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Found 6 results

  1. I was looking at my stats and got really confused. Here's a comparison between my Normandie and Kongou results: Frankly, I'm terrible in the Normandie. (I'm terrible with Kongou too, but not as bad as when I'm playing Normandie.) But when I look at the stats, I consistently play better with Normandie than with Kongou on just about every metric - damage, experience, frags, survival - except win rate. What's even more confusing is that my Normandie has been fully upgraded for all 35 of her games - my Kongou only finally got 2/3 upgrades by game 23. While I try to play to each ship's strengths and weaknesses, overall I play both ships similarly. So I think it's a problem with how I'm approaching both ships. And even though I haven't played many games in either ship, I'd like to start figuring out why my performance has this pattern. I know there's a lot of things I can do to improve, but I'm not sure where to focus first. Is it most likely my micro game, like angling and aim? Should I rethink what roles I can play on my team with the Normandie? Is there a shift in the meta between T5 and T6 I'm ignoring? I've heard that Fusou plays similar to Normandie, so I'd really like to figure out what I'm doing wrong before I get to her. I'd appreciate any advice!
  2. The title pretty much says it all. It feels nimble enough to allow me to dodge torps if I'm paying the least bit of attention to my surroundings. The guns seem erratic past 15k but seem to hit pretty regularly within 10k. Armor seems vaguely reliable. I've had a few decent games in it even if I'm in T7 matches. This is, however, my only T6 let alone my only T6 BB. Am I just not aware of how bad it is compared to other ships?
  3. Both seems to be pretty close to each other. In the game, on some ships, both can be equipped with torpedoes (USN and IJN). Does it have to do with the role, weight, speed/acceleration, etc?
  4. Ok, so I'm one month in, currently on a Leander cruiser (V). Spent a lot of battles getting sunk, then observing the rest of the play. Hoping to upgrade to a Fiji soon. So I'm noticing (please comment because I need your input): 1. Never go up the middle if you are a DD or Cruiser. Danger from three sides usually awaits there. Moving around the left or the right flank usually ends up better. 2. I never can tell if my Spotter plane helps spot enemy forces. And why does it fly around my ship for :30 before getting out front? 3. Some groups never chat, not one word or Wilco during the entire battle. 4. I get the impression that most people, when they get sunk exit the game and switch to a new ship to get back into a battle soonest? I tend to stay around and watch the action. 5. They need a "just wipe out the enemy carrier" button when it's the last vessel. Would save everyone a lot of time! Thanks for reading!
  5. I bought my Kongo gold camo but for some reason it is missing. Are gold camo permanent or only per battle? I also play World of Tanks but gold camo there is permanent. But not sure at World of Warships since I am missing the gold camo on my Kongo. Thank you.
  6. I already checked some of the videos on game plays and reviews. I mainly play IJN. Maybe I am asking is a newbie friendly destroyers while I grind for the IJN battleships. And I need some credit income since I don't have a premium account. I shelved playing aircraft carriers for now because I almost always ran out of planes playing Zuiho. I added Indianapolis, although a cruiser, since the 10 point captain bundle is tempting. EDIT: The pricing are around the same for those 3 except the Indianapolis at $55.96 for the 10 point captain bundle.