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Found 19 results

  1. @Ahskance suggestion by a clanmate to increase some clan battle dynamics. Create another game mode for large scale clan battles. 2 clans fight side by side against another double group. Don't have the full idea fleshed out, but that it in its simplicity. Help put together a more detailed version if you'd like down below.
  2. After much delay due to health reasons.... I finally, got to the bottom of the new Economic system... Now.. Praise the company For a smooth transition (from old to new) Easy to manage econ bonus HUD So easy even a cave man can do it... Just log on and the system did the work... All I saw were the notifications popping up.. After it was done (felt like 5 mins).. I finally got to seeing the new system on the live server... The Economic boost/benefits tab/selection was a little hidden on the port HUD... It was located under the captain manning the ship... (Maybe a little more obvious location or font, would've been better). From there you have options for boosts... The confusing part was... Some boosts stated cost in dubs HOWEVER Other boosts never state a price... Just the amount you have. So buyer beware... Also the auto resupply toggle was off for my ship by default... The signals are in the equipment tab which is a plus.. So far, nothing to be mad or emotional about (Oh Canada!)... Good first impression so far... So how about giving the new Econ system a try in regular battles... The parameters are as follows Only perma camo used Tier V DD premium used No premium time No econ boosts.. Random Battles only The finish line was only to achieve the second container at 12k cpt points... These parameters were used for the new system... In the old system, the only changers were using tier 7 schores Now if you're a player with a camo fetish in the old system Playing mid tiers and avoids tier8 and above like the desert avoids a shower. Not using premium time This is your guide... In the old system... It took me 9 battles (7 wins and 2 losses), to reach the finish line. In the new system... It took me 6 wins our of 7 games to reach the second container... Conclusion... The new system just feels, more of a wringer for those who are not spending... This means its a grind (more so now more then ever.. You have no choice but to spend)... I use to hoard Camos because... I'm a proud member of the WOWS camo fetish club (Maredraco as O/Nosso Presidente) . They look good and they had a purpose... NOW ??? I have a camo fetish (for no reason) AND a bonus econ hoarder... If I dont have to use it... I dont lose it and frankly, I rather have the old system back... The value has shifted to using (or hoarding or selling) camos for no reason... Using (if needed) Econ bonuses if need be... This to me doesn't make any sense when you need your players to consume.. (Granted a percentage will spend on bonuses and that's cool... I just dont not see the point after the changes done).
  3. Just introduced by WG! 2 new game modes!!! try them out now!
  4. Buenas! les dejo a continuación una propuesta pensada para los submarinos relacionada al balance de estos y unas novedades que me gustaría ver dentro del juego ahora que a partir de la actualizacion 0.10.9 los tendremos en batallas aleatorias a modo de testeo. espero sus comentarios y me gustaria saber que piensan! Propuesta para un counter mas apropiado a los submarinos en barcos de superficie e incluso otros submarinos. La siguiente propuesta de counter tiene dos fines: uno es balancear la interacción entre submarinos y otros submarinos y/o barcos de superficie Lo otro seria agregar una función que brinde no solo balance, sino añadir una dinámica mas interesante y correcta a nivel histórico. por supuesto estoy hablando de los señuelos o "decoys". Además, como añadido, esto dejaría intacta la función del equipo de reparaciones el que seguiría funcionando para apagar incendios e inundaciones o reparación de módulos dañados, haciendo que uno no tenga que limitarse a usar el equipo de reparaciones cuando recibe un ping para luego recibir otro 10 segundos después. los señuelos eran muy populares hacia mediados de la segunda guerra mundial en enfrentamientos SUB vs DD. un buen ejemplo y bastante grafico para todos se muestra en una escena de la película "Greyhound", donde un U-Boat libera un objeto metálico que emite un ruido confundiendo asi al sonar del destructor que lo perseguía, haciendo que este gaste sus cargas de profundidad persiguiendo a un objeto que le hacia creer que era el submarino alemán. Este objeto es el famoso señuelo o "decoy". Entonces volviendo al tema, como se aplicaría esto en el juego? Sencillo, en el caso de los submarinos estos lo usarían como un consumible a parte del equipo de reparaciones, una vez que este sea alcanzado por el ping de un submarino, desviando así la trayectoria de los torpedos magnéticos. El señuelo podría durar desde 5 a 10 segundos y tener la posibilidad de lanzar hasta 3 cada cierto tiempo, tal y como las cargas de profundidad que poseen los destructores o algunos cruceros. La cantidad de señuelos y su duración podrían variar según la nacion y tipo de barco En cuanto a los enfrentamientos sub vs sub funcionaria igual solo que en una reducida cantidad de cargas y duración (supongamos una sola carga de 5 segundos cada 40 segundos).
