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Found 3 results

  1. In case folks haven't seen: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/paint-my-ride/ official forum post is now up:
  2. Paging @Phoenix_jz for this one. I will preface this by saying I am willing to admit my understanding is completely incorrect. I've been told Normandie already has Bearn's clipper bow. I'm guessing the 29.4 knots is with speed boost and base is 28 knots? As WG modernized above, as planned below. My understanding is that Normandie is enjoying a below waterline citadel. So now as Phoenix has pointed out the central turret is retained which should restrict the machinery space. The modernized look has everything trunked into one funnel without a flare above the deck. My only guess is this is all done to make up for what I'm told are the less than stellar stats of the 340/45. In essence this all seems reasonable to the Italian refits with speed advantage to the French. However in the case of the Italian rebuild there was machinery space added and the citadel sits above water. Admittedly due to political reasons there was basically a monopoly on machinery in Italy and my understanding is the French where using more efficient engines. However while I am sure I will have great fun with Normandie this is going to be a guilty sort of fun.
  3. Hey guys after a one day break which I took after releasing two trees in one day, I will be looking at French BBs and trying to form a tech tree from them. French BBs were usually known for unusual turret placement and smaller guns than for example British or American ships. But that is a thing they had in common with Italian and German ships as well. Let´s start at tier 3 with again the nation´s first Dreadnought: The Courbet class BB Oh wait... These ships had 12 305mm guns in double turrets with 10 gun broadside. That is a little bit OP, isn´t it? OK but.... What to place on tier 3? I am not sure. Maybe the Danton class with 4 305mm guns and 12 240mm guns wouldn´t be that bad. However WG also might find some paper ship I don´t know about. But maybe you guys know so if you do, let me know in the comments because I would love to extend my knowledge about warships. So know the Courbet. Let´give it its rightful place at tier 4. As I already said these ships had 12 305mm guns in 6 turrets but only ten of them could fire a broadside as the Courbets had 2 superfiring guns in the front and two in the rear but the two amidships were wing turrets. The guns had RoF of between 1.5 - 2.0 rpm so expect similar reload time as Wyoming, maybe a bit better considering you have two guns smaller broadside. The secondaries were also pretty good with 22 138mm guns in casemates. This is secondary armament way better than Wyomings, similar to Myogis and just a bit worse than my German BB proposal on tier 4, the mighty Kaiser. Some of the ships were refited in the interwar period (except France that hited rock in 1922 and foundered). They were fitted AA guns and fire control systems. Hopefully we will see these refits in game and Courbets will have some AA (unlike Kaiser). Armor of this class is quite weak considering they will most probably be meeting the Kaisers on tier 4. They had only up to 270mm of belt armor, up to 70mm of deck armor and turret armor 250 - 290mm. Take this in mind and try to avoid meeting BBs on close ranges but also avoid plunging fire as your armor won´t hold up. Fight on medium ranges, which is exactly what your speed will only allow you as well. These ships were 21 knots "fast" so don´t expect that you will be able to run from anyone. However these ships were also pretty short and fat. They measured only 166 metres so turning circle will be nice. WWI Courbet WWII Courbet class BB (Paris actually) Tier 5: Bretagne class This class was pretty similar to the preceding Courbet but had bigger guns and better armor. The guns were 340mm in five turrets in total of ten guns. Guns had RoF of 2.0 rpm which is normal on tier five. Considering they are smaller than New York´s it is also fair. These guns had pretty low velocity on AP (cca 780mps) but HE velocities were good at cca 890mps. The secondary armament of Bretagne was similar to Courbet´s until 1935 refit. Pre-refit: 22 138mm guns. post-refit: 14 138mm guns and 8 75 mm guns. Armor of the ship was slight improvement over Courbet with again only 270mm of belt armor and ONLY 40mm of deck armor. The deck armor is terrible (this resulted in explosion of Bretagne during the battle at Mers El-Kebir where British navy fired on NEUTRAL French navy. This is considered as one of the most shameful naval egagements ever), but your turret armor went up to 340mm. Speed is one knot worse than on Courbet at 20 knots. It will feel mostly like New York with slightly faster firing guns and much worse deck armor and a bit worse belt. With this kind of deck armor you want to avoid plunging fire. Unpleasant thing is that you can not brawl on close range like German BBs because of your rather mediocre belt armor. You will have to fight on medium ranges like the Courbet, but be even more careful not to get in range where plunging fire becames dangerous. Thankfully ship is again only 166 metres long so manouvering won´t be that difficult. Bretagne pre-refit Bretagne post-refit Tier 6: Lyon/Normandie projects These were projects of BBs armed with either 16 or 12 340mm guns with RoF of 1.5-2.0 rpm and velocity same to Bretagnes. Secondaries