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Found 9 results

  1. I'm new to the game and I've been playing IJN CAs exclusively. I own Yubari and all the tech tree IJN CAs from 1 - 7. My eventual goal is Zao, but I'm in no rush. I also bought Atago in a moment of weakness after I got a 30% coupon from WG. But after getting spanked in it a few times I see that I'm not ready for tier 8 yet. I'm not sure if I should be camping out in my Yubari to train up my commanders, or perhaps Furutaka for mid-tier play that still nets good credits? Or is Myoko a good place to sit and learn, as long as I'm looking at grinding 110k XP on it? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Over the last few days, I've discussed three different types of surface ships--cruisers, destroyers, battleships. Now, let's look at the final, and most powerful of these: The aircraft carrier. Aircraft carriers made battleships obsolete and changed naval warfare; if you are driving a flattop, you can even change a game you're in. Your strike planes can deal more damage than a salvo from a BB's main guns--if you know what you're doing. In the game, there are only two nations with full carrier lines: The United States and Imperial Japan. Let's look at their attributes: USN: Fewer but larger squadrons meaning dealing more damage per strike, better dive bombers that have the option of equipping AP bombs to deal more damage to battleships, some of the best fighters in the game. IJN: Squadrons are smaller but there are more of them, meaning you can spread your power out over the map. Torpedo bombers are some of the best in the game. Loadouts offer more flexibility. Honorable mention: Graf Zeppelin. Comes either with all dive bombers or all torpedo bombers (and some fighters) and has super mean secondaries. I don't know much about it; if someone knows more about it, please explain. Now, time for the ins and outs of the class: Pros: You have the most powerful ship in the game, being able to strike anything anywhere on the map, anytime in the game. Being in top-down view gives you the best view in the battle. If played properly, you can inflict untold amounts of damage in a single battle. In fact, the world damage record was set in a Midway. Cons: Your aircraft are vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire and fighter from enemy ships. That, and you have a limited number of them; make every strike count. You are a vulnerable target subject to attack from other aircraft and from ships, so stay with the pack if you can (unless you're in a Graf Zeppelin, Midway, or Kaga, which have beast secondaries.) In addition, early tier carriers have poor maneuverability and speed characteristics, so plan ahead where you're going to go. If you have no more aircraft, you are a sitting duck. Now, gameplay tips. This is a unique one, as you control not so much the ship, but it's aircraft. However, here are a few things you need to know: Target ships that are alone, low on health, or under fire from your friends. Learn the ships that have good AA, and learn to avoid them early in the game. Set a course with the autopilot before the battle starts by pressing "M" and click in your waypoints. Don't hesitate to change it or use your WASD hacks if need be. Also, stay with the pack whenever possible. If there is another aircraft carrier on your team, try to coordinate actions if possible. And if you are out of aircraft, you are not out of options. Charge forward and hope your secondaries earn their pay. Speaking of secondaries, do not underestimate them. You might not have much, but they're still effective. My first ever kill in an aircraft carrier was a DD with my secondaries. Use co-op a lot to get the hang of manual bomb and torpedo drops, and learn how to strafe. It'll be a long process, but, as Leigh Anne Tuohy said in "The Blind Side," "You can thank me later." Priority targets: Battleships, other aircraft carriers, destroyers, anything that has poor AA. Well, that's it for my new player's guides. If you have anything gameplay-related that I should do something on, please shout it out in the comments below. As always, thank you, and good luck, captains!
  3. New Player's Guide to Battleships

