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Found 3 results

  1. Read the Tags before you comment in this thread please. I've played 3 games back2back in ranked with kronshtadt. In those three games I've lost permanently, both front turrets twice and the third game I lost only one frontal turret. I have main battery mod 1 and Znamensky captain with the 45% PM skill equipped. This turret loses happen by T9 BB guns (Musashi, JB, and MO to exact) on the first, or second salvoes. So the point of this thread is a question to the community... Has anyone else noticed this or am I having really bad RNG? PS. I do have screenshots and replays of the battles. I have not attached them due to brevity reasons. Double PS. This NOT A SKY IS FALLING thread.
  2. VVoony

    Forgotten Ship

    After 0.7.8 dropped, French cruisers received a new gim...eh hem, consumable and it rejuvenated the line. It really changed how theses cruisers are played and they are very fun to play now. However, one ship is being neglected and it seems like nobody, even WG, remembers this ship anymore. Even before the patch, this particular ship was very rare breed on the sea and now it's like the ship has been extinct and I hoped WG would do the same treat to the ship and would make it viable again. Nope.. Hopes are shattered and I just don't see why? The ship I am referring is the De Grasse. This is a French tier 6 cruiser. If La Gal gets the new consumable why not De Grasse? Please give some love to the De Grasse too..
  3. An hour ago I was in battle and the server has been shifted, since then each battle I play I don't see any battle results also I can't play the ship I played. In port I see "This ship is in battle. To start a new battle, select another ship" What is going on? Also few of my friend has the same problem. Any server maintenance going on?