  5. Hello good people! I'll leave here an idea that got after watching Greyhound (again xD) first of all, excuse my poor english. I'm Argentinean so my native language is spanish, but i will make an effort to make clear what I want o say. This is a balance proposal for subs and surface ships taking the magnetic torps in count. This proposal has two objectives: One is to balance the interaction between subs with subs and other surface ships. The second is to add a new mechanic which makes the game more interesting on an historical and fun level. I'm talking of course about the Decoys. Plus this has as a good thing which is preserving the damage control consumable. normally, when a ship is pinned by a submarine it can press the key R to mitigate the pin effect (it least over 5 to 15 secs depending on the ship) but right after the damage control effect is over, the ship gets pinned again and the damage control is on cooldown for a relatively long time. Damage control party is a very important tool for the survival of a ship, since it extinguish fires and flooding and even repairs damaged modules, its very panful to get pinned, mitigate it, and then get pinned AND fired or flooded at the same time. and you cant do nothing to stop it because of you used it to mitigate the pin effect, and now there is a cooldown of several seconds and even more than a minute with this said now I'll explain how to use this tool and and the possibilities it has. the idea is simple, the decoys would be a consumable just like depth charges (but slightly different) by dropping an item on the water which acts as the pinned part of the ship (then the pinned ship wont be so any more until the decoy get hit or the time of the decoy is over) getting the attention of the magnetic torpedo. It may have a number of charges (like airstrike or depth charges) and a time of action like a surveillance radar (from 10 to 15 secs) which my change depending on the tier, nation and if it is premium or not. On a fight sub vs sub the mechanic would be the same except for the number of charges which would be lower. I'll drop some pics of the idea (made on paint xD) so pls tell me what you think about it and let me now if you have a better idea or what changes you would you make for this.
  6. In light of the fire over CVs and Subs, as well as the lack of game modes, maybe a new game mode can be implemented as a random battle subcategory. You can choose to play regular random battle with all ship categories, or you can choose another random battle option that excludes, CVs, Subs, or even both. Then those who are willing to face CVs and Subs can play with them while those who wish not to play with CVs and Subs can play without them. This can bring back the old strategic gimmicks of WoWS pre-CV while still keeping CVs (and Subs) in the game. Thoughts?
