barely over a year now, yet I don’t have any Tier Xs and few forum posts. I am no beta-tester or alpha-tester, nor am I a supertester. I missed out on Project R and the ARP mission for Kongo and Myoko. I was not there to participate in the initial seasons for Ranked and Team Battles. I have a few premiums, most from the tech tree because I could not buy the limited time sales. I run this game on a laptop, at the lowest settings possible with a max 25 FPS. If you want to feel superior to me, then hold these against me. If you want to feel more credible than me, hold these against me. If you want to be better than someone, choose me. Compared to a lot of the forumers, I have little. But I am thankful, because I see I have much. I have a device that can play this game, which is free-to-play. I get to look at extremely well done and accurate models of ships I could only see in black and white. I have spare money to buy premium ships. I have the time to grind out lines and have fun. I get regular updates with new, exciting content. And now, I’m thankful for a second opportunity to get ARP Kongo and Myoko. Small it may be, compared to new IJN destroyers and a Tier VI premium, but it’s good nonetheless. And everyone else who missed out on the other ARP ships gets a second opportunity as well. And the entire playerbase gets a sweet flag and 3 new commanders. Everyone gets something, simply by enjoying the game (albeit at certain tiers). So, be thankful for what you have. Take a look at everything you own and earned--don’t take it for granted. Take a look at everything you could own and could earn--don’t hold others against it. See you on the seas.