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Found 12 results

  1. Hello Captains! Project X is welcoming new players! We are a casual gaming clan that puts life as a priority over gaming. However we do still have an activity requirement (see below). As a WoWs clan our objective is to welcome new players to the game with as much help to get them used to it as possible. Activity requirements: You must appear online / play a battle at least once every month Simple, right? One battle to prove that you are 1) active for this time frame and 2) maintaining your skills! Benefits of the clan: World of Warships clans provide benefits that make the game easier and even more enjoyable in ways such as: Clan Naval Port - This feature is helpful for every player in the game whether they are at 100 battles or 10,000+. Benefits include things like reduced ship credit cost for first time purchase and servicing and increased experience gain per battle (Naval Port progression details below). Clan Battles - Clan battles are a source of the steel resource and they provide the clan a way to earn itself a name in the competitive game. As of now we are still searching for enough players to participate but we are looking forward to playing them! Community - Our clan is very welcoming to new members. The gang is always up to something and I am certain anyone (including you, yes you!) will fit in seamlessly! Our Discord server is completely optional though, we have plenty of players that both use and do not use it however it is highly recommended for clan announcements and updates. Naval Port Bonuses: Officers Club - 2 out of 4 upgrades for clan size of 40 members Dry Dock - 4 out of 6 upgrades for -10% to the post battle service cost of ships of all tiers. Shipbuilding Yard - 5 out of 6 upgrades for -14% to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers Coal Port - 2 out of 3 upgrades for +7% to coal that you receive Steel Port - 0 out of 3 upgrades, not yet invested in Research Center - 6 out of 6 upgrades for a total of +5% XP per battle for ships of all tiers Design Bureau - 6 out of 6 upgrades for +25% to Free XP per battle for ships of all tiers Academy - 5 out of 5 upgrades for a total of +10% to Commander XP per battle Clan Battles! Are you looking to get your foot in the door of the clan competitive side of WoWs? Well so are we! However we as a clan have one small issue. We lack members like you who want to partake in them. We are just on the verge of being able to compete but due to our current number of players being split between quite a few different timezones with many varying schedules we have not yet been able to fight. We would be overjoyed to have you join and help us begin our Clan Battle journeys! How to Join: *Please note that there are no requirements for joining us and the only requirement to maintain your stay in the clan is to follow the clan rules and play at minimum 1 battle a month. A month is defined as 31 days since your Last Battle Time (LBT) as shown in the clan members interface of the clan details page in-game. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to respond here or send me a PM. I will add here that I will be verifying your stats more or less to understand your current level of progression in the game. Please do not feel that you are under qualified, we are a casual clan so there are not really any requirements for joining Want a general idea of our recruitment process? hangglide42 provides some insight: “Applying for PROJX was very easy & not a hassle - You may think that the application process for a Clan is a hassle and not worth the trouble or undue scrutiny of your application. For very competitive clans, this may be true, but I found the PROJX application very simple and even enjoyable - I just sent a PM w/ the highlights of my game stats (ref: na.wows-numbers), my current play state (i.e. where I am in the tech tree & general Tiers I had in port) and there happened to be some links to a game I played on Youtube for Beast to evaluate. That's it! The response I got from Beast was very actually more concerned w/ my expectations from the clan given where I was in my Tier progress - but the clan charter was exactly what I was looking for.” Summary: We are a casual clan looking for more members both for participation in clan battles and expansion in general. We are currently more laid back than most other clans but another, more competitive wing of the clan is possible with enough growth and if the clan is interested. We appreciate your time reviewing our clan and hope you find the clan that is right for you! 07 -BeastOfBoston3
  2. Clan Activity Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IZJwcolKNh-JqKiX_kVcwW-u0nRLWew2dorRRwtl7WU/edit#gid=9 Website: navygamingamerica.enjin.com
  3. The fact that, even if you complete the entire event, you're NOT garenteed ANY of the new ships.