  7. I know I'm crazy but can we get Pre-dreadnoughts in the game? Title taken from Drachinifel's episode on French Pre-Dreadnoughts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ygXLnRAm-A
  8. With the Indian Celebration a couple of weekends ago and the request for Indian ships in WoWS, I was reminded that at one point the subcontinent was part of the Commonwealth (and still participates in the Commonwealth Games). I would like to propose a new Commonwealth Tech Tree that contains mostly real ships in all four of the classes from Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and Pakistan. Characteristics: It is already established that the Commonwealth tech tree ship characteristics already include the creeping smoke generator, as well as both HE and AP for their main guns. For additional characteristics, I think it is appropriate that they be given an anti-submarine specialization once subs become part of the regular matchmaking. This can be approximated by giving all ships Depth Charges and an improved anti-sub Hydroacoustic Search Consumable. Aircraft carriers would have access to a squadron that could drop depth charges on top of Subs that they encounter. Cruisers: These will be Light Cruisers with better than average concealment and lower than average HP. Tier 1 - (AUS) Warrego (Grimsby-class) A sloop that provided escort duties in WWII. Provided some defence during the bombing of Darwin in 1942. Slow at 16.5 knots, it has three 4-inch guns so it will probably fit the RoF at Tier I, not like many people stay around at that level anyways... Tier 2 - (AUS) Pioneer (Pelorus-class) Built in 1897, transferred to Australia and commissioned in 1913, saw more actual combat than any other Australian ship of WWI, capturing several German merchants and helping blockade German East Africa. A bit slow, but should be serviceable at this tier. Tier 3 - (CAN) Aurora (Arethusa-class) Involved in the Battle of Dogger Bank in WWI, she was transferred to Canada in 1920. Became the victim of budget cuts and her equipment was cannibalized for other Canadian ships through the 1920s. Her specialty could be only 2 main guns and a lot of secondaries. However, she may be undergunned for the tier and may also be confused with the Russian Cruiser of the same name. Perhaps the Sydney and Adelaide should both be moved down one Tier with something else (paper ship?) to replace at Tier V. Alternately, choose: (CAN) Niobe (Diadem-class) Commissioned in 1898, was transferred to Canada in 1910 as one of the first ships of the new RCN. Reassigned as a depot ship partway through WWI, she was damaged in the Halifax Explosion of 1917. She has a lot of guns, similar to St Louis. Tier 4 - (AUS) Sydney (Chatham-class) Commissioned in 1913, she defeated SMS Emden at the Battle of Cocos. Had Depth Charge chutes, so would be good for Anti-submarine warfare (ASW). Tier 5 - (AUS) Adelaide (Birmingham-class) Similar to Sydney but with an extra main gun. Might be a too-highly tiered, but WG can probably tweak the design to fit at this level. Tier 6 - (NZL) Achilles (Leander-class) The legend. Similar to Perth. (AUS - Premium) Canberra (County-Class) This would be the one Commonwealth Heavy Cruiser option, with characteristics similar to Devonshire/London but with crawling smoke. Or maybe can fit it at Tier VII if the smoke makes it that survivable. Tier 7 - (PAK) Babur (Dido-class) Originally HMS-Diadem which covered convoys and raided german shipping routes in WWII, transferred to Pakistan in 1956 and participated in the Indo-Pakistani wars of 1965 and 1971. This class would have a similar performance profile to the Atlanta/Flint cruisers, so should fit at this tier. It was small, so should have the best concealment at it's tier and small HP pool to match. There might be an option to add the variant that had 5 turrets instead of 4. Tier 8 - (CAN) Ontario (Swiftsure-class) Commissioned for the RCN in 1945, she was too late to see service in the WWII Pacific theatre and had a relatively uneventful career. It has the same guns a Fiji with one less turret, but more secondaries. Since it wouldn't be a clone, there is leeway to make it's specs that would fit at this tier. If the original main battery RoF is too slow, have the ability to research and mount the Neptune guns to increase RoF. Tier 9 - (IND) Mysore (Crown Colony-class) Acquired by India in 1957, she served as flagship of the Western Fleet and commanded the missile attack on Karachi Harbour during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Granted this is an uptiered Fiji, but having access to both Slot 5 and 6 upgrades (possibility of improved concealment and RoF) should keep it competitive with other Tier IX CLs. If WG really wants to, maybe give it an option