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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, hope this is in the right section, I just had a question as a new player regarding the random battle spawns. I've noticed that for whatever reason the majority of the time I play a PVP match I spawn in middle by myself, and always get picked apart by enemy CV's within 5 minutes of the game before catching up to my team. It's been pretty difficult to learn the game outside of PVE, as I always try to pick a side to support and have some friendlies to stick around as I'm not the best in combat, but it's been a rough ride when I'm left in the back trying to catch up without any AA support from my allies. I'm just wondering if there is something I'm doing wrong game-play wise, as it seems like the wrong thing to do would be to just push up the middle by myself and I'm not sure if it would be appropriate to ask my team to wait up for me haha. I've been watching game-play and mechanics guides on Youtube but none seem to address what I'm having issue with, so I figured I'd try my luck here to see if there are any suggestions for what I can do when placed in these spawns. Whenever I spawn near my team I tend to survive much longer and contribute a lot more to my team, and it's those types of games that I'd like to replicate no matter where I might be placed. Thanks in advance.
  2. NEWBIE NURTURING -- THE PENANCE As atonement for those World of Warships games when I've turned pink -- possibly marring someone else's revelry -- I've spent my "disciplinary penalty" playing Tier 1 cruisers and trying to increase beginning players' enjoyment of the game. How? Well, you have to assume that when a new player personally blows up an enemy ship (and the team eventually communally wins) that this increases his/her enjoyment of the game. (Also it assumes that when you "tab" and highlight player names, if it shows an "anchor and rope" symbol, then they're probably new). To that end, two things: first, while co-oping on Tier 1 you must NOT to kill anything. You can smack the enemy bots' health down very low, but no killing! That gives the new player a feeling of satisfaction (I hope) when he/she delivers the coup de grace on the enemy ship! Secondly, though you are not personally killing enemy ships, you get your team to win! Let's face it, it's more fun to win than it is to lose, so a person is more likely to continue playing the game if they're winning more than they're losing. So, this helps other players and maybe World of Warships while possibly giving you a bit of enjoyment too, and takes only a few minutes out of that day's gaming session -- IF you choose to do it. If WoWs is to continue to grow and stay healthy it needs new people to join the system, and giving newbies a positive initial experience might do just that. Have fun, good luck, and game on! (NOTE: Some might complain that by "artificially helping" Tier 1 players you are giving them a "false sense" of what the WoWs game/gameplay really is. To which I reply: Come on! It's just Tier 1! At least get them into Tier 2 games before crushing their hopes and aspirations! Ya scurvy curmudgeons, sheesh...) ****************************************** THE ZOOT NOTA CHALLENGE #3 To deal with the tedium you may encounter during a penance run or 2 (or 4, or more), I've come up with a contest for all, as noted below. The Zoot NotA Challenge #3 = you must damage (and not kill) ALL NINE enemy vessels. To finish Challenge#3 with honors requires the above AND: a.) your team must win the game; b.) all 9 enemy ships must have been destroyed by your teammates in the battle; c.) you personally must survive the battle; d.) you must not damage/teamkill(!) any allies -- even Bots! (not even by ramming; not even if they rammed you!); e.) your team CANNOT be composed of 8 Bots and you. It's a bit harder than it looks. What often foils the attempt is either a group of players kills a bot before you get a chance to damage it, or the game ends too soon (your team has completed the mission!) and you were unable to reach the final remaining bot(s) OR there remains an enemy ship alive when the mission ends. So try your hand at it and earn the Zoot NotA Challenge #3 Achievement with honors -- & get an imaginary pat on the back for a job well done! ) It's difficult to get a decent screenshot since all nine damaged ships don't appear on a single screen. If you are using some other recording program and can do it, well then by all means include a screenshot! Here's mine: This shows I made no kills and wounded no allied players: This shows that there were only 2 Bots on the team, and that all enemy ships were destroyed (sorry my screen cuts it off some): This is 1/2 the screen showing the first 5 damaged ships: And here is the other "half" showing the final four enemies damaged: Again, have fun, good luck, and game on! ********************************************************** (PS: The Zoot NotA Challenge #3 can be earned on any Tier, not just Tier 1! Have at it!)
  3. NippleSnipplez