    Yesterday, we covered the light, fast scouts of the fleet--destroyers. Now, we look at the kingpin of the fleet: The battleships. Battleships are heavily armored and armed. They are meant to be at the front of the line, taking (and dealing)damage and leading the charge for their team, or staying at a distance to take shots, depending on the nation and tier of the ship. Their repair party consumable helps them take damage and stay alive, while most mid-tier-on-up BBs have a catapult floatplane; either a scout to extend their main gun's reach, or a fighter, to f**k up potential air attacks. Again, each nation has it's own unique attributes: IJN: Fast, with decent (if thin) armor; very excellent long-range guns, as well as having the biggest guns at each tier. That helps a lot, regardless of their situation in the game (especially with the T10 BB in this branch.) USN: Nothing really special here; they're well-armored with good guns but slow speed until T7; after T8 they keep their good guns and have a higher top speed (T9 is the fastest BB in the game) but have thinner side armor. AA firepower is best in the game throughout. KM: True brawlers throughout the branch. Their turtleback armor protection and secondary guns are excellent, bar none. Main guns are the smallest at the tier most of the way, but are not half bad. Some mid-higher tier ships even carry torpedoes. RN: This is an interesting one here. T3-6 have amazing armor protection and HE, making them great for brawling. T7 on up have less armor but better concealment, making good for quick attacks. That said, here are the pros and cons of the ship type. Pros: Best armor protection in game Biggest guns in game Secondaries can help deal more damage and set fires (depending on caliber) Repair party consumable increases survivability Cons: Their size means they have the handling characteristics of a brick Their size also gives them less concealment, making them some of the first ships to be spotted in a game, and with that the easiest and most-prioritized targets. For early tier American BBs, slow speed means having to think through where you want to go on a map. Next, gameplay. You want to either lead the charge or stay at the back, depending on nation and tier. Sometimes, it's best to take potshots at targets early in the game, then push in when the time is right. Even if you're driving a faster battleship, your speed might not get you out of sticky situations. Remember to watch out for your allies, and especially for allied aircraft carriers. Priority targets: Cruisers, and other battleships. If DDs are getting close, then use HE (or just fire whatever's loaded) and trust that your DSGs (drunk secondary gunners) will earn their pay. Target aircraft carriers last of all. Speaking of aircraft carriers, the ship that made the kind of ship I just talked about obsolete, they are going to be the subject of tomorrow's newbie's guide. See you then, and good luck, captains!
  4. So, yesterday, I did my 1st true tier 6 battle, using a tier 6 ships. (I played a few with a tier 6 CV, but those are a different thing altogether.) Yes, get it out of your system now, im a newb, a green a rookie...I know :) Using my stock Aoba, I did manage to win the battle, get a kill and land in middle of the pack in XP. So far, so good. However, something surprised me: People were a lot smarter in this specific battle. Faster ships waited for slower ship behind islands, then got out as a group to lay some crazy firepower as a group while cruisers layed smoke to protect and hide the big guns. After my group wiped the other group facing us, the injured starting moving toward the cap(and thus, winning that battle) while the rest moved to support the rest of the team. I rarely, if ever saw that level of teamwork in the previous tiers, is that a more common occurence at high tier, or if I was just lucky to land a good team? Also..can Wargaming bring the Regia MArina any time soon? :)
  5. Are you a newb? Just a potato? No sure what to do? Well, allow a fellow newbie (that's me!) to give you some perspective on New Player friendly boats and play styles. I was inspired by the "What's your favorite ship at tier?" post...so, here goes. First, a review of the classes: Battleships: less frantic/spastic manipulation of mouse and keyboard...but, you'd better be doing a LOT of thinking to make up for it. Cruisers: Lots of thinking required, and constant inputs to stay on the razor's edge of "useful, not dead." Destroyers: High speed, easy to get into trouble with bad decisions, tremendously influential when played well - David to everyone's Goliath What's it all mean, Basil? Well, lets ignore Tier 1 and just pretend it doesn't exist, first off. Moving on... Tier 2 - this is a great opportunity to start learning map awareness, position and practice your gunnery. All the cruisers at this tier have the potential to be winners when played well. My preference is for the Dresden. She is, in my hands, the most comfortable of them. The Novik is a good second choice to me. For DDs...it's either Umikaze or Storozhevoi depending on your style. The close range, banzi style engagements common at this tier (along with folks still trying to learn gunnery), make the short range torps on the Russian DD viable. Tier 2 Pick: Dresden Tier 3 - St. Louis is fairly easy to step into and just start dealing damage to everything. Bogatyr is a different path that might even be better if you are particularly skilled. For DD, the feast-famine style of the Russian torpedoes makes them less appealing to me at this tier. Wickes is a better close range puncher, in my opinion, while Wakatake addresses your ninja-DD needs pretty well at this tier. For your starter Battleship, everyone will tell you Nassau is the best choice. I did better in South Carolina. These are going to test your gunnery and your patience regardless. Either is a better choice than Kawachi. Tier 3 Pick: St. Louis for the true noob, Bogatyr for the player that's going to spend a lot of time here Tier 4 - Frankly, I feel like Kuma or Phoenix is your best option, depending on your play style (Kuma didn't agree with me, at the time). Danae is great if you are willing to work and have figured out how to not get dead in RN CL at this point. Karlsruhe and Svietlana, are less useful. All the DD at this tier are savage. I think the Clemson is the best all around DD at tier. Izyslav is great once you get the hang of bombarding from range instead of knife fighting (and if you enjoy that style). Izokaze is an absolutely vicious tool of destruction that will punish people not using WASD hacks like nobodies business. Battleships...well, Kaiser or Wyoming would be my choice. Both are more new player friendly that Myogi. Tier 4 Pick: Phoenix for cruiser players, Clemson for budding DD players, Kaiser for ease/damage/BB players. At this point, hopefully you have some idea of where you want to focus - cruiser, destroyer, battleship (gasp, sky cancer). Your stats won't be awesome, necessarily, but if you were going to be monogamous to the line of your choice, I'd say Japanese or Russian for cruisers, German for Battleships, American (or Russian if you love longer range guns and hate torpedoes, heh) for destroyers.
  6. Wow i'm bad

    So i'm at German T7 now.... with 100 total games played ........( halloween event making scrubs like me get in high tier ) man i'm feeling the effects of my autistic aim , it was fine in the lower tiers but now. it hurts I Barely hit 50k damage per game..... and then there's the lucky games where i do over 100k and the usual 20k when i eat 10 citadels or got out aimed really hard...... Kinda feel like playing cruisers for a while to git better at aiming , at least on cruisers missing wont be as painful as BBs right TvT or Join my fellow seal brethren in T4 coz that's where i belong. Still working on aiming game and citadel game..... still sucking at it .... do i need at least 1000 games to git gud? : 33 So looking forward for my i got deleted by BBs on a cruiser experience.
  7. Newb Problems

    Hello newb here..... i'm wondering what is the highest tier i can aim for where i won't get negative income ( i heard that was a thing ) even on defeats. Any tips on how to hit stuff that are not sailing broadside, i just cant reliably hit anything that's sailing away or a little angled. How do people do that attention to square something.
  8. Hello, Just dropping a line to say "Hello". My gamer tag is duker2000...look for me.