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Found 1 result

  1. black_hull4

    Raider Skills: KMS Nurnberg

    Nurnberg is something I find more challenging to play, but with the right approach she's absolutely devastating. Last game got me 5 kills AND got Captain Karl Richter promoted to 11 points. Now I'm wondering what to choose for my top skill: Outnumbered or Concealment Expert? As a rule I only play Nurnberg in Operation Aegis & Operation Killer Whale. Targeting convoys is the Kriegsmarine's thing after all. Currently I have Grease the Gears, Swift Fish, DFill the Tubes, and Survivability Expert. Outnumbered could be useful because of the small team size in Scenarios. In KW it's at most 8 against numerous enemies, and in in Aegis it's at most 9 against multiple fleets for the first part of the battle. If I position correctly, I could get my guns reloading 10% faster & increase my speed by 8%. I need speed to dodge BB fire & to close in for a torp attack. And when both rely on a quick extraction, I faster guns means less time for enemy ships to shoot back before I kill them, or at least more damage to farm. Concealment Expert decreases my detection radius by 10% if I'm not firing. This could be helpful when I close in on the different sections of the Aegis convoy. I don't want to be taking damage until I'm in a better position to attack. It could help when escaping from the KW harbor. Does CE also decrease your smoke detection range? If so it means I could move up farther to use hydro when attacking the Aegis convoy. Which should I choose? ♦