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Found 13 results

  1. HI So were going to have a NTC. Nice. I will NEVER EVER regrind a ship from Tier 1 to Tier 10. I hope this is very clear WG. PS-If you give the USS North Carolina- 16 inch main armor belt, 25 second reload 18 inch guns., super minimal dispersion, extra magnification, 30km range guns, radar, hydro, speed boost, super heal, 1 fire limit, AA boost, fighter boost, 8km detection range and 32knots standard...then I might regrind..oh yeah and 10 second rudder shift I hope my insane request gives WG some idea how seriously NTC could unbalance the game. I think cosmetic changes are a sure go like special cammo or special damage control or repair party but beyond that I don't think this is a good idea..besides maybe you should fix your broken non-existent CV rework first!!!
  2. A couple of hours ago Flamu uploaded a vid on the new updated version of Colbert, that for some reason was buffed after a few rounds of testing. The footage, along with his commentary made me wonder whether Colbert is simply too potent (albeit fragile and bland gameplay wise) in it's current form in the game. While Flamu sometimes overreacts, his worry in the one feels warranted. The devils advocate could of course consider that Colbert is that big fat juicy carrot at the end of the stick that will be NTC, therefore giving you a tool to dominate for all your hard work (or free XP). Now, I'm not saying that a broken ship is as bad as the ability to make any ship you wish broken, but still, not particularly liking the direction this is headed to. Moreover, the absurd theoretical DPM this ship can reach, even if we take into account shatters, will turn high tier gameplay even more passive. And this one has insane AA to make it nigh immune to any CV strike that could dislodge one from its position. The vid is definitely worth a watch if interested in this.
  3. Jingles has a very reasonable take on the NTC controversy on this week's Mingles (after some boring prating about microphones).
  4. Would you accept PTW if the choice was PTW or the game going into maintenance mode? When I say maintenance mode, we're talking about no more updates, simply minor fixes. Personally, if they kept it to tier 10, where people could choose to avoid it, I'd probably not care much, but people who do play top tier would. Not saying this is the scenario we face, but after the NTC debacle, you have to wonder what the actual situation is.
  5. Title says it all. Star wars galaxies did something like this too granted on a much larger scale. Basically they completely redid the game in order to attract "new players" and give the older ones something new to do. Except one problem, since they reworked the professions and how you worked through them to advance your character to a more simplistic approach to doing so previously. For example to become a jedi you needed to master certain professions that would require you to work through them in order to get a jedi. When NGE showed up you could simply be a jedi right from the get go. So instead of having a few super powerful characters EVERYONE could be the super powerful but the rest of the professions stayed somewhat similar to their original versions although much more simplistic by comparison. This caused a lot of problems with balancing among a host of other problems for the sake of saving time I won't be getting into here. Bottom line is it caused all those players who had worked so hard on their characters to see their work as pointless since now they had to do it again to "redo" the characters to fit the new game mechanics so the player base began to quit. Same as NTC. My point is I'm seeing much if the same discontent and uproar that I saw in SWG here in WOWS. Granted I was not part of SWG before the NGE and I have only played the original version on emulator and the NGE on the then live version and now emulator. But the situations are similar (with stark differences granted) and a lot a angry players does not make a good player base if they are not playing because they are forced to redo everything they have already accomplished to begin with in order to compete against one another effectively. Which they never figured out how to do that effectively which let to some professions simply rarely being used at all or some people not even bothering to fight certain players because they were just too powerful and it took entire player teams to bring one dude down sometimes. To compensate for this Galaxies ignored many of the core problems in favor of additional content such as locations, space ships, quests and raids ect. This merely led to more discontent as the core issues were not resolved (and in some cases amplified) and more people quit. Also world of warcraft among other MMOs was not helping this fact but that's another part of the story entirely. So don't make the same mistake SWG made like 15 years years ago. Don't be Sony Online Entertainment. Be BETTER than them! Be SMARTER than them! Find a better solution such as limeted time upgradable modules or mission prizes or competitions where upgrades are available to say clan wars or something. Unless you are the same people from SOE in which case God help us all!
