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Found 1 result

  1. I just had a Fully-Flagged Randoms match with (on each team) 2 Subs, 4 DD's and a CV. So as I made the mistake of getting within 15km of a Cap Circle to support my CL's/DD's in my Thunderer (12km Conceal), I was immediately... 1. Discovered by CV Fighters 2. My "Priority Target" went to 5 3. Began taking HE Fire-Spam from a Sherman behind an island AND (as I was turning to run without firing a shot and ablaze) 4. was Sonar-Pinged twice and had to dodge torps. So, after a thoughtful Cap approach (interposing islands, no shooting... etc) within 5km of my BB's Max Main Battery Range, ALL attempts at Cap Support were ruined literally within 15 seconds and I took 1/3 of my health from things I couldn't see or fight. This was in no way challenging or fun and my skill had no effect on the outcome aside from immediately running and living till match-end, not that it mattered. This was just awful... I have an above-meh Avg.Damage in BB's (got the Badge for 93K Avg) and Thunderer is a great bote (though her dispersion has been questionable of late), but despite my best efforts I spent the entire match running for my life and dodging to a 35K "Victory" because our CV/DD's/Subs were better. Better ASW/AA/Dam.Con/New Support Ships etc. is NOT an answer to this... This is simply and obviously the result of adding unavoidable/undetectable attack forms to a game mostly comprised of ships that have neither. They may be "cool" and a portion of our community enjoys them (all respect), but the same could be said for Satellite Lasers... so why not. CV's and Subs were absolutely a big part of WWII Naval Warfare and their inclusion IS valid and interesting, but so was the Atom Bomb. Please Wargaming, make a "Brawl Mode" with no CV's/Subs so those of us who do not enjoy being fried fish-in-a-barrel can have fun and benefit from hard-earned skills such as Angling, Stealth and Cap Support. Otherwise please start-up the Enola Gay and be done with it. If the game was like this in 2015 I never would have installed it.