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Found 1 result

  1. Lampshade_M1A2

    USS Dallas

    So I noticed the Wargaming wiki page has an entry for the Dallas now, and overall this ship is looking pretty terrible as a replacement for the Cleveland at Tier 6. Now some of the nerfs like having less guns were to be expected but others downright suck. - Only 10 of 6"/47 caliber guns versus 12 on the Cleveland - Reload time for those 6"/47 caliber guns is actually longer at 8.5 seconds than the upgraded mounts on the Cleveland (8 seconds) - Turret rotation is still pretty slow at 22.5 seconds for 180 degrees - Only 6 of 5"/38 caliber guns versus 12 on the Cleveland - 5"/38s are still given miserable stats as secondary guns while virtually every other secondary gun in the game gets its historical max rate of fire - Significantly reduced AA values due to reduced number of 5"/38s - Turn radius is 10 meters tighter but rudder shift time is inexplicably 0.8 seconds longer - 6,900 less HP (!!!) - 3.5" of belt armor versus 5" on the Cleveland - Same average 32.5 knot speed The only advantage the Dallas has is reduced detection range by 1.42 kilometers. Can anybody see others I am missing? Despite its reputation from its pre-nerf glory days the Cleveland shows pretty mediocre stats in the stat tracker compared to other T6 cruisers. At least this was the case the last time I checked but ship battle stats don't seem to be working at the moment. With that in mind why should the Dallas suck so badly? Make no mistake, in its current form Dallas is a garbage scow. I am not very optimistic about what WG will do with the other US light cruisers when looking at this. WG truly seems to want to keep US ships in a "mediocre" place.