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Found 1 result

  1. It's a question that has been bothering me since my last match when a certain thing happened and it just isn't leaving my mind. Why do you play the game? No deep meaning behind the question, it's nothing to be used against CV/DD, it's nothing to be used against WG's way of MM and balancing, it's just as it is, Why do you play the game? For me, It's because I enjoy fast multiplayer games, I enjoy that everytime I press play, I'll find a match (quickly) and said match will be over in the spam of 20 minutes. It's also because I like warships (Here in WoWs most of the mid~high tier ships), I came to WoWs from the old Navyfield and, even though both games are different, I've been able to enjoy WoWs. So, what is your reason for playing the game? Do you also enjoy the PvP? The ships? What keeps you going back to play WoWs?