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Found 22 results

  1. I'm level 15 experienced Player looking to have a team of clanmates to participate in clan battles. I play daily. Preferably East Coast US players due to time differences, but anyone is welcome
  2. Are we all just fed up with poor performance? It would seem like that is the case as so many Forum threads are about Weekend Players and simply poor Random Players.... Today In Chat I saw a player that is clearly on his way to a stress induced medical problem all because our team lost the Randumb game.... So I have the answer!!!! Special Ships for Special People. Many sports use some form of handicap so that there is fairer competition. Horse Racing and Sailboat Racing both do so. Horse Racing - The horse has to carry around lead weights as well as the Jockey.... I think...have never raced a horse Sailboat Racing - If the sailboats are not of the same design, class ( Known as one design) some form of handicap system is used. The most common is one that takes many factors into account and then gives a slower boat more time to finish the race. The winning boat is not always the first sailboat to cross the finish line. These rules can be very long formulas and some are secret. WOWS - It would be only for Randumb battles. Why you idiots....get so excited about Randumb and Co-op battles is completely lost on me but..... OK For only Randumb battles use a formula that gives every ship a base. Even if you are FLAMU you get the base number....BUT if you are a poor player in that tier you get a higher number.... Maybe it is Ship XP or something.....Basically it makes the poor players ship harder to sink and planes harder to shoot down. What do you think? Absolutely dumber than a Delorean or brilliant like a Tesla?
  3. KnightWatch Academy We are a clan that welcomes new players to help them learn the ropes of the game and provide a community for those looking to improve their game-play. We promote good sportsmanship and learning within the clan in order to make the game more fun for ourselves and our opponents. We do use discord for in-game communication it is a free app for anyone. We do have a link to our Discord page at our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/navalknights/ and if you have any questions about the clan feel free to message me In-Game! We do try and provide multiple available resources to our members. Again if you have any questions either message me in our Facebook page, Discord page, or In-Game Happy Hunting! -Hawkeyerc (Clan Commander)
  4. Hi there! If you are a new player, allow me to welcome you to World of Warships and to point out some of what you will experience here. I will preface everything that follows by telling you that I am not a great player. I am perhaps slightly above average. But I have been around a while, have been active (albeit with few posts) on the forums, and have played a lot of games here. World of Warships recently having been added to Steam, I expect we will see an influx of new players. Maybe you are one of them. If you have been playing games online a while, you likely know that there are often issues with what can be loosely termed as "toxicity" among players, in the game and on the forums. Not everyone is rude or hyper-critical, but those that are can poison the experience with just a few lines of text. So, allow me to suggest that you do your best to ignore it when you see it, particularly if it is directed at you or your game play. In game there is a function for reporting players. Make use of that if you feel it is merited. But try not to engage in a shouting match with another player. It really never helps. The fact that you are here, reading this, suggests that you are one of the relative few interested in engaging in the community beyond simply playing the game. Please consider this forum an opportunity to learn about the complexities of the game. There is a lot of knowledge in the people that visit here regularly, and you can tap into that. But there are a few important suggestions I would like to make. Forgive me laying them out this way, but I believe these are important: 1. Claims that the game is broken or that a ship is terrible because you are not doing well will generally not be well received. Such posts, if I can generalize on behalf of this forum, are usually viewed with a jaundiced eye, the impression that because one person is having a hard time everything should change to better suit them difficult to be patient and understanding with. This comes from having seen such posts many, many, many times. As an alternative, a simple declaration of "I need help with X" because I do not understand it or am not doing well with it" will generally receive helpful hints and suggestions. Trolling is frowned upon. Posts designed to be incendiary or divisive will often result in your being labeled as a troll. This can make it difficult for you to receive constructive feedback on your non-troll posts. Avoid being a troll. 2. Understand that this is a game of surprising complexity that is covered in a veneer of arcade-game simplicity. Some players will never scratch beneath that veneer. Your being here suggests that you want to delve a little deeper into the game. You will find a lot of people here willing to help you do that. But please try to avoid falling prey to the temptation to write a "this game is bad because" post in the style mentioned in #1 (above) while you are learning about the game. 3. Youtube is your friend. Type "WoWS how to (insert your ship name here)" and you will likely find multiple different videos from various contributors, each with something you might find valuable. 4. Information is your ally. You can find a great deal of information at: The World of Warships Wiki. Take some time and get familiar with the ships you are playing. And learn about the ships you are playing against. Just got your butt handed to you by something you did not expect or see coming? Don't rage about it on the forums, learn about how it happened and how to prevent falling prey to it again. 5. Be Patient. This cannot be overstated. There is a lot to learn, appreciate, and enjoy in this game. Trying to learn and experience it all in a hurry is almost certain to be a frustrating and demoralizing experience. Take your time. Play lots of games in low-tier ships. Don't rush into higher-tier play until you really have a grasp on what your current tier has to teach you. There is no great reward for reaching Tier 10. Sure, the ships are better. But if you rush to get there you will not understand the fundamentals of playing at that tier, and you will be playing against players with many thousands of games under their belt and a deep understanding of how the game works to rely on. Learn all the fundamentals you can before you approach high-tier play. You are much more likely to enjoy this game long term with this approach. If you are a veteran of the game I hope you will understand what I am trying to do here and that I am asking for your help. This is especially true if you have a position of leadership (CC, Youtuber, Super-Unicum, Unicum, Clan Leader, Prolific Forum Poster, etc.) or any other relatively high-profile position or standing. Please consider that the culture in a hierarchy is generally top-down. Those in the spotlight are being watched, and likely emulated, by those that admire them or aspire to become like them. What tone and attitude toward our fellow players, new players in particular, are we demonstrating? Is it the one we want to demonstrate? For most of us the answer will be yes, wherever we fall on the spectrum between helpful and critical. But if you are considering this for the first time, remember that you can decide to present yourself however you want and that the way you present yourself can and will have an impact on others. Please know that I am not calling anyone out. I understand that there are many different personalities and that my view is not the "right" one, or any more important or valid than yours. I also understand that there are times when being blunt is quite appropriate. I am just trying to shine a light on something and sincerely hoping for your thoughts and input, our collectively finding a way to help new players that are interested in learning about the game and becoming a part of the community the goal. How might we offer those interested a way to get help, to learn about the game, and to access some of the accumulated wealth of information locked in your minds in a structured and easy to find way? How might we point new players toward resources and experienced players in order to maximize the chance that they will become a part of our community? For example, one idea I had (not sure it is a good idea, but it is an idea) was to provide an email address for new players to send game files to an experienced player asking for constructive criticism. Thoughts? I realize there are a great many efforts already in place along these lines. In no way am I minimizing their importance or effectiveness. This includes the recent request by WoWS NA here on these forums to create a new-player training regimen, among others. Thanks for reading. I know this is a longer-than normal forum post. Respects, Am
  5. Community FAQ

    So with the common onslaught of new players from the Steam release, the inevitable seal clubbing that many WoWs players cannot help themselves against, there is going to be a huge influx of threads that boil down to, "What the hell is *insert semi-common-to-oft-misunderstood-mechanic-or-meta-thing*" And while Wargaming does provide some tooltips, they more, lets say, 'realistic' aspects of the way this game functions, are not often mentioned. Such as: Q: "I can deal with most ships I come up against at T3-4, but I notice this one, called the Nikolia, seems to be a huge pain to deal with. What's up with that?" A: It's genuinely overpowered, to a degree that the Developer (Wargaming) ceased selling it shortly after release and will not offer it ever again as a direct sale, this being Wargaming's preferred method of acknowledging something is Overpowered. Followup A1: Konig Albert, Belfast, Gremy, and Kutz all follow the same setup and have been deemed genuinely overpowered. Followup A2: Although recently Wargaming has started allowing for this as a warning on a sales page, they *generally* won't nerf, even an admitted overpowered, Premium (pay for with real money) ship. Things like this aren't discussed by Wargaming itself and perhaps, just *maybe* we can head off a bunch of 'Wot is dis' threads by populating one thread with general Q/A's. So post em here, and please, try to keep it general, not preference related. So yeah, I hate the Moskva's design and features in game, but arguing over whether or not it's really a BB hiding in the CA category is a discussion for a different thread.
