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Found 1 result

  1. NEWBIE NURTURING -- THE PENANCE As atonement for those World of Warships games when I've turned pink -- possibly marring someone else's revelry -- I've spent my "disciplinary penalty" playing Tier 1 cruisers and trying to increase beginning players' enjoyment of the game. How? Well, you have to assume that when a new player personally blows up an enemy ship (and the team eventually communally wins) that this increases his/her enjoyment of the game. (Also it assumes that when you "tab" and highlight player names, if it shows an "anchor and rope" symbol, then they're probably new). To that end, two things: first, while co-oping on Tier 1 you must NOT to kill anything. You can smack the enemy bots' health down very low, but no killing! That gives the new player a feeling of satisfaction (I hope) when he/she delivers the coup de grace on the enemy ship! Secondly, though you are not personally killing enemy ships, you get your team to win! Let's face it, it's more fun to win than it is to lose, so a person is more likely to continue playing the game if they're winning more than they're losing. So, this helps other players and maybe World of Warships while possibly giving you a bit of enjoyment too, and takes only a few minutes out of that day's gaming session -- IF you choose to do it. If WoWs is to continue to grow and stay healthy it needs new people to join the system, and giving newbies a positive initial experience might do just that. Have fun, good luck, and game on! (NOTE: Some might complain that by "artificially helping" Tier 1 players you are giving them a "false sense" of what the WoWs game/gameplay really is. To which I reply: Come on! It's just Tier 1! At least get them into Tier 2 games before crushing their hopes and aspirations! Ya scurvy curmudgeons, sheesh...) ****************************************** THE ZOOT NOTA CHALLENGE #3 To deal with the tedium you may encounter during a penance run or 2 (or 4, or more), I've come up with a contest for all, as noted below. The Zoot NotA Challenge #3 = you must damage (and not kill) ALL NINE enemy vessels. To finish Challenge#3 with honors requires the above AND: a.) your team must win the game; b.) all 9 enemy ships must have been destroyed by your teammates in the battle; c.) you personally must survive the battle; d.) you must not damage/teamkill(!) any allies -- even Bots! (not even by ramming; not even if they rammed you!); e.) your team CANNOT be composed of 8 Bots and you. It's a bit harder than it looks. What often foils the attempt is either a group of players kills a bot before you get a chance to damage it, or the game ends too soon (your team has completed the mission!) and you were unable to reach the final remaining bot(s) OR there remains an enemy ship alive when the mission ends. So try your hand at it and earn the Zoot NotA Challenge #3 Achievement with honors -- & get an imaginary pat on the back for a job well done! ) It's difficult to get a decent screenshot since all nine damaged ships don't appear on a single screen. If you are using some other recording program and can do it, well then by all means include a screenshot! Here's mine: This shows I made no kills and wounded no allied players: This shows that there were only 2 Bots on the team, and that all enemy ships were destroyed (sorry my screen cuts it off some): This is 1/2 the screen showing the first 5 damaged ships: And here is the other "half" showing the final four enemies damaged: Again, have fun, good luck, and game on! ********************************************************** (PS: The Zoot NotA Challenge #3 can be earned on any Tier, not just Tier 1! Have at it!)