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Found 1 result

  1. So, I'm pretty hyped right now! Only 351 steel away from Stalingrad "using my coupon." I'm also only about 7500 coal shy of being able to get Smolensk for full price. However, due to incoming IFHE changes and armor nerf, I'm not sure if she will be worthwhile after that? The other option I'm considering is waiting for Nuestrashimy to be offered for coal and picking her up. DDs are my second favorite class to play, behind BBs. I don't really enjoy CLs because they are too squishy for my taste, but since Smolensk can smoke and shoot 19km, that takes away a lot of risk. I know many think Nuestrashimy is boring, but I kind of like her zombie heals and decent torps. Frankly, if I could go back, I think I would've gotten her instead of Black because I just can't stand Black's slow torps. I've discussed it with clanmates, but still haven't made a final decision yet. What do you guys think?