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Found 4 results

  1. Since the update, I've noticed that the camos that are purchased with Doubloons for the NC and the camo for Anshan have changed. NC's used to be the water camo style, while now it's the standard one you can get with credits. Anshan's also seems different. I think it changed from its sea green to a blue one. I didn't sea anything about this in the patch notes, or did some files change? Am I just crazy? I really liked the sea camo where everything was some shade of blue on the North Carolina.
  2. I carried really hard to get to rank 6. This is the nose-on NC meta of ranked working at it's best. Hope you guys enjoy. You d/l it here: http://wowreplays.com/Replay/18968 to watch just close warships and run it with the .exe file
  3. Hello!

    Hello Captains, Just thought I would introduce myself on the forums. I'm not really a big fan of forums but decided to go ahead and get into this one. I've been playing World Of Warships since October 2015. I go by the name of HoneySauce in game and a battleship player but occasionally will play cruisers and destroyers. Currently I'm a North Carolina captain and pushing for my Iowa soon . I have my own YouTube channel called Honey productions where I will start posting World Of Warships videos of great plays or fails. Hope to see you guys in game!
  4. North Carolina is amazing!

    The North Carolina is amazing. I love it. Very good at grinding money Good at brawling Amazing guns Pros: Very good AA Very good artillery Good speed Very good reload Very good turning Good MM Good turning Very good range Cons: None