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Found 1 result

  1. What advice and suggestions from personal experience would you give on German cruisers to someone who is new and interested in them? Bit long but for context: After rage quitting the North Carolina and the american BB line in general(Colorado was allright but slow, and down the kansas line is colorado+ so no thanks, even if it's tanky. North carolina was unplayable cause sniping from the back isn't my thing and it's guns felt weird not to mention the american BB shell dispersion and the ricochet's that came along with it) and wanting to diversify the ships i play(American cruiser line, currently playing the Baltimore in a what you could call a stealth build(can expand upon if necessary)) , and(burn me at the stake idc) Grinding the american CV line(Currently at the Ranger and might go down either Japanese or German line for AP stuff), i thought german cruisers which are supposedly decently tanky, appear to have good(decent) guns and have torpedoes to boot for close range BB slaying would be a good way to diversify the game a bit. I play cruisers in a support role(DD killing first, chipping away at BB's with HE, island hopping(Don't know the community term for maneuvering and planning along using islands to deliver punishment) and being more on the cautious side) and was looking for advice in regards for them(German cruisers), currently just starting on the Konigsberg and don't have a high level German commander so could shuffle points around(Currently have the turret traverse, Superintendent and Priority target, plan to get incomming fire alert next) Oh and obligatory first forum post(Pls warmly welcome yada yada) And i apologize if post a bit messy, first one as mentioned