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Found 1 result

  1. December 2019: Build your own Puerto Rico! Why though? Why build an island when you can build a country? Why not expand your WoWS population by 2,200%? Clearly, the limited vision of our C-suite has resulted in continual player base decline and degradation. Introducing... ... the next new bright idea ... ... that builds on the success of current, incredibly well-received ideas ... ... build your very own République! Of course, with great reward comes great responsibility grinding. You gotta earn your rewards! (duh!) In our infinite wisdom and generosity, we at WG HQ will increase your grind requirements by a meager 220% for a reward 2,200% better. Sounds 220% fair, right? The République is a multi-ship deal that includes the mighty nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in addition to 95 other naval vessels equipped for complex operations in our modern 21st century. But Wait, There's More! This Ultimate Armada Bundle additionally spans our Army and Air Force assets. That's right: We are announcing our first ever in-game tie-in with BOTH WoT and WoWP!1 The excitement has never been stronger. Today, we announce: December 2020: Build your own République!!! To easily earn République, simply complete all 2020 directive requirements. The requirements for 2020 Christmas Directives will reflect those of 2019 Christmas Directives with an increase of just 220%. To Action Stations! Good luck and fair seas, captains! Editor’s note: All information in this post is WIP and may not reflect actual game developments. Please take with a grain of fleur de sel. 1Despite the Army Birthday patch being simultaneously released in WoWS and WoT, our forgetful WoWP executive producer failed to recognize the importance of the US Army in establishing an independent air force. :(