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Found 1 result

  1. Update! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this event! You will find our winners below: 1 Tier VII Premium Ship Container: @lbxgaming and @Wolfswetpaws 1 Community Turkey Shoot Flag: Everyone! Note: Your prizes should reach your accounts by the end of the week. If you don't see them, please let me know! Once again, thank you to those who participated! Fair winds and following seas! Greetings Captains, Happy November! With the arrival of our 11th month in North America, it is hard to think of much else besides the American Thanksgiving, which is held on the last Thursday of the month. The centerpiece of most tables tends to be a big, fat turkey cooked in whatever way you think is best. We want to pay homage to the turkey with this month's forum event, where we'll be asking you to "shoot" a "Turkey!" Challenge: Reply to the thread providing a screenshot where you received at least 3 kills in one match. This can be completed in any game type (excluding Training Rooms). The match must have occurred between November 1st 14:00 UTC (9am CT) and November 30th 18:00 UTC (12pm CT). Example: Rules: 1. Make sure everything required for the challenge is clearly readable in the screenshot. 2. Plagiarism of any kind is not permitted. 3. The match must have occurred between the timeframe provided above. 4. Must follow the parameters as listed under the “Challenge” section. 5. Please only reply to this thread with contest submission posts. All other posts will be deleted. Prizes: 2 random winners will receive: - 1x Tier VII Premium Ship Container All participants will receive: - Community Turkey Shoot Flag Feel free to share this contest amongst your friends or clanmates. The more people that participate, the better! Fair winds and following seas!