  6. So, after a full day of denial, WG was forced to do a 180 on NTC. But their entire argument was based on their data showing that only performance buffs will be enough to engage enough of the player base, and incidentally bring in more money. Do people really believe the argument has changed? WG flatly stated that cosmetic items and ships weren't cutting it, this hasn't changed, no amount of rage will change the facts. So, whether we like it or not, these changes will come, unless people believe that WG is in the business of losing money. Personally I would have preferred that they invest in the game itself, and make it worthwhile to play and invest in, but that ship has sailed. So, do people really believe there is a path forward for WG, outside of selling buffs? And remember, WG is the only one privy to sales data, you'd think they had a good reason for dropping this bomb.
  7. So your tier 10s and other ships in the line have convertible EXP on them depending on how much you play them. The NTC system will send all that EXP to the tier 1 ship of the tech tree line after the reset. But it didn't change that EXP to free EXP and so after using it to quickly get out of tier 1 your EXP is left on the tier 1 waiting to be converted. OK well apparently we have all these doubloons that we have earned from just playing the game right?............ So convert the EXP to free EXP............ OK now your back at tier 10 and buy the tier 10 back with credits............ so you have taken out all your convertible EXP all your Doubloons and 20 mill credits plus you have gained so much of sum resource to spend in the Armory........ problem of resource stacking fixed right? how much game did you play? how much did you spend on doubloons? how much more credits and convertible EXP did you end up with because you didn't have the doubloons to free EXP the lines and had to play them instead and so used all the economy flags and camos to get back? Did you manage to complete the grind within the window of the season to get the Armory resource rewards or are you now stuck any where from tier 5 to 9 with nothing to gain other than getting back what you already had? Apart from a sink for Doubloons and Real Money I am not seeing to much resource spending going on in this system or much in the way of game play progression. It also doesn't do anything about convertible EXP on premium ships unless you pay to convert it. What if instead of resetting the lines you make it so we play through the lines again with each ship getting a new kind of EXP to grind that unlocks the rewards of the new Armory resources and other rewards like flags. The difference with this new kind of EXP is that you can use not only your free EXP but also your already amassed convertible EXP in the new system for a credit cost instead of a doubloon cost. So that it expends both your convertible EXP and the Credits you have accumulated as well as your free EXP if you want to. It also could be set so you have to pay a credit cost to unlock the ability to grind the new EXP on the next tier ship after you have finished on the current tier ship. All of which could be able to be reset for the next season without needing to reset your ship lines progress but still providing the resource sink the game needs and the rewards for doing all this. Resetting is not progression.
  8. nastydamnanimal

    NTC is Being Reworked

    This is no victory it's only the fog of war. BEWARE!! BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES. NTC WILL RISE AGAIN!!
  9. Before getting on with it, an admission: Regardless of what we say or express on the forums, in the grand scheme of things reddit and forums across all servers account for a small percentage of the whole playerbase. That said, and in light of recent events I think many, myself included, have drawn their line in the sand so to speak. But why really? Are we just crybabies that can't admit the game is changing while we remain the same? The game was always changing, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better. Most adapted, some left, others came. Even during the CV Rework player numbers have remained relatively stable, albeit statistics can never paint the whole picture. So what is the real problem behind all this outrage, especially after the unveiling of NTC? GREED That's the real issue in my opinion, and this time it has gone too far. Before I continue, let me say that a free to play game of course has to aim for monetization of certain elements, that's obvious. Similarly, companies aren't non profit, so having a steady flow of income is always important. You can play the game for free, yet "premium" content may help with your experience. In a free to play game a loyal and stable nucleus of the playerbase is paramount for the health of the game. Often these players tend to spend a bit more, and also participate in the community. This is what is endangered now. WG in the past couple of years has gone down a spiral of tactics and practices that were not only unsavoury, but also (in my opinion) paved the way for the NTC becoming the straw that broke the camel's back. But let's take a quick look first at the line of symptoms: Inflation of economy: Free XP has become unbelievably easy to farm the past years. WG has provided us with so many Free XP signals/camos that are stackable; you can farm disgusting amounts of Free XP. This in turn had a real world impact on WG. Doubloons lost to some extent the value they had as the means to convert Free XP. Why spend IRL money when you can farm provided you got a bit of time? Lootboxes: I can understand the reasoning behind it; lots of gaming giants engage in lootbox practices in their flagship titles and in addition promote an addictive behavior that can spiral out of control. To a certain extent and in a free to play game, you could cut some slack on such practices. But in recent years Premium container prices have skyrocketed. I can't comment on dropchances of ships since these aren't included, though at least based on Christmas Container Spreadsheets the chances seem to have decreased. Early Unlocks of Tech Tree Ships (via lootboxes): This practice in combination with lootboxes simply makes the grinding process irrelevant. People wonder why low tiers are in a weird state. When you can get your early Tier V+ unlock a whole month before a line hits it's no real wonder. Moreover it fuels a thirst for spending even more on lootboxes, without realizing that you could possibly unlock whichever ship you wanted on launch with Free XP that costs far less or could be even free. Tier IX+ Premium Ships: I would be willing to let that go if Tier IX Premium Ships weren't offered for cash or didn't have earning economic bonuses, yet they do. If Tier IX+ Premiums were similar to a Tier IX+ ship with a permanent camouflage in terms of earnings and repairs that would be some extent ok. Yet nowadays there are packages on the Premium Shop of over 100$. Selling Premium CVs without truly finalizing them: This is our own fault as well, since there was quite a bit of outcry in getting access again to the previously unavailable Premium CVs. New Flavor; Tech Tree Boosters: This is a new one; It started with Yamato a few months back, and not much fuss was made. But today we had this to welcome us: Grinding is further diminished, and not only that, but there is even bigger ease in reaching Tier X, what was once considered a high skill environment. Will have to wait some more for this to see how it turns out, definitely not a good step. 7.NTC: Now this is quite recent, not even 24 hours since we found out. Since it is WiP there is still time to see how this will turn out, though it looks unbelievably bad, grindy, giving pretty unfair advantages and making it a must have for anything competitive. There are already numerous threads on the specific subject, though the purpose of this post is more to highlight the process of arriving here and how greed has led to this. To draw a parallel, WoW's direct competitor, Conflict Lightning: Maritime Forces (used similar words since for some reason it's a banned title on forums), has become so overly grindy and p2w that matchmaker takes quite a long time to join a battle; teams are filled with bots because of this and there are quite a few ships that are so broken (look up PG02) that make it a title to avoid for now. Paying players and especially whales can spend quite a bit of money in a game that offers them fun and can function as a nice hobby after a long workday. Yes, WoWs always had its flaws and issues, but they weren't based that much on greed. To conclude, WoWs is at a crossroads. They can give in to their greed of quick and fat profits now and leave a bleeding playerbase that will slowly stop paying; this is a business decision and I am pretty certain there should be internal reports on similar subjects. Alternatively, WG can take a step back, evaluate the situation and start fixing things in order to consolidate their playerbase. In 3-4 years, when the game will be inevitably at decline and a new title by WG arrives, they will have people trusting their products, willing to emigrate and spend money on their new games. Until this is cleared up I am very afraid for a game I truly love and sincerely want to see succeeding . Thanks for reading.