to upgrade the main battery and torpedos to Neptune guns/torps so it will be squishy offset by high DPM. Tier 10 - (???) Commonwealth (Minotaur-class?) May as well use the RN TX design here, but could make a complete new design (not like many of the TX ships were ever real anyways). But should still have both HE and AP, Crawling Smoke, and ASW options instead of radar. Destroyers: These will be similar to RN DDs, with crawling smoke, Depth Charges, and improved ASW Hydro. Tier 2 - (CAN) Patrician (M-class) WWI destroyer transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1920. Tier 3 - (CAN) Vancouver (S-class) Acquired from RN in 1927, ended up used as a training ship. Tier 4 - (AUS) Stuart (Scott-class) A Flotilla Leader purchased from Britain in 1933, saw action throughout the Mediterranean and Pacific during WWII. Tier 5 - (CAN) Saguenay (River-class) Active in the Atlantic duing WWII, survived a torpedo hit and a ramming before eventually serving as a training ship until the end of the war. Tier 6 - (IND) Rajput (R-class) Originally HMS Rotherham and used in WWII, she was transferred to the Indian Navy in 1949 and saw active service in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Tier 7 - (AUS) Norman (N-class) Commissioned for the RAN in 1941, she was active in the Indian and Pacific oceans and was involved in freeing Burma, the Madagascar campaign, and Battle for Okinawa. Tier 8 - (CAN) Athabaskan (Tribal-class) This ship was built to replace the original Athabaskan that was sunk in the English Channel while operating with her sister ship HMCS Haida. Note that the Guns are 4x2 102mm, differing it both from the Haida and Cossack. Tier 9 - (PAK) Khaibar (Battle-class) Originally HMS Cadiz, she was sold to the Pakistani Navy in 1956 and was sunk during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani war by Styx anti-shipping missiles from Indian Fast Attack Craft. Tier 10 - (AUS) Vendetta (Daring-class) Commissioned in 1958, she had a relatively quiet career except for providing naval gunfire support during the Vietnam War. Carriers: To differentiate these CVs from others in the game, they should have an ASW-aircraft option. Crawling smoke might be fun on this as well. Additionally, these could pioneer a Light Carrier concept: Being a CV with only 2 squadrons available instead of 3, with faster regeneration and captains can choose what squadron types they want on board (flexibility for the Captain, uncertainty for the opponent). Another option is to design them like regular CVs, but with smaller squadron sizes that regenerate faster. Or just have higher tier Aircraft available. Tier 4 - (CAN) Puncher (Ruler-class) Mostly a Bogue by any other name. A bit of a cheat, was run by the RN but crewed by Canadians. Tier 6 - (AUS) Vengeance (Colossus-class) WWII carrier that didn't see active service, she was loaned to the RAN from 1952 until 1955 then sold on to Brazil and renamed Mineas Gerais. Propeller aircraft included the Fairey Firefly and Hawker Sea Fury. Tier 8 - (CAN) Magnificent (Majestic-class) It was this ship or the HMCS Bonaventure, but this seems to fit better at its tier and the Bonnie only ever operated jet aircraft. Participated in transporting Peacekeeping forces to Port Said during the Suez Crisis in 1956. Aircraft are later generation Firefly and Sea Fury. Tier 10 - (IND) Viraat (Centaur-class) Originally the HMS-Hermes that participated in the Falklands Conflict. This is a real stretch as it operated early versions of jet aircraft and I don't know what type of aircraft complement WG would want to give it, but this could be the one carrier that gets jets (Sea Vixens and Buccaneers) and ASW prop-job Gannets. I'm not sure what else could fit at Tier X. Battleships: Not much choice here, as really there was ever only one class. Tier 5 - (NZL - Premium) New Zealand (Indefatigable-class) This Battlecruiser was paid for by the New Zealand government but spent most of it's time defending Britain During WWI. She participated in the battles of Heligoland Bight, Dogger Bank, and Jutland. Much more interesting history than her sister ship, HMAS Australia. Some might say this should be Tier IV, but Tier V is the breakpoint for a lot of directives and matches what WG did with the Viribus Unitis.
  9. Michael_Gary_Scott

    Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine

    New Swedish A26 Blekinge Class AIP Submarine. If it builds upon the technologies of the Swedish Gotland Class Submarine, this will be a very amazing non-nuclear submarine for countries to purchase. (More info here) http://www.hisutton.com/A26.html
  10. I'm just wondering why on the NA server we don't use Nautical Miles and Knots instead of Kilometers and Kph or even use Miles and Mph?