  4. Greetings! Sick of having to join a clan where you are required to do a lot of things to stay in? Maybe you have to participate in a lot of stuff you don't have the time for? Never fear! The Guild of Lone Travelers was build with the Solo player in mind. You can either play with other members or continue your solo journeys having fun with the comfort of knowing GLT has got your back! We just recently revamped the guild and are starting to get back into World of Warships but it's new in Warships, help us build it! Interested? Be sure to find us in search and if you wish you can join our discord here: https://discord.gg/atMRSyx
  5. I've seen a lot of talk about how SAP is overhyped, it's not very good, etc. In my own experience, it feels monstrously powerful - at least on the ships with 8" guns. I have Montecuccoli, Genova and Trento. The latter two being heavy cruisers with 203mm guns of course. Montecuccoli, with only eight 152mm guns, feels very weak. The SAP isn't that powerful against BB superstructure, she can't set fires and she has a very low rate of fire. Even genuine heavy cruisers can outmatch her RoF, and Leander - with the same calibre guns in the same 4x2 layout - has double her fire rate. The only place she feels useful is against destroyers, who melt under the ludicrous damage potential of her SAP shells. Genova and Trento, however - within or without their own tier - feel very strong. I won Trento today, and had two particularly eyebrow-raising games in her. One bottom-tiered, against Tier 8 battleships and destroyers, and one top-tier against a slew of Tier 5 or 6 cruisers and a carrier. Mechanics-wise, SAP is just high-damage AP that can ricochet. The 203mm guns have 54mm of penetration, which is even more than the German 210mm HE shell (52mm). The first game, tier 8 on Trap. Early in the game, I ran into Asashiao. Utterly defenceless against Trento at close range, even without Hydro. Not enough time to save Bismarck, but it lets me take B. It hit her nine times for 9300 damage, killing her - Bismarck, who was closer, did the rest with main and secondary battery. I used the island in B to hide from Richelieu and pop at her 32mm all-over plate. I remember a match I played once as Nurnburg where I burned down a Richelieu from afar. Over 20,000 damage in 26 SAP shells. Then for the end game, the entire team was hunting down the Amagi, and I want to share a particular image from the postgame screen. I had SAP loaded, and Amagi was moving to broadside me at close range. I fired my SAP to reload as AP, and dealt nearly 7k from that one salvo. On a nearly-broadside Amagi, aiming above her belt armour (badly, obviously) I dealt a mere 5k AP damage from a further seventeen hits. This is because 203mm SAP has nearly twice the alpha of the similarly-penetrating German 210mm HE shell. It felt very easy. In the tier 6 battle, I was chasing the enemy Ryujo at close range. She was running away from me, at a steep angle. I was able to just pump SAP into her upper deck and flight deck, penetrate where AP would surely have bounced, and dealt 6-7k per salvo. I picked her apart with over 38k damage in 30 hits. What even is this score, I'm trash: Like, this just feels like such an easy mode. I understadn that you should switch regularly between SAP and AP as you should HE and AP, and in Genova this has led to incredible games, but a lot of the time, it looks totally unnecessary. I feel I couldn't do these kind of damage games in other ships, even other ship classes at times. Am I getting something about of these Italian cruisers that others aren't?
  6. AHOY Captains! We are welcoming & recruiting new ship captains who are looking to learn & improve their abilities and ship skills through team play. We are a military structured organization that’s been around since before fleets began in the game. Our requirements are simple: Have a microphone/speakers (or headset) and be on TeamSpeak3 when in game, Be +18 years of age, Have at least 1 Tier 10 ship for clan battle competition, or Any tier ship for social clan, Have >50 battles, and Possess a strong desire to learn & excel through coordinated teamwork. We offer the following bonuses in our competitive clan: +25% to free XP -14% to research costs -12% to repair costs +10 % to Commanders XP +7% more coal +7% more steel +4% to XP for all ships. Sound interesting? Go to our website located at: navygamingamerica.enjin.com and fill out an application. A recruiter or fleet officer will respond within 24-36 hours and attempt to set up an interview in our TeamSpeak3 channel at your convenience. Following the interview, you can meet some of your prospective shipmates, look us over, ask questions and decide if we meet your expectations. Our TeamSpeak3 channel is: ngagaming.enjinvoice.com Come by and see us! Good Luck & Good Hunting!
  7. ArmoredGuppy

