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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings Operations Commanders ! Problem: the RO's MM is making some players that are in a four to six player division play the same scenario over and over again. -- Three Cherry Blossoms In this example from last night: three Cherry Blossoms in a row - and, later that night, another duplicate in DNPS. I did contact @Ahskance and he wanted screen shots. Over the past several weeks, our clan and another have been divisioning in RO's. Most night with 5 or 6 players. We have experienced four (4) of the same Operation in a Row several times. This ^^^ example is three (3). Please, when you get the chance, report/post a screenshot your duplicate Operations and provide the number of players in the division. I am sure @Ahskance would appreciate the data to figure out why this anomaly is is occurring. Thanks and have a happy holiday season......!