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Found 1 result

  1. Ok - so when video card prices went down near the beginning of Aug I picked up a 1080 to replace the aging the GTX 670 but I am gaming on an old (2009) Samsung 22 inch TV and an older NEC 90GX2 monitor. I have limited desk space currently but plan to fix that by Christmas. Not planning to go nuts - no curved 40" screens, still have kids, and a wife so not planning on spending $500 on it either. I do general computing with some gaming - WoWs, CoD... Looking for: 27 inch IPS 75-120 Hz refresh 2K at the most - older eyes can't deal with 4K at 27 inches so 1080 or 1440 DP, HDMI, DVI (will keep the NEC likely and it needs DVI - don't want to deal with VGA) up to $350-$400 at most No real need for G-Sync - not that much of a gamer. Anyone have suggestions for really nice monitors that fit? Thanks!