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Found 1 result

  1. SeaGladius

    Just one of those games

    It seems that people love to create posts about battles where they are the #1 player on their team, get huge amounts of damage and XP, but still lose the game because of all their potato teammates. If you read the forum, it would seem like there’s a never ending stream of these, where MM just decided that you’re going to get screwed, no matter how good you are. This is not one of those... I played my 4th game in my Benson this morning (all losses up to this point). Started off the game by narrowly escaping detection by the enemy CV. I then found a red Amagi and Atlanta. Threw some torps at them, which were going to miss until the Atlanta turned broadside in front of them and ate two. Threw another rack toward the Atlanta, that he just barely managed to not dodge. At this point, I noticed that my team had already killed 5 red ships. I move up on the Amagi, who was being joined by a New Mexico. They’re crossing in front of me, and I remember Flamu mentioning “dual-purpose” torps, so I drop two more racks in their paths. The New Mexico blunders into 4 torps, dying immediately, and the Amagi eats 3, dying soon after. I ended up second on the team on XP, missing the top spot by just 30 XP points, through frankly, an amazing string of luck more than skill. And I’m man enough to admit it. This side of the random MM happens too. People just don’t talk about it. Anyway, I hope this story made you laugh a little - we need to do more of that around here - and Happy (early) Thanksgiving!