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Found 1 result

  1. Valkyrie417

    T8ER KINGS Is Recruiting!

    We are just starting off on this new venture and we are looking for people to fill the ranks!. I have been in quite a few successful clans, and had enjoyed my time there. I have decided to step out on my own with a few friends of mine that I have played WoWs with a lot. Most of us are formally apart of Team Special Forces Potato Kings. We participated in Supremacy League, and won 1st place two seasons in a row, once in bronze and the other in silver. We are very familiar and skilled in team play. We want to create a fun and exciting clan. Our main focus will be on clan wars just like everyone else lol. How are we different you might ask? One we are willing to take in new people that are looking for a chill, competitive atmosphere. We want people to win and have fun while they are winning. We are fostering a competitive environment with a focus on teamwork and having the time of your life sinking the enemy. Send me a pm or hop over to our discord! Discord: https://discord.gg/JuAzgYy