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  1. WoWS 2 - Dreaming

    So imagine we could have WoWS 2 covering years from 1890 to 1921 WG would be able to reuse some of the ships models ! Best thing - no CVs but we get battle cruisers Ship types: Battleships Battle Cruisers Cruisers Destroyers and Subs would still be too slow? Countries: - we seem to have more choices here ! Obviously some countries may not have all lines... Austro-Hungary (Battleship Tegetthoff at tier 8 and "Ersatz Monarch" at Tier 10?) South America - 7 BB, so enough for own line Great Britain (Warspite at tier 10?) Germany (Koenig Albert at tier 6?) Russian empire (Imperator Nikolai at tier 10? ), trolling here USA Italy France Japan Spain ? Ottoman empire? Would they have enough ships? They did fight with Russians in the black sea