  11. So with the announcement of the 'new and improved' (which I highly doubt, Wargaming didn't learn crap from the PR) what do you expect we will have to build? How hellish do you expect the grind to be? My vote for the ship is Agir, because Wargaming has already nerfed it into the ground, a perfect gift for the ened of a grind even worst then the PR. Please keep discussion to the potential ahips and potential hell grind, we all know Wargaming didn't learn anything from the PR, we don't need to discuss it further.
  12. The fact that, even if you complete the entire event, you're NOT garenteed ANY of the new ships.
  13. I've seen a lot of talk about how SAP is overhyped, it's not very good, etc. In my own experience, it feels monstrously powerful - at least on the ships with 8" guns. I have Montecuccoli, Genova and Trento. The latter two being heavy cruisers with 203mm guns of course. Montecuccoli, with only eight 152mm guns, feels very weak. The SAP isn't that powerful against BB superstructure, she can't set fires and she has a very low rate of fire. Even genuine heavy cruisers can outmatch her RoF, and Leander - with the same calibre guns in the same 4x2 layout - has double her fire rate. The only place she feels useful is against destroyers, who melt under the ludicrous damage potential of her SAP shells. Genova and Trento, however - within or without their own tier - feel very strong. I won Trento today, and had two particularly eyebrow-raising games in her. One bottom-tiered, against Tier 8 battleships and destroyers, and one top-tier against a slew of Tier 5 or 6 cruisers and a carrier. Mechanics-wise, SAP is just high-damage AP that can ricochet. The 203mm guns have 54mm of penetration, which is even more than the German 210mm HE shell (52mm). The first game, tier 8 on Trap. Early in the game, I ran into Asashiao. Utterly defenceless against Trento at close range, even without Hydro. Not enough time to save Bismarck, but it lets me take B. It hit her nine times for 9300 damage, killing her - Bismarck, who was closer, did the rest with main and secondary battery. I used the island in B to hide from Richelieu and pop at her 32mm all-over plate. I remember a match I played once as Nurnburg where I burned down a Richelieu from afar. Over 20,000 damage in 26 SAP shells. Then for the end game, the entire team was hunting down the Amagi, and I want to share a particular image from the postgame screen. I had SAP loaded, and Amagi was moving to broadside me at close range. I fired my SAP to reload as AP, and dealt nearly 7k from that one salvo. On a nearly-broadside Amagi, aiming above her belt armour (badly, obviously) I dealt a mere 5k AP damage from a further seventeen hits. This is because 203mm SAP has nearly twice the alpha of the similarly-penetrating German 210mm HE shell. It felt very easy. In the tier 6 battle, I was chasing the enemy Ryujo at close range. She was running away from me, at a steep angle. I was able to just pump SAP into her upper deck and flight deck, penetrate where AP would surely have bounced, and dealt 6-7k per salvo. I picked her apart with over 38k damage in 30 hits. What even is this score, I'm trash: Like, this just feels like such an easy mode. I understadn that you should switch regularly between SAP and AP as you should HE and AP, and in Genova this has led to incredible games, but a lot of the time, it looks totally unnecessary. I feel I couldn't do these kind of damage games in other ships, even other ship classes at times. Am I getting something about of these Italian cruisers that others aren't?
  14. ArmoredGuppy

    Things may happen

    @SeaRaptor00hello so my idea is a racing league I am currently working on, rules and maps the whole shebang so the concept is team oriented tourney style play with the hopes of 32 teams competing in a 5 v 5 racing format in v-170 there would need to be at least 4 refs and 2 people to act as a finishing line if a team was to succeed in making all the laps without being destroyed if all members of a team are destroyed then the other team win automatically so 2 ways to win the race.