  6. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    Hello Captains! Welp, it's no real secret that World of Warships is coming to Steam. Soon, we might have an influx of a large number of players. So here's a common thread I see for our current tutorial mode for World of Warships: - The mode doesn't teach players well enough about the game - More advanced mechanics should be taught - "The noobs keep torping allies" - Etc Alright then, YOU HAVE MY EAR. Here is a contest, I want to hear your ideas in order to teach new players about World of Warships. What are your ideas? How can we do better? -Now, I'm not exactly asking anyone to make a bunch of tutorial videos, but if you want to, go for it. -Do you want something like a mentor system? Tell me more about it. -Do you have a grouping of videos you suggest? -Etc So I legitimately want your constructive ideas. At the end of the contest I will submit your ideas up and work with the necessary teams to get it implemented (it doesn't even have to be development related). Your idea won't go unrewarded either. If I pick your idea, you will get: - Enterprise (or doubloon value if you have it) - Scharnhorst (or doubloon value if you have it) - One "Brand New Ship" that isn't released yet, but will be by Contest end - Three Port Slots - 20 x Sci-Fi Camo - The "Coo of Boom" Flag THE RULES Constructive Ideas only. I will personally hide your non-constructive ideas. No insulting other peoples ideas in this thread. That's a bad. You're better than that. Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest ideas when you post it on the forum, as outlined in the “11. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service. By submitting your entry, you agree to the Wargaming Official Sweepstakes Rules. Any violations of the above rules will disqualify your entry. Also, bear in mind I will be the sole picker of your idea (with some team input). This is hyper-subjective, so please understand that though your idea might be great, it might not be what I'm looking for at the time. DEADLINE: Friday 12/01 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. I await to hear how the veteran community will help make the new community GIT GUD.
  7. Solo Player Clan

    Here is an opportunity to reap the new economic benefits of being in a clan without the rules or time requirements for belonging to a clan. NOOBS Space is limited by the structure WOWS has set up. Ideally this is for the solo players or small groups that play the game but can not commit to definite times. Can there be clan battle opportunities? That's entirely up to you and the others but realistically I would not count on it, but I am not opposed to it. Playing clan battles requires coordination, and plenty of time and practice which runs counter to why the clan was formed. Being able to receive 3% extra XP for Country Specific boat and another 3% XP for the type of boat can add up fast and move you quicker through the tiers, and when its time for you to go off and clan battle ADIOS! no hard feelings.
  8. Battle Tactics

    Fellow Players, Once a battle starts the first thing to do it determine where the enemy is, where he is strong and where he is weak. Noobs will rush head long into a situation regardless of the enemy and lose a lot of battle. They will also not adjust tactics to improve the chance of winning. Noobs continue to die and get the whole team killed. Finding the enemy strength and weakness gives us a better choice of how to deal with them. If they mass on one circle, go for the ones they are weak. Leave a few ships to harass them, this slows down their taking it. Other ships take another circle opposite where the enemy is strong. While this is happening others position to take the middle circle. This will improve our chances of winning. The enemy however has a choice and can make us change what we do. We must be flexible to know when to change to meet the enemy and beat him. This is a quality many noobs don't have. I hope this helps you and helps us win more battles. Gundriver24
  9. Another noob tactic

    Fellow players, When a battle starts, the smart thing to do is determine where the enemy is, where are they strong and where are they weak. Noobs just rush ahead unconcerned with the enemy. Often this gives us a 50/50 chance of a win. The better course is to see where they are, have some ship harass them, while others take the circles were they are weakest. This gives us a point advantage and if we gain another circle we gain a larger advantage. Once two bases are taken, we can mass on the enemy to finish them. If things go south, they will with a good enemy. Mass where we are strong to defend with fire focus on the lowest hp ships in order. We may gain the advantage or not. It all depends on whether we work together. Remember the enemy has a choice and can change what you are doing. Being flexible gives us a better chance. Gundriver24
