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Found 14 results

  1. What is the best strategy to defeat a Farragut (or other Tier VI gunboat dd) with the Nicholas? I have both, so I've picked on my fair share of Nick captains in the past. I've been seeing more Tier VI gunboats in games with my Nicholas lately and I haven't found a good way to confront them. I've tried ambushing from behind islands (too smart to fall for it), gunning from smoke (they torp spam my smoke and push me out of it). My last game, there was a Farragut, and when she capped, I would reverse the cap when she left. We eventually won the game, but that darned Farragut basically pushed us around the map and was still alive at the end of the game. Is that the answer, avoid a cap fight if a higher tiered dd gunboat is in it? Sometimes in a game, you have to wrestle a cap or two back from the red team or you lose on points. On another thought, what combat flags do you guys use on your Tier V-VII USN dds? Is Sierra Mike useful (they are already fast)? How about Juliet Whiskey, Victor Lima, and/or India Xray?
  2. Is there a good reason for me to hold on to my Tier V USN and IJN dds if I have their Tier VI replacements? I still have the Isokaze (IJN) and Clemson (USN) Tier IV dds and enjoy their play immensely. I am very much enjoying learning the Tier VI Fabuki's (IJN) torp play and the amazing ROF of the Farragut's guns (USN). Holding my own against the bots in Co-Op play and even when I get zapped in Random, it's my decisions and not my hardware that is tripping me up. That leaves two "orphan" Tier V ships, the Minikaze (IJN) and the NIcholas (USN). Is their any reason for me to keep them? In all honesty, I'm not a fan of either ship. My win rate in the Minikaze is 37% with 9,800 average damage and although my WR numbers are better with the NIck, my damage points are not good. I will keep them and play them more if they help me play their Tier VI upgrades better. If they won't, then it's time to cut the deadwood lose. Been reading other forum posts, Ytube videos, etc. Doesn't seem to be a lot of love for Tier V WOWs dds. Given my experience so far, I am hesitant with moving up with my other dd lines. Both my V-170 (German) and SHenyang (pan Asian) dd have close to a 60% WR with around 15,000 average damage. Don't want to waste my time if the T-22 (German) and Jianwei (pan Asian) are as much of a disappointment as the other Tier V dds.
  3. Got my MOJO back in the Clemson (thanks all for the help) and tonight I have my very first 15 point Captain of the game (whoop, whoop!). She's a beast, but I'm thinking that those points would be better served in a higher tiered ship. Here's what I have right now: Ship Captain's Points Comments Clemson 15 A beast of a ship now. My go-to when I need a good game Nicholas 11 My least favorite of my USN dds. I probably haven't given here enough of a shot (I did grind to an 11 pt, but used Free Experience to get there) Farragut 6 Newish to this ship. I am enjoying playing her but I do feel overmatched in Random play Here's my questions: 1)should I put my 15 pt captain in the Farragut? If I do, what mix of captain's skills makes sense now that AA is more of an issue?, 2) If I want to keep my 15 pt captain in the Clemson, how about switching the Nicks captain with the Farragut's? Same question as before but with an 11 pt captain, 3) In general, do you guys tend to have your highest point captains in your highest tiered ships? My highest tiered IJN captain is in my highest tiered ship (Fabuki) and I'm enjoying her a bunch. I'm having a little trouble giving up my Clemson captain now that I feel comfortable.
  4. After a few terrible games... a 7-kill Confederate and Kraken in Nicholas. Not flawless execution by any means, but it was good to make a comeback. Carry hard, right? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm taking a break. Atlas gave me a call... I need to have my people call his people. The replay is here: https://replayswows.com/replay/15639#stats
  5. Spent the afternoon watching videos on USN and IJN dds. I was lucky enough that BoraHarzaGobuchul invited me to division with him for a couple of games. For those of us with less experience (1500 battles), it is a real solid when someone with 15,000+ battles takes the time to teach. We really appreciate it. We divisioned up with 2 Nicholas dds. He did most of the damage, I was the wingman. I have a tactics question when in a dd wolfpack and the use of smoke. In one of the videos from iChase or one of the other WOWs gurus, they talked about defensive and offensive smoke. I understand defensive smoke (hide when spotted). I'm not getting the concept of offensive smoke. How does that work in practice? Also, what is the best strategy to use when working with another dd? Should one dd work ahead of the other and pop smoke so the other can come up undetected? Any gameplay examples would be much appreciated. I want to work on getting better so that you dd experts invite me to division more often and don't consider me a liability.
