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Found 9 results

  1. I just started playing WoWs this past spring right around the time of the aircraft carrier rework. I have seen lots of complaints about the NTC on this forum, mostly when the topic of discussion is the Research Bureau. I am not familiar with the NTC (don't even know what it stands for: Naval Training Center?) and I suspect it is because I am relatively new to the game. Can someone who has been around a while tell me what the NTC is/was? Unless I am mistaken, it doesn't seem to be part of the game now. Was it ever? Thanks for the history lesson!
  2. landedkiller

    Research bureau issue

    PLEASE READ REDDIT POST AND THEN RESPOND https://reddit.app.link/rpSazJ1Vy2 I think it is very important to have a discussion on Wargaming as a whole lately. Do they really think we aren’t paying attention to what they are doing? What can we do to fight back against these ridiculous proposed changes. I mean those who have been around long enough remember how Missouri was removed and how Kronshtadt and Musashi were removed. Graf Zepplin Gate and the CV half baked cv rework. I think bearing this all in mind that we are simply Ignore the research bureau and let it die off due to unpopularity. Essentially what Wargaming is trying to do is pressure players to go back and regrind lines for RB points when they have already put in days or even months into grinding these lines already. I am ignoring the research bureau and I hope it dies. Seeing as how Wargaming only wants us to regrind the same lines over and over again no thanks. World of tanks doesn’t do this so warships should take a lesson from them and leave the players alone. We don’t want this point blank and it is important to realize that Wargaming has gotten greedy and that we need to stop giving into them or else they will just become more greedy. Would you trust a salesman who lies to you? That is essentially what has happened murmurous times since I beta tested this game. So please stop regrinding all of you until this company changes it’s ways.
  3. After the current Puerto Rico outrage and the Naval Training Center outcry of a few months ago, many people are accusing Wargaming of being exceptionally greedy and trying to kill their Golden Goose, but I'm not so sure that is really what is going on. It is often said that the simplest answer is often the right one, but I don't think simple greed is the simplest answer, because that conclusion requires looking at a very narrow window of negative events. Now I have expressed this hypothesis before, usually in private Discords or chats, but I don't believe I have ever done a large forum post on it. I want to clarify, what I am going to suggest is a bit insulting and could be a serious wound to someone's pride internally, but I want to clarify that I am not talking about anyone in the North America office, as this problem originates from above them, and they are left stuck with damage control from the fallout, and I for one greatly appreciate the difficulty of what they continuously have to deal with. I am in no way asking any of you paid employees to comment on this, as I seriously doubt you can, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if some of you haven't noticed what I am about to call attention to. Despite being computer programmers or fairly successful business people, it seems like the top decision people in final game decisions seem to be very bad at math, and in fact nearly every major problem this game has had could be attributed to a failure to double check mathematical numbers and functionally considering them applied to a live game situation before the general gaming public discovered them. Allow me to take a look at some examples of this I personally know about, and many of which I was here for: 1) Kamikaze- This event happened before I began playing the game, but many people have described it as an early panic cash grab, hence why many people are bringing it up now. Mathematically, the number of Pearls was not enough to even come close to satisfy the player base, so after c=some community outrage, they increased the number. This example could be either possibility of a cash grab, or the planners not taking the number of players seeking the ship into full correct context in their event planning. 2) Graf Zeppelin- This ship was offered pre-order which was a mistake because it put them on a design deadline for a ship from a type they did not have enough experience designing premiums for. As a consequence, the first version of the ship was grossly underpowered, causing an emergency redesign after it had gone live that was then overpowered, which it remained until the rework. The main reason this wasn't a cash grab is because once it was redesigned and had clearly become overpowered, they were very reluctant to re-issue it, despite the money they could have made selling it. 3) Duke of York- The original version of this ship could yet make a return to the game slightly redesigned as the Prince of Wales, but it needed help. It was a battleship without a heal, and that means a very awkward play style that would be very difficult for players to handle. Ultimately, the design was changed before release, since it had seen enough press from the CCs so that a large amount of the market was acutely aware of the problems it was going to have. Despite this, it theoretically could be redesigned to appear in the future as a functional ship. The root of it's difficulties came from a lack of consideration of what it would take to make it playable. The math didn't work. 4) Eagles vs Sharks- This event came during the release of the US Cruiser split. The problem was the Sharks blew out the Eagles from day one on, making it an easy call what team to be on for more containers, and making the event fairly boring as a consequence. There was supposed to be a mechanic to give the losing team from the previous day extra help in winning, but it wasn't enough to make it even close. Literally the only reason to be an Eagle was if you preferred the Eagles permanent camo for Worcester over the Shark camo. The later Honor and Glory event for the Russian battleships would fix this event style, giving enough benefits to the previous losing team to encourage enough people to switch teams to keep it competitive. Really, there was no money for WG to release this event in it's dysfunctional state, so this was definitely a case of bad applied math. 5) CV Rework- Ah, the first major controversy of 2019. Not going to get into the intricacies of this one, except to say that while there was money to be made for WG, it couldn't have been enough to warrant calling it a cash grab relative to other events. The math problems came in so many ways like AA, torpedo damage, hit ratios, etc. that I don't even know where to begin. They said they needed the live server to be guinea pigs due to low PTS server numbers, but wow were there a lot of things to exploit early. 6 & 7) Naval Training Center and Puerto Rico- These are both so fresh in everyone's minds I don't really need to get into details, except to say that both events could be described in the context of being a cash grab and a case of WG failing to consider the real life math. Looking back on all of this, I offer for consideration that maybe the problem isn't just greed, but possibly the company has an issue at the top that they aren't using a discerning eye to consider the applied math before they do these things. I ask, are these mistakes something the company could fix by slightly changing their process and adding someone with practical experience in this field to proof check these events first?
  4. HI So were going to have a NTC. Nice. I will NEVER EVER regrind a ship from Tier 1 to Tier 10. I hope this is very clear WG. PS-If you give the USS North Carolina- 16 inch main armor belt, 25 second reload 18 inch guns., super minimal dispersion, extra magnification, 30km range guns, radar, hydro, speed boost, super heal, 1 fire limit, AA boost, fighter boost, 8km detection range and 32knots standard...then I might regrind..oh yeah and 10 second rudder shift I hope my insane request gives WG some idea how seriously NTC could unbalance the game. I think cosmetic changes are a sure go like special cammo or special damage control or repair party but beyond that I don't think this is a good idea..besides maybe you should fix your broken non-existent CV rework first!!!
  5. So, after a full day of denial, WG was forced to do a 180 on NTC. But their entire argument was based on their data showing that only performance buffs will be enough to engage enough of the player base, and incidentally bring in more money. Do people really believe the argument has changed? WG flatly stated that cosmetic items and ships weren't cutting it, this hasn't changed, no amount of rage will change the facts. So, whether we like it or not, these changes will come, unless people believe that WG is in the business of losing money. Personally I would have preferred that they invest in the game itself, and make it worthwhile to play and invest in, but that ship has sailed. So, do people really believe there is a path forward for WG, outside of selling buffs? And remember, WG is the only one privy to sales data, you'd think they had a good reason for dropping this bomb.
  6. So your tier 10s and other ships in the line have convertible EXP on them depending on how much you play them. The NTC system will send all that EXP to the tier 1 ship of the tech tree line after the reset. But it didn't change that EXP to free EXP and so after using it to quickly get out of tier 1 your EXP is left on the tier 1 waiting to be converted. OK well apparently we have all these doubloons that we have earned from just playing the game right?............ So convert the EXP to free EXP............ OK now your back at tier 10 and buy the tier 10 back with credits............ so you have taken out all your convertible EXP all your Doubloons and 20 mill credits plus you have gained so much of sum resource to spend in the Armory........ problem of resource stacking fixed right? how much game did you play? how much did you spend on doubloons? how much more credits and convertible EXP did you end up with because you didn't have the doubloons to free EXP the lines and had to play them instead and so used all the economy flags and camos to get back? Did you manage to complete the grind within the window of the season to get the Armory resource rewards or are you now stuck any where from tier 5 to 9 with nothing to gain other than getting back what you already had? Apart from a sink for Doubloons and Real Money I am not seeing to much resource spending going on in this system or much in the way of game play progression. It also doesn't do anything about convertible EXP on premium ships unless you pay to convert it. What if instead of resetting the lines you make it so we play through the lines again with each ship getting a new kind of EXP to grind that unlocks the rewards of the new Armory resources and other rewards like flags. The difference with this new kind of EXP is that you can use not only your free EXP but also your already amassed convertible EXP in the new system for a credit cost instead of a doubloon cost. So that it expends both your convertible EXP and the Credits you have accumulated as well as your free EXP if you want to. It also could be set so you have to pay a credit cost to unlock the ability to grind the new EXP on the next tier ship after you have finished on the current tier ship. All of which could be able to be reset for the next season without needing to reset your ship lines progress but still providing the resource sink the game needs and the rewards for doing all this. Resetting is not progression.
  7. nastydamnanimal