  10. Why are the map circles?

    Fellow players, Map circles are there to show noobs where they need to be. Being in the circle makes it yours, earns you points and you earn more points for owning it. Once it is yours, you can leave it. If you do, watch it, the enemy will try and take it back. There is one map with three circles and they are all in the same place. Two circles are in the largest one. These again show noobs where they should be. You earn credit for being in it and deny the enemy from taking it. Having played this map, I see the noobs stay outside the circles and we lose every game that way. I even highlight the inner circle and the noobs will not adjust course to go there. Noobs need to learn, go where the circles are and your chances of winning are much improved. If some team members go in a circle the other members should support him. All action should be around the circles. I wonder if noobs will ever learn this. Good luck and Good hunting! Gundriver24
  11. Ugh, I just don't know what to say, I really don't. I've posted things like this before: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/92364-these-teams-hmm/page__fromsearch__1 But I've had a reoccurring question(it does take different forms, though). Is teamwork possible anytime in random battles, especially at low tier? Is teamwork possible on weekends, which is when I usually get to play? After all I have seen, the first is possible(at high-tier usually) and the second seems to not be possible due to far too few rational players / noobs. I mean, like 1 / 20 ratios. I mean, whenever I try to suggest a good strategy, they either don't reply or they go " **** off, NOOB!" This is so frustrating. Every now and then I take a Tier II into battle, or my Isokaze(soon-to-be nerfed, funny that) into battle and do something awesome, and I'll have a chat to remember. But these days, it seems like this type of thing almost never happens at high-tier. They are either: snobs Whiny noob idiots who are wallet warriors self-intitled brats or the occasional super hero like the cat men(you know who you are) But usually, everyone complains at high-tier, and is unwilling to follow a strategy. Has anyone else found this to be true or felt this way? If so, let me know in the comments and poll.
  12. Did a search and did not see too much about Mentors out there, at least not recently, and I wanted to see if there are some new players or players looking to improve that I could help. I consider myself a good player. Yes, there are others out there much better than I am, but also a hell of lot that are much worse, not to mention a lot of the better players are a good bit younger than me! (You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!) If you are interested, hit me up and we can see about doing a training room, etc. or jump onto TS: rogueswarriors.teamspeak.network
  13. Stop it. Watch videos and educate yourselves! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!
  14. Newbies should not ...

    I'm starting this thread as a guide in hope of giving guidance in a fun way to new players. Complete the sentence I'm a noob when I ....
  15. Dear Lemmings, it doesn't work to go to one capture point, and attempt to blockade it. Sure, you may have made it so you have ONE of THREE capture points. But what stops an enemy DD from capturing the other two? hmmm? And all you accomplish is having your team in on small space, expect torpedoes, many torpedoes. Even if you Lemmings do realize your mistake, you have already lost as the score is 600 to around 200. Please, secure TWO capture points NOT one or attempt to go for THREE. One Point: You lose. Two Point: Kill some people and you win. Three Point: You may win, but you at this point, are stretched to thin. Have a DD capture the third point and don't have 1/3 of the fleet at each point. I see this WAY to much.. the stupidity of some players these days... While you CAN successfully 'Lemming' it RARELY works out as the other team has to be worse then you. Which usually doesn't happen. Had to vent my frustration, had 3 games in a row of these stupid meatbags..
  16. Gameplay and community

    I'm not fully certain if this is the right place to do this thread, please feel free to move it where appropriate, moderators. Today, I faced a situation that I will NOT get into. I love this game. I may complain constantly about the RNG, teams that just straight up suck, shots that jsut appear to be utter bull, and a WHOLE list of other things. still, I LOVE this game. I am so glad to have found it, and loved being a part of the OBT. What I hate is some of the attitudes. I'm reminded of family. I can dog my family all I want, but no one else has that privilege. I am that way in real life, so I am not gonna change jsut because of the anonymity of an online game. Anyone who wants to imply, without solid proof, that people aren't on the up and up, I will stand behind leaders, whether my pastor, my parents, or the men and women (I am assuming there are women on staff) of the games I love like this one. We, as a community, make this game what it is. WG and their developers can do all the technical stuff..... set stats on ships, etc, but this is a SOCIAL game, and it is us, the players (yes, WG staff are just as much players in this regard as we are), that really make it what it is through the experience. People who try to diminish or harm that experience whether through questionable mods to give an advantage, or highly Taboo topics like revealing player positions in a battle, do not deserve our pity, but rather our outrage, as a community. Am I against profanity in comms? Not specifically, I have done it. Is it officially a violation? probably. That is the social element. It is when that turns into a blatant attack on another player that it is highly disfavored. Have I been 'opinionated' in comms about players? Yes, and not always the nicest ways. For that, I do apologize. My personal stance is this: I will harp on ACTIONS all day, but to make it personal, I seek to avoid. Examples: Man, you are playing (insert class of ship here) like an idiot. You should really spend time in co-op or get the training room mod and practice support. - This is borderline, but generally, IMHO, ok. It is focusing on the PLAYING and not the person themself. You are a complete moron and an idiot. You should delete this game you ........ etc - Notice how this is an attack on the person directly. Not their playing ability, but the PERSON. I am getting much better at avoiding this situation. No, I'm not perfect. I still screw up. And to everyone that I have been that way toward, if you are reading this, I apologize. We can all work together and make this an even BETTER game, not from the right code, or the proper ship selection, but by being a community, a family, a place to enjoy company and competition.