  15. brewakeg

    New Ammunition Type

    The 75mm TEQ (Tequila) - Used for incapacitating your enemy. For Example, a DD that is hit with 4 of these rounds loses 25% speed and a 25% reduction in ordnance reload times. After 16 hits, the DD stops firing and steams in erratic circles or beaches itself on a nearby island to sleep it off. - This ammo is activated by pressing “4” on your keyboard. This will replace secondary gun (primary on some Tier I-IV Destroyers) ammo with the new round, and provide additional rounds for the Captain and the bridge crew. - Users of this ammo will be provided with a new Consumable: Limes and Salt. - The Dispersal of the rounds is influenced by two new Commander Skills: -2% Dispersal for the one point “Reposado” skill; -5% Dispersal for the two point “Anejo” skill. - The new signal flag “Tango Agave” gives this round a +20% range boost. - Maps that feature an arid island environment will be updated to include Agave fields and processing plants. - Pressing Shift+F11 will send (and sound) a message to other Captains of: “Mas Tequila!”. The addition of this round is in support of the upcoming release of the Aircraft Carrier “Margarita”. As this CV carries no Rocket or Torpedo planes, it can only Bomb you.
  16. "THEATER OPERATIONS" Just thought I start its own thread for voting and see where it goes. Here is my idea, its not original but I would think it would be the low hanging fruit.... So the "staleness" is the same arcade battle over and over again.... They implemented "campaigns" but its really just achieve XX number of things by doing the arcade battle over and over again. So its not really strategic as the word "campaign" inherently suggests. My proposal is implement a strategic over arching feature that groups of player fight for territory and/or strategic points. WoT did something similar to this and I think it could be done better by the WoWs team. There is a large theater map (Atlantic or Pacific) where groups of players start with a territory. Their goal is to expand their control and capture key features which will inevitably win the theater. This would be draw out over a longer period maybe a month, maybe a patch cycle. Each territory could have different tier limitations on ships and total number of ships in the battle. There could also be shore gun batteries when attack coastal territories or off shore bombing support or landing parties to capture territories. Something that adds value to holding a territory rather then just jump into a 12v12 arcade battle over and over again. I would assume this already has been discussed and we can just bring it up again, and if not lets talk about it and see where it goes. This will add more depth then just do XX number of tasks over and over again in the same arcade battle. This would use the same arcade battle but different features depending on territory. Below are just some theater maps to help you get the picture of the overall theater of operations.
  17. Today I am going to showcase my experience in the Tier 8 Royal Navy Destroyer, the Lightning. Overall a decent ship, but my experience in it was "something different" compaired to other ships I have played.
  18. não estou reclamando do Yamamoto e muito menos da colaboração com Alexander Ovechkin, que rendeu a possibilidade de conseguir até 4 comandantes únicos (1 Russo; 1 Americano; 2 Bi-Nacionais[RU-US]), mas eu gostaria de um Segundo Comandante Único Japonês. não estou pedindo por um "Segundo Yamamoto", apenas por um comandante com Habilidades Aprimoradas sem nenhum tipo de "Talento", como os de Yamamoto e William F. Halsey. as skills poderiam ser as mesmas que temos no Yamamoto (PM/EM), mas se forem outras não seria um problemas, desde que elas forem úteis para uma (ou mais) linha(s) japonesas
  19. Hi Everybody, I've been playing this game like crazy for almost 2 weeks pretty steady and I'm about to get divorced! I've been having a great time and I've decided to go British all the way since it's as close to home ( Canada ) as I can get. I'm presently playing the Black Swan and training my commander Nigel James. I'm not going to move up until he knows as much as possible as he can about this little cruiser and then up we go to the next tiers. I have played the Erie, Derzki, Karlsruhe and Nassau. I seem to have the most luck with cruisers and I am at level 11. I'm not that great a player but I do like team work and I am willing to hook up with anybody who wants to work as a unit. I have a tendency to get "tunnel vision" and get blasted by somebody to my flank and I apologize to those I have run into because of the tunnel vision and to those I will run into in the future... I'm a defender more so than an attacker but enjoy attacking in a group if the game presents itself that way. I still have tons and tons to learn but I am enjoying the adventure. I look forward to teaming up with some of you and working as hard as I can to achieve victory with you. Don't be scared to say "Hi" in the game and I'll have your back as much as possible...that's if YOU want to work with a 53 year old geezer... I don't know what else to say... Cheerio, John aka Capn_Jag