    Tips for UK Cruiser Line

    Any tips/strategies for a beginner playing the UK Cruiser line? I'm currently at the Tier V Emerald and I honestly feel like I just get instadeleted when running into anyone on the enemy team, BB blow me up from far away before I can gap close, DD come out of nowhere and blow me up, my AA seems really inefficient against CV's but I honestly die before having trouble with them most of the time, I've only really had success against other British Cruisers. I never sail in a stright line when I am detected, I change up my speed and which direction I am going constantly but it seems to really only postpone death. I know I'm supposed to stick to my team's BB but it's pretty difficult when I start way ahead of them and am faster than all of them even when at half speed. I do not want to say that the Emerald just sucks because I know the fault lies in my gameplay somewhere but it really feels like it does.
  4. Greetings and salutations; I started playing 14 days ago and have been, by and large, enjoying myself. Well, I was enjoying myself until I unlocked the tier VIII American destroyer the Benson. The problem isn't so much the ship itself, it's a good ship. The problems are with both matchmaking and the near ubiquity of Hydroacoustic search (seriously? what's wrong with calling it 'Sonar'?) and Radar. These two consumables are rapidly killing my enjoyment of the game and have brought any progress in the American Destroyer line to a complete stop. How can I progress to tier IX or X when the matchmaking system constantly has me facing fully tricked out tier X teams that zero me down with radar/hydro and nail me before I can do anything? Giving away one tier either way isn't insurmountable, at least it wasn't in the earlier tiers. Giving away two tiers at the top of the tree isn't simply 'challenging', it's downright impossible for a new player first entering those upper tiers to even hold their own, let alone get ahead enough to be able to afford the XP or Credit costs to progress. I try and sit back and be cautious, only to end the match earning fewer credits than my ship maintenance costs because I didn't do much that was useful for my team. I try and make a play and get instantly nailed. I honestly feel as though I'm only there to get farmed by players who've been in the game for a few years and I am unable to do anything about it. It's super annoying to use the few signal flags that I can get my hands on, only to get blown out of the water within seconds of someone hitting the Hydro/Radar button. I'm starting to feel that my only option to actually enjoy myself again is to sell the Benson, go back to the Farragut or Mahan and stay at that tier. Is this the kind of game that you want? So, I have some suggestions: 1: Lower tier ships get a substantially higher XP/Credit payout if they damage/kill/spot higher tier ships. 2: Radar/Hydro both need much shorter duration and range, much longer cooldowns and far fewer 'charges'. A maximum of Two charges per ship with Superintendent. 3: Activating Radar/Hydro should make the ship using it visible to everyone on the map. This is not unreasonable and is a more accurate representation of what happens in real world navies when someone starts pinging away with active sonar or lights up a fire control radar: they get detected and pinpointed from a far greater range than they can get information. 4: Radar/Hydro should NOT see through islands. This is one of the biggest problems and is in no way an 'accurate' representation of how radar and sonar actually work. Having some cruiser sat behind an island where I can't touch them lighting me up for their entire team is frustrating in the extreme. If you want new players coming into this game, and spending their money, then some of these issues need to be addressed. I've heard of the coming Radar changes and frankly they just do not go far enough. This is a game, it's supposed to be 'fun'. Tier VIII is not fun for a new player with limited credits and limited stocks of signal flags. Tier VIII downright sucks [edited]. Before anyone asks, I'm not FtP either, I have a premium subscription along with purchasing some doubloons, so I'm not some kind of freeloader here to complain. Thank you for taking the time to read my drivel. Meph.
  5. YandereKermit

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    Hey everyone, I just started playing this game and I've fallen in love with the American cruisers. However, while the Phoenix and the Omaha have treated me well, I've been struggling with dealing effective damage as the Dallas. I really enjoy the dpm this ship can pump out, but the range of 14.3km is a bit too short against tier 8 ships. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, YandereKermit
  6. Would love some more experienced players to stop by say hello and provide some tips and there perspective on the game. Hope to see you in the stream. Everyone is welcome! https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie