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Found 1 result

  1. FirstDayAdmiral

    WG gets ZERO credit

    I am actually shocked, to be honest. WG addressed that it wants to fix dead eye.. nothing. May I remind you a hundred other companies don't even respond to the player base or even continue to update a game after even a year? WG tries a new commander rework to provide fresh new material... rage. WG releases new ships to keep fresh new material coming out..... RAGE! WG TRYING TO MAKE MONEY!! (Gotta keep the lights on somehow sigh). WG comes out with Brawl shortly after the complaints that brawling is dead.... RAGE. I could go on. So much hate for a company that I can find several reasons why the hate is not warranted. I know they could do better in some areas. But what I've been reading and hearing from the crowd that complains, is a great deal exaggerated. How do you demand instant change in a game so large with a scheduling matrix? Could you imagine being the company and seeing all the bad from some of its player base? Why would you have any motivation? Just some thoughts.