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Found 1 result

  1. World of Warships Ship Opinions: Fuso Get Dunked on Sniper battleships aren’t a new thing. The Japanese have been doing it since day one of World of Warships, and it’s no different today, either. And one of the original representatives of the class, Fuso, still performs admirably in given circumstances. It has a massive HP pool, monstrous broadside, insane range, and, unfortunately, a detection range to match as well. Regardless, this Japanese superdreadnought is still one of the original butt-kicking machines that ruled the seas, and of course, we need to know whether or not it still performs as it did all those years ago. Armor: Glass Cannon Pros: Monster HP pool, excellent distributed armor scheme, powerful torpedo bulge Cons: Distributed armor equals terrible citadel protection, massive target It’s kind of hard to take down Fuso, but at the same time, it’s incredibly easy to take it down as well. Fuso has a distributed armor scheme that better protects the entire ship, with a 35mm deck, 110mm forward plating, some of the most heavily armored turrets at Tier 6, and an excellent torpedo bulge that reduces damage by 34 percent. That being said, her primary armor belt is hardly an improvement over the Tier 5 Kongo, with a huge and exposed citadel and just 12 inches of armor to protect it’s otherwise monster HP pool of 57,100 hit points, which is just behind Arizona and Mutsu. Overall, Fuso is quite a challenge to take down when properly positioned, but she falls apart quite easily when out of position, and quite a bit faster than the other Tier 6 battleships. Then again, it’s not like it’s hard to position her… Rating: Good Armament: Sniper at it’s best Pros: Powerful broadside, excellent accuracy, fast reload, MONSTER firing range, interesting gun layout Cons: Pitiful shell velocity at longer ranges, interesting gun layout is also very inconvenient, pathetic secondary battery against PEF or Bayern There’s no question as to who is the best long range BB at Tier 6. Fuso’s 12 356mm/45 41st Year Type rifles lance out to 21.8km, which puts her in the company of some Tier 10 battleships in terms of striking range, and she’s capable of putting 12 shells into the air every 28 seconds as well, which makes her a ferocious long range bombardment platform, and let’s not forget the excellent IJN BB dispersion curve, lest we look like total idiots. However, her shell arcs begin to look like USN 127mm guns at longer ranges, which makes leading targets a chore at said ranges. Also, Fuso’s gun arcs are very inconvenient, having to show full broadside to get all 12 guns on target, due to the fact that, unlike all the other 12 gun BBs at Tier 6, which have triple turrets ( Normandie has quadruple turrets, being the only exception ), Fuso uses the same dual turrets from Kongo. Her secondaries are also terrible, compared to the P.E.F or Bayern, the current kings of secondaries at Tier 6. Overall, Fuso’s armaments show preference towards a sniper playstyle, and doing otherwise usually means trouble. Also, you’ll want to keep at that range, lest you become carrier food. Rating: Good AA: Haha, very funny Pros: It has AA, at least Cons: Everything else I want to move on from this, but I still have to do it, so whatever. Fuso does have AA, but it’s terrible. Like most Japanese Battleships, she has no mid-range AA to speak of, which makes torpedo drops surprisingly easy to execute on a Fuso. Her short range is out in open mounts and is extremely easy to strip away, and her long range does no favors either, falling far behind even the New Mexico in long range AA power. There, all done. That was easy, moving on. Rating: Horrendous Maneuverability: Japanese Brick Pros: Relatively tight turning radius, acceptable speed, decent rudder shift. Cons: Can’t out-turn Bayern and New Mexico, still slow. Fuso certainly isn’t going to win any awards. The fastest Battleship at this tier is the Dunkerque, at 29.5 knots. The tightest turning battleship is Bayern, at 630 meters, and the New Mexico has the fastest rudder at 11.9 seconds. This puts the Fuso in a rather awkward situation where it’s kind of good, but kind of bad, with her 24.5 knots of speed, 740 meter radius, and a rudder shift time of 14.9 seconds. Of course, given it’s role it doesn’t have to turn very often, but it’s still a chore to get this massive warship up and about when she needs to do her own share of torpedobeats to stay afloat. While it could be worse, it’s still quite bad. As it stands, it only merits a “Poor”. If Fuso was a knot faster or had 30 meters shaved off of her turning radius, it would certainly be enough to rate her as “Acceptable” in this category. Otherwise, no. Rating: Poor Stealth: Shoulda removed that Pagoda Pros: Ominous presence when top tier, small aerial detection radius Cons: Largest surface detection radius in the game Short of ducking behind a really tall island, Fuso cannot hide whatsoever. Her base detection radius is 18.9 kilometers, and because she’s Tier 6, she does not have access to the 5th upgrade slot, which means that she can only minimize her surface detection radius to a still massive 16.5 kilometers. This is the same as or very close to the stock detection radius of some Tier 7 and 8 battleships, such as Bismarck and Amagi, which is, to say the least, absolutely embarrasing. The one thing she has going for her here is the fact that her aerial detection radius is quite small, at around 9 kilometers. Then again, it hardly matters whether or not she’s spotted from the air by carrier aircraft, because she’s constantly spotted from the surface. I’m tempted to write this off as Wargaming just forgetting to fix something from the Concealment rework, but given that WeeGee has done nothing to fix it over the time span from then until now, and they have not stated that they will do anything, it seems like it will be the fault of Japanese designers for sticking Nelson’s column and a pagoda onto what is otherwise a fantastic warship. Rating: Horrendous The Verdict Armor: 4 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 1 / 5 Maneuverability: 2 / 5 Stealth: 1 /5 Overall score: 12 / 25 ( Mehbote ) General Writer Review: Why did you have to stick that damn Pagoda on her? Fuso honestly didn’t deserve this. She has so much potential, but it’s held back by the fact that she’s a huge warship and cannot hide. As of now, she’s just a Mehbote, and at the very bottom of the scale, too. If she had better stealth or better agility, she’d still be a mehbote, but a better mehbote. As of now, no. Welp, that’s all I got for now. The Bourgogne review will come tonight at around 6:00 or so, and I will finally ( FINALLY ) get down to doing another comparison test, and it will be Budyonny and La Galissoniere. Peace!