  6. The United States Navy Tree, alongside the Imperial Japanese Navy Tree, are the two 'complete' tech trees - each have a full line of Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships and Carriers. The USN tech tree also has the least 'paper' ships - only Phoenix, Montana and Nicholas are never-were designs. The third ship mentioned here, Nicholas, is the subject of this post. Nicholas is the bridge of the interesting gap between the Clemson and the Farragut classes. Historically, The USN had a 12-year gap in destroyer production; the last first-rate Destroyer, USS Decatur (DD-341), of the Clemson class was commissioned in 1922; a new first-rate destroyer would not be commissioned until USS Farragut (DD-348) herself in 1934. Naval designers did not sit by idly throughout this gap; however. At the time of Clemson's designs, US naval designers were looking into designs for a destroyer leader; the concept came from foreign naval designs such as the Italian 'scout cruisers' (Esploratori) of the Mirabello class; these ships were larger than conventional 1000-tonne destroyers, intended to be the flagship of destroyer flotillas. Whilst many European navies alongside the Japanese navy built upon this idea of a destroyer leader, the Royal Navy and United States navy were largely content with their conventional destroyer fleets. This did not, however, stop designers from doing drafts of a larger 'destroyer leader', to serve as the flagship for the many Clemson and Wickes classes that made up the bulk of the American destroyer force. The idea was for a roughly 2,000 tonne destroyer leader, armed with larger 5" guns, a similar torpedo armament to previous destroyer classes, and the speed necessary to keep up with them. Various ideas for a large destroyer or destroyer leader were drawn up, including the following; Seem familiar? That's because it's Nicholas herself! Filed under the name "Destroyer Leader 1919", this design put forth the idea of a destroyer that displaces 2,200 tonnes, with an armament of five larger 5"/51 main guns, the same 4x3 21" torpedo armament of preceding destroyer classes, alongside an AA armament of two 3" high-angle guns, and a 55,000 SHP engine to propel the ship at 37 knots. All of this information is represented in-game as this: The Nicholas' A hull, with a main gun armament of 5 5"/51 guns, 12 21" torpedo tubes in a 4x3 arrangement, two HA 3" AA guns, a top speed of 37 knots and an engine capable of outputting 55,000 SHP. Nicholas here is the prefect re-creation of the 2,200 tonne Leader 1919. In terms of appearance, Nicholas appears to be the perfect midway point between the Clemson and Farragut classes. Firstly, the Nicholas is not a flush-decker, she has a raised forecastle similar to that of the Farragut. Whilst flush-deck destroyers provided good strength in construction for their size, the ship's decks were very wet, especially the stern. A raised forecastle would become the standard design for US destroyers, as it was in many destroyers around the world. Nicholas was also up-armed from the preceding destroyer classes; she was armed with 5 5" guns, a larger armament than all but 5 of the Clemson and Wickes class. Whilst her gun layout, gun size and hull shape is similar to the succeeding Farragut, it is her torpedo armament that likens her to her forebears. Nicholas has a heavy torpedo armament of 12 21" torpedo tubes in a 4x3 arrangement, with a similar layout to what the Clemson and Wickes come armed with. Whilst Nicholas' B hull is an accurate but fictional upgrade, the A hull, and Nicholas as a whole, is undoubtedly the 2,200 tonne Leader 1919. Nicholas in game is likely named after Samuel Nicholas, the first commissioned officer of the US Continental Marines (the predecessor of the United States Marine Corps), and is considered to be the first Commandant of the Marine Corps.Historically, three ships, USS Nicholas (DD-311) of the Clemson class, USS Nicholas (DD-449) of the Fletcher class and USS Nicholas (FFG-47) of the Oliver Hazard Perry class frigate bare his name in honour.
  7. Help choosing Captain skills