  17. This is getting annoying as hell. If I am the one getting most of the kills AND trying to coordinate with team members then I know somethings up since I normally don't do THIS good all the time in random for sure. All I see is my team going all over the place or once they are attacked they break and run like chickens with their head cut off (funny... but mildly bloody.) The point is... Make ranked battles allow divisions since that would give players a good challenge and keep afkers plus the newbies out more while still keeping a decent population on that game mode. Divs would make more people go on the ranked servers also. for an example my last 5 games were 3 losses 2 wins and in those losses they should be wins if people put more effort into them. One of those losses was a very VERY close call but would of won if a BB player shot his rounds before death by fire at 2k hp... not saying I hate noobs since some are good but when its more losses over wins cause of people not going for the win and or being derps, you know that if you get a bad team who don't help out your ------. Give us divisions in here PLZ q.q You need to be lucky to get a team who puts effort and talks lol. I put in much effort and got rewarded good games but all losses. q.q
  18. Since last patch MM has been rediculous as we kno, lots of new players on learning curve, but when you have to put up with all the negativeness and WR8 bashing that goes on, it really isnt fun anymore. Again just played 2 matches, First Amagi, T8, so I'm last ship left, We lose due to Island camper dolts,try to give advice to players at start, then the bashing begins...and I respond in like. ( I am not politically correct, you wanna get in my face well,ok ) Second, attached.... why bother? toodles
  19. You have created another wonderful scenario of trash talking, non competing vile playing field. Good concept, need to set battle scene quickly. Bad players cant grab concepts quickly tho. 2 matches. First , DD, team was playing like it was their first battle EVER.....lost. Second and this one really got me. I'm Nagato...team does ok, kills all except for 1 DD. I say GJ, say and move towards cap.Me,Cleveland and other BB left. Cleveland is closest, They have advantage on caps,and points but only one DD. No one is capping and red points are climbing. Me and other BB ask him to cap? Cleveland, says I'm not going in there, u go? wth? I'm halfway across map and other BB is out of position. I make it to Cap in time to watch Cleveland sink and match loss. Yea great way to solve the issues in Random, put them all in Ranked too, Jeez, we need a community based hitsquad to deal with these inept excuses for people. Oh and deal with the sunk idiot in chat going off on me, for all the worlds problems, except his, Yea....fun. Back to Random, not getting trashed in Ranked right of the bat due to stupidity and lack of common sense. No sense in that ;) Enjoy the mayhem...... toodles
  20. Just played 6 matches after getting off server early last night due to shall we say, abhorrent behavior of players. In two matches, had 1 player that was pink in each when asking why? They both said, blah, blah, blah...got everyone not to kill them right off bat....then proceeded to TK AGAIN.. Well, NOW I AM PINK. I will not stand for the stupidity brought to this game by the current round of players, so call me what ever you want, the system in place for tking DOES NOT WORK. Just like government, when the people don't get supported, they will take actions into their own hands. I dont call 911 either, wanna come by and try to rob me? Jeez what a pathetic group of another new generation that has no concept of reality beyond the EMF emitted by that screen they stare at continuously, benign to the crumbling world around them. Ignorance is bliss............... At times, I wish I could be so ignorant, Quaeritur Stultitiae And dont give the typical send a screenshot, politically correct answer, blah blah blah............. .IT DOESN'T FIX STUPIDITY
  21. I found out last night that since the USS Atlanta has been pulled from the tech tree and shop, many new players don't know what it's capabilities are. If you run into one, it can be a very painful experience. Here's a video I made yesterday about such a fight.