    NTC is Being Reworked

    This is no victory it's only the fog of war. BEWARE!! BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES. NTC WILL RISE AGAIN!!
  8. nastydamnanimal

    WG you want Balance+Happiness?

    Give us unlockable access to ALL mods, calibers, armor , ammunition consumables and upgrades. Unlock all comander skills Make more money on upfit costs, unlocks and mod packs like gold/resorce only reasearchable mods and mod slots. Gold/resource only unlock-able consumables/upgrades and their slots. You can release, manage and sell mods more quickly and profitably than ships with static mods that might not even sell. People are smarter than u think. We will adapt to eachother and balance will be dynamic. Make the shipyard a place where we can use unlockable iron workers and engineers to change our citadel and armor layouts. Operations where we can rescue and employ these engineers. Operations where we can find special materials they need to retrofit stuff. U gotta be tired of introducing niche ships that u spent countless hrs on that end up being hated or failed. Let us mod or own ships. You cant go by a few testers who play and enjoy the game and see them like everyone cause they are not everyone and everyone plays different and has their own unique styles. Give us our sandbox. Then watch how the game evolves. Ps. here is an example of mods I am talking about letting us unlock. I know you guys do this but its very limited and restricted. Like for instance on the mino here Id love the 240mm/55 but I dont have an option for that. Yea it will start some crap but peeps will counter this with their own creativity and skills. No need to come out with new ships that may or may not sell and take forever to build test and release just make us new mods and ways to get them on the plethora of ships we already have.