    Things may happen

    @SeaRaptor00hello so my idea is a racing league I am currently working on, rules and maps the whole shebang so the concept is team oriented tourney style play with the hopes of 32 teams competing in a 5 v 5 racing format in v-170 there would need to be at least 4 refs and 2 people to act as a finishing line if a team was to succeed in making all the laps without being destroyed if all members of a team are destroyed then the other team win automatically so 2 ways to win the race.
  8. brewakeg

    New Ammunition Type

    The 75mm TEQ (Tequila) - Used for incapacitating your enemy. For Example, a DD that is hit with 4 of these rounds loses 25% speed and a 25% reduction in ordnance reload times. After 16 hits, the DD stops firing and steams in erratic circles or beaches itself on a nearby island to sleep it off. - This ammo is activated by pressing “4” on your keyboard. This will replace secondary gun (primary on some Tier I-IV Destroyers) ammo with the new round, and provide additional rounds for the Captain and the bridge crew. - Users of this ammo will be provided with a new Consumable: Limes and Salt. - The Dispersal of the rounds is influenced by two new Commander Skills: -2% Dispersal for the one point “Reposado” skill; -5% Dispersal for the two point “Anejo” skill. - The new signal flag “Tango Agave” gives this round a +20% range boost. - Maps that feature an arid island environment will be updated to include Agave fields and processing plants. - Pressing Shift+F11 will send (and sound) a message to other Captains of: “Mas Tequila!”. The addition of this round is in support of the upcoming release of the Aircraft Carrier “Margarita”. As this CV carries no Rocket or Torpedo planes, it can only Bomb you.
  9. saundersdiesel

    Looking for Clan

    Looking to join an active clan to participate in CB. I am not the best player in the world but not the worst either. Looking for a mature atmosphere, voice chat, and structured. I am used to raiding in a high tier WoW guild so that is what I am kind of looking for. Current Stats. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1002026299,saundersdiesel/ Thanks for looking.
  10. "THEATER OPERATIONS" Just thought I start its own thread for voting and see where it goes. Here is my idea, its not original but I would think it would be the low hanging fruit.... So the "staleness" is the same arcade battle over and over again.... They implemented "campaigns" but its really just achieve XX number of things by doing the arcade battle over and over again. So its not really strategic as the word "campaign" inherently suggests. My proposal is implement a strategic over arching feature that groups of player fight for territory and/or strategic points. WoT did something similar to this and I think it could be done better by the WoWs team. There is a large theater map (Atlantic or Pacific) where groups of players start with a territory. Their goal is to expand their control and capture key features which will inevitably win the theater. This would be draw out over a longer period maybe a month, maybe a patch cycle. Each territory could have different tier limitations on ships and total number of ships in the battle. There could also be shore gun batteries when attack coastal territories or off shore bombing support or landing parties to capture territories. Something that adds value to holding a territory rather then just jump into a 12v12 arcade battle over and over again. I would assume this already has been discussed and we can just bring it up again, and if not lets talk about it and see where it goes. This will add more depth then just do XX number of tasks over and over again in the same arcade battle. This would use the same arcade battle but different features depending on territory. Below are just some theater maps to help you get the picture of the overall theater of operations.
  11. Today I am going to showcase my experience in the Tier 8 Royal Navy Destroyer, the Lightning. Overall a decent ship, but my experience in it was "something different" compaired to other ships I have played.
  12. xavier_556

    Novos Comandantes IJN

    não estou reclamando do Yamamoto e muito menos da colaboração com Alexander Ovechkin, que rendeu a possibilidade de conseguir até 4 comandantes únicos (1 Russo; 1 Americano; 2 Bi-Nacionais[RU-US]), mas eu gostaria de um Segundo Comandante Único Japonês. não estou pedindo por um "Segundo Yamamoto", apenas por um comandante com Habilidades Aprimoradas sem nenhum tipo de "Talento", como os de Yamamoto e William F. Halsey. as skills poderiam ser as mesmas que temos no Yamamoto (PM/EM), mas se forem outras não seria um problemas, desde que elas forem úteis para uma (ou mais) linha(s) japonesas