were supposed to consist of 24 138mm guns in casemates in hull and supestructures. No AA were planned however so fictional refit, assuming these ships were built would be needed. Speed was supposed to be 21 knots (still ok on tier 6, Bayern will have the same speed, NM already has) on Normandie and 23 knots on Lyon. I would rather see the Lyon project in game as it has more guns and better speed. Armor was big improvement over preceding ships with 300mm of belt armor, 340mm of turret armor and also better deck armor. Well I suppose its values are discutable as some pages say it was just "better" and some don´t talk about it at all. This will be the first French BB capable of close range fights. With this array of secondaries and good belt armor and A LOT of main guns (with smaller caliber than the curent BBs in game) it will be able to finally brawl a bit. Normandie BB Lyon BB Tier 7: Dunkerque class BB/BC (fast battleships) Washington treaty BBs, that were built to counter the German Deutschland class Panzerschiffe and were armed with 8 330mm guns in two turrets both in the front and RoF of 1.5-2.0 rpm. Secondary armament consisted of 16 138mm guns in two double and three quadruple turrets. Finally the ship was equiped with AA guns. 5 double 37mm guns and 8 13.2mm guns. Armor was pretty good for a fast battleship and considering that you don´t even need to show your broadside as all of your guns are forward mounted, all you need is good deck and turret armor. Belt armor: up to 283mm on Strasbourg (second ship of the class, 225mm on Dunkerque) Deck armor: up to 137mm on Strasbourg, 125mm on Dunkerque Turret armor: up to 360/330mm (Stras./Dunk.) The armor is very good for a BB that never really needs to expose its broadside. This BB will be nice to play as you can fire all your guns while sailing right towards the enemy. And you can chase nearly any enemy BB thanks to your speed of 31 knots. On this tier this BB will be the most dangerous opponent for Scharnhorst, which will completely dominate this tier when (hopefully) aded. Tier 8: Richelieu class BB Another fast battleship design but was more heavily armored than Dunkerque and had bigger guns. Richelieu had 8 380mm guns in two quadruple turrets both in the front, same layout as its predecessor. The guns had RoF of between 1.2 - 2.2 rpm. This might be buffed to the Tirpitz like 2.5. Also i forgot to mention that Dunkerque´s RoF would need a small buff. Maybe up to 2.5 as well. Secondaries consisted of 9 152mm guns in three triple turrets and 12 100mm guns in six double turrets. AA guns were refited and upgraded many times so I will mention just Richelieu´s AAs as build and Jean Bart´s AA at the end of its carrer. Richelieu: 12 100mm guns, 16 37mm guns, 28 13,2mm guns. That is not so bad for stock tier 8 BB Jean Bart: 24 100mm guns, 28 57mm guns. Well light AA is missing but I see not much problem with that as this ship is pretty fast at 30 knots. But your turning circle will be rather crappy as it measures 247 metres. Armor of the ship was big upgrade over its predecessor with 330mm of belt armor, 170mm of deck armor and up to 430mm of turret armor. Richelieu Jean Bart Tier 9: Alsace, three quadruple turrets with 380mm, project number 3 The Alsace class was eventually chosen to be this project but there were also projects calling for either 380 or 406mm guns in three triple turrets. the 406mm version can easily be fitted on tier 10 but on tier nine, in my oppinion fits beautifuly this one. This ship was armed, as once said already, with 12 380mm guns in three quadruple turrets, two in the front and one in the rear. RoF of these guns was again 1.2 - 2.2 rpm but this needs to be buffed at least to 2.8 rpm to balance the small caliber. Guns should be quite accurate but we know WG... Secondaries consisted of 9 152mm guns and 24 100mm guns which were dual purpose so let´s see the AA armament of this ship: 24 100mm guns and 32 37mm guns. That is not so bad but maybe a little buff with medium artilery might be nice for B hull (fictional upgrade). Some pages also say this ship was supposed to have torps but I am not sure if they were turnable or not so let´s not count them. Armor of this class was supposed to be very similar to Richelieu´s armor with 330mm of belt armor, 155mm of deck armor and 380mm of turret armor. Speed is similar to Richelieu at 31 knots. This BB will be good but not so interesting to play as the previous one as it looses the advantage of not needing to expose broadside if it wants to fire all the guns. AA and secondaries are ok but nothing so surprising on this tier. BTW on this picture is written 16 100mm guns but just count them in the main picture, they are 24 (unless I am crap in maths) Tier 10: Alsace project number 2, 9 406mm guns version This BB project fits perfectly on tier 10 in case it gets RoF of cca 2.4 rpm and AA guns buff. Other stats should be similar to previous ship as they were similar designs with just different numbers and calibers of main armament and secondary guns. Armor, speed and maneuverability should be similar. I think this ship willl be quite nice to play with just Montana having number of guns advantage and Yamato having advantage in caliber of guns. But this ship should be able to out DPM them as its DPM nice considering it has only 9 406mm guns. Well thanks guys for reading this topic and let me know in the coments what you think about this line and which line would you like to see next.