    Commonly a CA and BB Captain, I decided to try out playing DDs through the USN line. First few ships were....painful. Clemson was one of the most fun ships I've ever used, and now at Nicholas....back to the pain. It's decent enough now that I'm getting the hang of it however. Real purpose of the thread though, is choosing my future captain skills. I used just normal captains prior, but when I bought the Nich I got the 3 point captain and went for BFT, Situation Awareness, and Torpedo Reload for the first three skills. Frankly however, I have no idea what to use for T3, T4, and T5 skills after that. This captain is now going to be used all the way to T10, so I have to pick wisely now ( I figure BFT was a safe bet since USN DDs are gunboats). Any other tips? At the most, right now all I have is popping smoke while in cap and firing at whatever comes near enough, and hiding around islands waiting for ships to come within 5.5km. Occasionally when situation dictates I'll charge BBs, but that's only if no CA are around to pester me.
  8. Playing the Nicholas.
  9. Gunboat DD Guide

    Full guide here. Izyaslav, Nicholas, Gnevny, Sims, Udaloi and Benson showing you how to use offensive smoke. ;)Get as close as possible to the enemy, pop smoke, open fire!(you targets need to be spotted by nearby allied ships or planes, else you won't see anything from smoke)Move your DD back- and forwards inside the smoke screen.Careful when enemy cruisers with Hydroacoustic Search or Radar are near, they can spot you inside the smoke screen IF they are in range.Smoke screens are also a "torpedo magnet", many enemy DDs and CVs will drop torpedos into your smoke to force you out into the open or to score a lucky hit.This video was recorded from 6 different replays, I choose the "3rd person" + "free cam" to show you the action. ;)
  10. Nicholas OP? Or just seal-clubbing?

    I've never been much of a destroyer player, but I recently decided to change up my usual cruiser/battleship monotony. In comes the Nicholas. Oh. My. (Insert expletive here)! What have I been missing my whole life? In just 8 games: 63% win rate 8:1 KDR 58K avg damage 1500 avg XP (without Premium) 3 Krakens in 8 games? Almost had two more... This ship is just insane! Even in tier 7 matches it can hold its own. Put it in a tier 3 match and it's not even fair. This ship is the world's best kept secret apparently.
  11. Kenliero USN Destroyer Guides, Stats, Comparison and Gameplay Tier 2: Tier 3: Tier 4: Tier 5: NICHOLAS Tier 6: FARRAGUT Tier 7: MAHAN (if you want blood...) Tier 8: Tier 9: Tier 10:
  12. A good Nicholas game for me...

    I felt proud on this game, got 4 kills and a nice XP bonus (x2), and wanted to know if it was a good one or not.
  13. Because I'm considering it. I'm about 3k XP away from unlocking the Mahan, and from reading everything about it, looking at the ship, I'm considering researching it, selling the Farragut, and using the Nicholas to earn the 115k XP needed for the Benson, and using Doubloons to Free XP my way past that ship. Its regarded by most as the worst and most underpowered in an already underpowered line of ships. Don't get me wrong, I love USN DD's, hence why I'm still going up the tiers, but I don't know if I have it in me to go 115k in what is basically a worse version of the Farragut. Anybody like to weigh in? Whether you have the Mahan already, or are getting there in the future. Edit: The $30 comes from the gold exchange rate. You need 4600 Doubloons to purchase 115k Free XP. The closest gold package in the premium shop is 6500 for $29.74.
  14. Hey guys, here's my video about the NICHOLAS let me know what you think. Thanks.