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Found 3 results

  1. N0_Nam39

    North Carolina

    Im fairly new to WoW I have 40 ish hours and have around 100 battles played. Im currently on Calorado, I have all the xp needed to reach North Carolina on my grind for Montana. The issue is I still need 7 million more credits. I recently opened a tier 8 destroyer Cossack, which happens to sell for like 7.2 million. I know that premium ships espcially tier 8's that can get uptiered to tier 10 games can earn lots of credits. But im wondering is it worth to just sell the Destroyer and buy the North Carolina as im not a very good destroyer player or should I try and get better at the Destroyer and use it to earn the money I need to get North Carolina? Please Help.
  2. Frostbow

    North Carolina

    I rekindled the fun with the Tier VIII battleship, the North Carolina, and came close to sinking 7 enemy ships. She may be ancient, but she can still deliver. Nevertheless, this was a really fun random battle!
  3. After spending a day with North Carolina, I have to say that for me it is 100% unadulterated hot garbage. The guns are terrible. I have better accuracy with Bismarck. I keep seeing rave reviews about how good the ship is, but when the shells are that slow its impossible to hit anything. A Baltimore parked in front of me at 9km broadside, shelles in front of and behind and zero hits. Almost every shot is like this. And if you do get a hit it's almost always at the stern of the ship because there isnt enough room on the screen for all of the lead you need to take!! So what's the answer? Play closer? The armor and secondaries suck. So that's out. Spam HE? I've seen NC players do that before and now it makes sense. Myself, i refuse to sit in the back of the map. Sell the ship and stop with US ships altogether? Most likely. I really do think that people only like North Carolina so much because it's faster than Colorado. It's got good AA, good concealment, rudder shift is still slow, speed is still low, turret traverse is still slow. Same caliber guns as Colorado with worse accuracy. I'll most likely be selling it soon. All I hear from people is "dont show broadside". Never "you cant do any damage because by the time the shells get there your enemy has turned and went home, ate dinner, and came back". Sorry to rant, but this ship sucks. Hopefully there are another round of bluffs for USN BB's that fix the shell velocity.