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Found 1 result

  1. WOWs will help you if your clan commander is AWOL, incarcerated or dies, right? NOT! This affects every clan. WOWs current policy is hands off. Answer I got: “I regret to inform you that we can’t help you with this matter since do not interfere with the internal clan processes and management.” WOWS helping their core users again! Please ask your commander to open a ticket with WOWs because if something bad befalls them, all of your hard work in your clan is for nothing. Let me explain. If something happens to you as a commander, your clan is basically done. Knowing I was ill, I was smart and passed commander to an XO. I quickly got better but my temporary commander is AWOL. I ponied up for the clan and am on record as creating it. I covered my illness just in case. My clan is still screwed. The problem is there is no mechanism in place for the users to do anything to resolve this themselves. I was told the clan can run perfectly fine with XO’s, they have enough privileges. The problem is, do you want to work to build a clan that has no defined leader. Oh, I am really commander, the guy with title is just, well, we don’t know. Would you join and invest your time?