  10. ~wall of text alert~ I will try explain why i think this system (NTC) is p2w and why i think is bad to the game, probaly wg will going want ignore it because they want push this system over us anyway but lets try. So, why its a p2w system? The game is based in a "hard" grind, lets say a player without everthing premium (flags, acc, cammo), its alread hard and takes a lot of time to get in the TX one time, but thats ok, thats a game design, you make a game based on a hard grind to "incentive" people to expend some with premium acc and flags etc... thats "ok", sinse in the end everyone have the same ship. Now the real problem start, you dont going have the same ship anymore just "grinding", you going need grind again... and again... and again... almost 7 times, and aaaaaaaanyone will going want do that, the solution? Free XP. How to get? Convert with doublons. So people with a better credit card will have a better ship just because they have money to "re-grind" everthing with 2 clicks. Why people will do that? Because the bonus is OP as hell, or you do, or you cant be competitive anymore. So the "grind wall" on this game become 7times WORSE with this NTC hell. WG saying "you dont need do it" is like EA saying "you dont need pay for get a darth vader in lootbox just play your life out in the game", actually WG is doing worse because you need what, 80hours in battlefront? In wows you need 3~9 MONTHS (without premium buffs) to get one TX. Saying its free, but making a hell to get it is totaly "Pay to win" because no one will never be able to compete with someone with premium acc/free xp conversarion. Why shouldn't be on game? This system is a game killer, when you start giving p2w bonus, people how not pay will just stop playing, the same reason why people dont like play in a line ship vs saipan in pre-0.8 is because they dont like be massacrate not because enemy skills but because the other ship is WAY better, guess why? Because is premium, now put that in ever single ship on this game. Also, people DONT want re-grind everthing, even think in re-grind one time alread sounds as a hell to do but yeah, for some bonus we (veterans) can do that, but 7 times? SEVEN TIMES ONE SINGLE LINE? Just no. And fight someone how have money to throw around 600usd in doublons to get the free xp for have one OP line ship ITS NOT FUN, ITS NOT ENGAGING AT ALL. And can be even worse, just imagine you need regrind this hell and after that... you guys just nerf the ship, this will be a hell, everyone will going hate it, like, a lot, even worse then just remove nerf cvs from the game because this will not going affect 5% of players but 99%. My opinion: I play sinse the closed beta, i have 12k+ battles, i play ever single ranked season, i like do the events and get the good ships, but need re-play the old line ships? oh hell no. Some lines i still not take it util today (because i dont like a lot ships on it, like ijn lines in general) and i will need do this 7times to get one strong ship? What the hell. I will not pay for that, i will not play that, its not fun its not good, and thats its enough reason to stop play this game (after you guys kill the cvs). Why hell i will play something how i always can face one enemy how is WAY more strong to me just because he have more money? Its not fun and its not fair. Thats a base critics, but lets try say that in points. The main bad things on this system: - Its make a grind wall you can only reasonable pass using A LOT money. - Its going desbalance everthing, lets be honest, you dont balance atm a lot things and will put +900 ships (+1 +2 +3 ships) on "balance"? - WG will going need nerf the ships because they will be just OP in a good hands, just imaginate one yamato with +10% accurace in a hands of one yamato unicum player! Why someone will going want fight that sinse you CANT because they just have buffs you going never get it without expend a lot money, its not about skills anymore if you put a p2w buffs. - Its a grind hell, no matter if you put that one year or one decade, still a grind hell, need do 7 times the same line? Why someone going want do that? This is not a "long term solution" its a "hell term or p2w solution" to veterans. Some excuses from wg (from lives and videos): "We need something for veterans keep on game" - I totaly agreed with that, but need re-grind lines over and over again its not a good solution, and put veterans to fight a veterans with more money to pass that will just make people stop playing, sinse they cant be "on top" without money anymore. "Play with your favorite/forgot ships" - Thats a joke right? If i want play with low tier ships i can just re-buy it, not be "forced" to do so. And do wg even stop to ask why a lot "veterans" not play with low/mid tiers? Lets me put why > i < dont do that: 1. Its not fun be the low tier almost everytime in a +2 battle. 