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Found 2 results

  1. Well, this has been bugging me for quite some time. You see, I mostly play BBs these days, followed by Cruisers and DDs(and a tiny bit of CVs), so I probably warrant being called a BBaby. But anyway, what's bugging me is that, increasingly, especially in the mid tiers(though this is most certainly not confined to the mid tiers) I find myself with my BBs quite often getting into brawls/close-quarters dogfights with DDs,(even with BBs with weak secondaries) and THEY keep losing. Why? It's not like I'm the second coming of Yuro or anything. I'm not that great at Yuro-beats. Admittedly, I'm decent at torpedo dodging in my BBs, but I'm not the best. Not by a long shot. In fact, I often encounter in my own DDs much better torpedo dodgers than I. In addition, it's not just the long torpedo reload DDs that are losing, either. it's the faster reloading torp DDs, like Minekaze, that are losing too. I mean, I understand that Minekaze's torps are slow now, so that's obviously part of it, but it can't be everything. It's not like these DDs aren't usually predicting well, I mean, most have pretty spot-on predictions, and set-up predictions for any possible dodge attempts I could make. But somehow, no matter how good their predictions, in these kinds of situations, at max(ultra rare) I take 2, but usually 1 or most commonly of all, none. At high-tiers, though, it's a different but equally strange story. I keep seeing DDs at Tier VII+ that can't seem for the life of them to defend their smoke screens, even when they can see me, from me in a rampaging(fast, slow, it doesn't seem matter) BB. I think I at least get why they are so terrible: they never seem to have much fire discipline, and thus they fire their torps much too hastily( I dodge most or all of them) and so, before you know it, I'm in their smoke screen and am able to work my magic on them before their torps ever reload. But, that's not the only weird thing going on at high-tiers with DDs v BBs. All the time now, it doesn't really matter what I'm in(I see this in my Cruisers and my DDs as well)I easily dodge high-tier DD torps without doing much of anything. I maybe turn a few degrees to angle a little better or slow down just a little to prevent me from over-extending, and I am in the perfect position to either thread their torpedoes or thread a gap between their spreads. It's like they are all aiming directly at the indicator, and just firing everything straight at it. If that wasn't enough, I'm starting to see more and more torpedo volleys sent at enemy ships that are sailing away, and from DDs with relatively short range torpedoes, too. At least I understand what these high-tier DDs are doing wrong(though I don't get why they are committing these noob errors), but I can't say I understand a lick why these fast-reloading torpedoes, mid-tier, DDs are succumbing so darn easily and fast to my BBs. I mean, by ALL ACCOUNTS, THEY SHOULD WIN THESE KINDS OF ENGAGEMENTS!(IT'S WHAT THEY ARE GOOD AT), BUT THEY TOTALLY AREN'T. I'll say again: Why? I really honestly don't get it. Perhaps you could fill out my poll and answer a few questions about BBs v DDs(and visa versa)? That would be much appreciated. Has anyone else noticed this recently, or is it just me? Comments are appreciated, and I thank you in advance. - Regards, Legoboy0401
  2. ...when I'm doing good or in a good/strong ship, something wouldn't always go wrong to throw the match or my performance in it. I mean, it seems that every time I'm doing well and having fun, or plan to at least, the meta changes slightly in a flash and all the sudden there is a flood of my counters, AND constant bottom-tiering. When both decide to be nice, but something in WoWS is still against me, I'll get perfect set-ups(even the rest of the team are in perfect ships for defeating the enemy team's line-up) TOTALLY, COMPLETELY, AND UTTERLY RUINED BY TOMATO TEAMS SO BAD, THEY CAN'T KILL spotted 100 HP DDs, and THEY SHOW BROADSIDE IN EVERYTHING, meanwhile COMPLETELY MISSING THE OPEN BROADSIDE OF EQUALLY TOMATO ENEMIES AGAIN, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, UNTIL THE TOMATO ENEMIES STOP MISSING OR FINALLY ANGLE. OH, DO I SOUND LIKE I'M ANGRY? THAT'S BECAUSE I AM! Oh, and that's not all, actually. Sometimes there will be clusters of enemy ships stopped or going very slow at one place or another, but instead of feasting and farming torpedo hits on said clusters of enemy ships(no radar in them, by the way), my allied DDs will be deleted because they were so inept that that they were brought down to EXTREMELY LOW health by(OF ALL THINGS) A MUTSUKI FOR GOODNESS SAKE. Sigh. I am so glad when these battles are over, but then when I jump into another ship for another battle, back I am into a match with floods of my counters and I am bottom tier. Oh, and there are MUCH better(read: higher-tier) ships on both my team and the enemy team, but my team's top-tier ships of my class are gone within minutes of the opening of the match, while the only thing gone from the enemy team's top tier ships of my class is any trace of doubt or fear as they farm damage, medals, and Devastating Strikes off my team. I do my best, but it's just not enough. The enemy team's ships are too powerful,their captains are just as undefeatable, and what damage they don't manage to deal to me my counters do. Inevitably, I go down too, and it's a loss by steamroll for my team. If this kind of crap were uncommon, I'd be fine with it, and just dismiss it as a fluke, but it is quite common for me. Also, when I am doing reasonably well against one or two enemy ships that would only be much of a threat if I was on low hp, in come allied torps, aimed miles away from where the enemy ships are, to deliver me as a boxed, gift-wrapped, and set under the tree easy kill for the enemy ships. Does anyone else see this kind of thing happen a lot?(or at all?) If so, please tell me in the poll. Honestly, I try to ignore it and have fun anyway, but constant defeats are anything but fun for me. - Regards, Legoboy0401