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Found 5 results

  1. Korn_Bread

    Deplorable Potatoes

    Hello possible member! Thank you for showing interest in Deplorable Potatoes. We are a causalish that is about more than World of Warships. We are about "family", an online gaming family. We play all sorts of games together not just Warships, this is just the primary one. We don't look at stats other than amount of battles, and we do not require a tier 10...There are almost no requirements to join! What we do require is: 100 Battles minimum (Only stat requirement) Have a Microphone Be Social Be Respectful Be Active Having a microphone and being social is what makes clan play fun and enjoyable. What's the point of being in a clan and playing with people if you can't talk to each other? Being respectful is just a part of being a human being. To be in any clan you have to be active, however, life happens. Just let people know if you have to take a break or if something comes up. If you're interested join our discord and talk to us! 
  2. Greetings and salutations; I started playing 14 days ago and have been, by and large, enjoying myself. Well, I was enjoying myself until I unlocked the tier VIII American destroyer the Benson. The problem isn't so much the ship itself, it's a good ship. The problems are with both matchmaking and the near ubiquity of Hydroacoustic search (seriously? what's wrong with calling it 'Sonar'?) and Radar. These two consumables are rapidly killing my enjoyment of the game and have brought any progress in the American Destroyer line to a complete stop. How can I progress to tier IX or X when the matchmaking system constantly has me facing fully tricked out tier X teams that zero me down with radar/hydro and nail me before I can do anything? Giving away one tier either way isn't insurmountable, at least it wasn't in the earlier tiers. Giving away two tiers at the top of the tree isn't simply 'challenging', it's downright impossible for a new player first entering those upper tiers to even hold their own, let alone get ahead enough to be able to afford the XP or Credit costs to progress. I try and sit back and be cautious, only to end the match earning fewer credits than my ship maintenance costs because I didn't do much that was useful for my team. I try and make a play and get instantly nailed. I honestly feel as though I'm only there to get farmed by players who've been in the game for a few years and I am unable to do anything about it. It's super annoying to use the few signal flags that I can get my hands on, only to get blown out of the water within seconds of someone hitting the Hydro/Radar button. I'm starting to feel that my only option to actually enjoy myself again is to sell the Benson, go back to the Farragut or Mahan and stay at that tier. Is this the kind of game that you want? So, I have some suggestions: 1: Lower tier ships get a substantially higher XP/Credit payout if they damage/kill/spot higher tier ships. 2: Radar/Hydro both need much shorter duration and range, much longer cooldowns and far fewer 'charges'. A maximum of Two charges per ship with Superintendent. 3: Activating Radar/Hydro should make the ship using it visible to everyone on the map. This is not unreasonable and is a more accurate representation of what happens in real world navies when someone starts pinging away with active sonar or lights up a fire control radar: they get detected and pinpointed from a far greater range than they can get information. 4: Radar/Hydro should NOT see through islands. This is one of the biggest problems and is in no way an 'accurate' representation of how radar and sonar actually work. Having some cruiser sat behind an island where I can't touch them lighting me up for their entire team is frustrating in the extreme. If you want new players coming into this game, and spending their money, then some of these issues need to be addressed. I've heard of the coming Radar changes and frankly they just do not go far enough. This is a game, it's supposed to be 'fun'. Tier VIII is not fun for a new player with limited credits and limited stocks of signal flags. Tier VIII downright sucks [edited]. Before anyone asks, I'm not FtP either, I have a premium subscription along with purchasing some doubloons, so I'm not some kind of freeloader here to complain. Thank you for taking the time to read my drivel. Meph.
  3. YandereKermit

    Tips for the USS Dallas

    Hey everyone, I just started playing this game and I've fallen in love with the American cruisers. However, while the Phoenix and the Omaha have treated me well, I've been struggling with dealing effective damage as the Dallas. I really enjoy the dpm this ship can pump out, but the range of 14.3km is a bit too short against tier 8 ships. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, YandereKermit
  4. Would love some more experienced players to stop by say hello and provide some tips and there perspective on the game. Hope to see you in the stream. Everyone is welcome! https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  5. Welcome to KnightWatch Academy! We are a clan dedicated to helping newer players learn the ropes and providing a community to both veteran and new players to improve their captaining skills. We only have one requirement that is to be active at least once a week. If you are interested you can apply in game most of the core members are pretty active and are available to answer any questions! You don’t have to join the clan to become part of the community we do welcome players from other clans without any commitments other than to be mature and appropriate on our Discord Channel. To get onto our Discord Channel use this link: https://discord.gg/Hy9bZUA We also have a Facebook page for news about World of Warships as well as tips and tricks for the game at: https://www.facebook.com/navalknights