2. Low/Mid tier (for me) its not fun. 3. TX ships are more powerfull, if i want play something "okay i want relax" i play in co-op. 4. Its full of potatos, we have potatos on TX too but at least its not 90% of team (most of time at least). "but we alread have some p2w buff bonus like legendary modules or commanders" I think this one is important because theres a BIG difference in legendary modules/commanders, the commanders bonus is not a game-breaker and you dont need use tons and tons of free xp to get it, the legendary modules have one important thing: DISAVANTAGES, also you dont get it using free xp. The buffs from NTC are made from a grind hell so you NEED be forced to expend free xp. "its take a lot time and resource to make new lines" Thats a valid point, a company dont wanna expend in new content for the game, its ok, but its the moment the game start die. I alread play a lot, and i want something new, or at least play what i alread like it and not need start from begin again. WG can increase the time between new lines, focus in events, make more operations, theres a lot thing can and avoid make the game become a hell to grind (btw thats why i dont play [edited]). So... what wg should do? Ok, we alread too old in this game to know wg will force us to get this NTC hell, sinse they want more money from the veterans. Here some solutions: - Make cosmetics/money buff/free xP buff. I will love get some free xP or money buff from my ships, i still not like the "re-grind" idea (and probably will not do this), but at least i will not stop playing because someone have a OP buff get with money. - Make T11, maybe even T15. Will be a hell to balance? A hell to put new ships? Etc etc... yes, it will, but going push us foward to advance, not to going back and star over. Like someone said, "i like school but i dont wanna do again". Maybe even take back the silly idea of putting controled missiles, sounds way more fun and acceptable then the NTC idea. - ADD submarines, rebalance the game. Most of people like play with bbs, thats fine, but we need some diversity for the game not become over-boring-bb-bias, even a bb player only fight vs a bb player become bored from that eventually. You guys need balance a little better this game, i will be totaly fine and keep playing, god maybe even put premium acc again if the game become fun to play with... well... ever class, atm i can only have fun playing 1 or 2 ships, in a list of 300+ ships. - Better MM. Thats the basic of the basic. I like my T8 ships, i buy a lot T8 premium, but why i stop playing with? Oh, yeah, its become boring because i always was put on TX battle, what the hell i will buy a 80usd ship to get in a +2Tier batlle? The example is the tirpitz, i love that ship, but put in T10 battle its just eough reason to me stop playing with and totaly start hate play with bbs. - Make the competitive become competitive again. Think before release a new line/ship, put the henris on game? Done, the CW become a hell and everyone need use henris because its just too strong and game-breaker. Put a BB line invunerable to HE in a situation with full of cruisers. Stalins to everyone... The first seasons was the most fun seasons, because they was more "simple", they dont need always have "one of this" in your team for win, pushing the competitive for have obligations to be competitive its not great, its not fun, its not what i want keep playing. Also this bring back the NTC, if the buffs not matter for competitive (clan wars, global wars, whatever wg put competitive) theres no reason to go get it, if they matters for competitive the P2W will dominate and the competitive is going just die for the money wall. - Diversity is good. Now "rework" in the "HE" for "ever cruiser become the same", why hell i going play something how everthing is the same? What the fun on that? Why i will going change new line or feel challenge by another player if he just have the same ship as me with a different flag? ... But not so diverse... At same time, i will not like fight something waaaaaay to difference how not give you a chance to fight back. "A new line? Lets put some consumable to become different", a bb with speed boost? Oh common, its a bb, or its a cruiser? When you start mix the class they just lost they individuality, what is terrible because they become less interessing. - "class" ship need matters again Make the class of the ship matter something. Like was in the first year of WoWs. What a bb need do? Tank? Have a great alpha dmg? So focus the bbs on that again. What a CL need do? Scout? Consumables? What a DD should do? Scout? caps? alpha dmg on bbs? etc... - And add more class. Why not put a Heavy/battle cruisers as a class with different "base" for start? Why not put submarines? Today everthing looks like a bit equal of everthing, thats just boring try new line/class of ship. - Stop pushing the russian bias over everthing. Thats obvius to everyone, a nerf in flood for a RU BB line how push, now a change to end with IFHE what is pretty much how hurt RU bbs, and they have a OP AA... So you have 2 choises: Play with russians or never will be the better on the game. Meh. Its annoying and i just wanna put this point. - Review on game design/money grab politicy. Its pure wg choise how kill the game get money, but i will say that because i alread put a lot money in that game (premium ships, premium acc, etc etc) and just stop it from the last year to today. WG is pushing over and over in the grind need or use money, wanna a better exemple then this ridiculous "200usd T9 "meh" DD or play ever single day to get it"? I play this game sinse closed beta and this is become worse and WORSE. If the game will just push a 7x worse grind will just lost any reason to play it, the case of the DD, the grind is a hell and i absolute not going expend 200usd in a pixel ship how can be nerfed. So what i would like expend? Not a minimum wage (from here... around 300usd) to regrind a line thats for sure. I like buy ships... specially the T8 one, but why i stop buying? Because the game is not balanced and not fun to play T8, and the NTC will make the balance even worse, so why put any money on this game? Trying make the game become a hell to sell a solution is going give players just a better solution: stop playing. I think thats it. I'm sorry if my english was bad (its not my main language) for explain some things. Corrections are welcome. I'm sorry for the long post, here a ship potato
  11. Jimmybobcornflake

    How to make NTC balanced.

    From discussing this with one of my family members who is deeply invested into this game... I gave it some thought on how to go in the right direction on this. My idea would simply be to REMOVE these combat bonuses as a whole. It's entirely unfair for players who have a limited amount of time to play during their busy week to finally grind that tier X of their choice to only then be outmatched by someone who has the same ship with added bonuses. It's insane. Completely catered to the players who can sink hours upon hours daily & weekly, only to be rewarded with a better ship that in a one on one scenario, has the added edge. My counter-offer to this nonsense, is to add a NEW currency, Nickel. or something like that. This currency is rewarded to players who complete games, complete scenarios with stars, and complete challenges with UPGRADED ships ( 6 to 10 ). This will add incentive for players who have reached that tier 10, decide if they want to go back and start earning new currency in the upgraded ships. This currency will allow players to purchase several items such as; Steel Coal Specialized Camo's Other rare currencies ie; copper etc Or perhaps, regrinding your ships you have a chance unlock a special campaign that will reward you super containers or a very rare ship ie; Belfast. I saw posted recently on a reddit thread "Completely switching the system to cosmetics or resources is not going to work. We seriously considered this option, but from all our experience with various in-game activities and their rewards, we still need to keep some performance-based rewards to keep the progression meaningful. However, we really appreciate your ideas about having much less significant bonuses and adding other types of rewards to make the buffs even more scarce." This... is in-fact what the correct response to this would be. As mentioned previously, if player 1 can grind and grind on improving their tier X ship and get it to level 2, while player 2 finally achieved the same ship for the first time, player 2 is already at a loss. I know I will probably receive comments such as "it comes down to knowledge of the ship in one-on-one fights" or "19 point commanders help too". I get all that, but this is only regarding same tier ship to tier ship.
  12. nastydamnanimal

    WG you want Balance+Happiness?

    Give us unlockable access to ALL mods, calibers, armor , ammunition consumables and upgrades. Unlock all comander skills Make more money on upfit costs, unlocks and mod packs like gold/resorce only reasearchable mods and mod slots. Gold/resource only unlock-able consumables/upgrades and their slots. You can release, manage and sell mods more quickly and profitably than ships with static mods that might not even sell. People are smarter than u think. We will adapt to eachother and balance will be dynamic. Make the shipyard a place where we can use unlockable iron workers and engineers to change our citadel and armor layouts. Operations where we can rescue and employ these engineers. Operations where we can find special materials they need to retrofit stuff. U gotta be tired of introducing niche ships that u spent countless hrs on that end up being hated or failed. Let us mod or own ships. You cant go by a few testers who play and enjoy the game and see them like everyone cause they are not everyone and everyone plays different and has their own unique styles. Give us our sandbox. Then watch how the game evolves. Ps. here is an example of mods I am talking about letting us unlock. I know you guys do this but its very limited and restricted. Like for instance on the mino here Id love the 240mm/55 but I dont have an option for that. Yea it will start some crap but peeps will counter this with their own creativity and skills. No need to come out with new ships that may or may not sell and take forever to build test and release just make us new mods and ways to get them on the plethora of ships we already have.