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Found 3 results

  1. The latest Dev diary has pretty much all but confirmed the return of santa crates people! Now with added Dasha spicyness. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) What are we hoping to find this year? Lest we succomb to the curse of the loot crate. Personally i'm hoping for Sharnhorst but anything else useful will suffice. Ps: Do you think they'll be priced the same? Will they be buyable with dubloons? Discuss if you wish.
  2. So for anyone like me who read over the new years plans will have noticed the line. What can I buy: A special Premium (insert type here) Making a return. Key part being Making a return... So this thread here is brain storming the possibility's So let's look in order Cruiser Only ones I can think of are the Kitikami and the Katori Destroyer No veg idea Battleship No veg Idea Carrier Now I may be a Alpha tester but I am only a 4th wave Alpha tester... So this All I can guess is ether Akagi or Shinano, as they were in the game before. This is also assuming that OLD hulls aren't counting toward this, and that Returning means was in the game... rather then real ship. Anyway tell me what you guys think WG has in store for us.
  3. 1. The ability to buy and stock up on New Year's camo. You "can" but you have to spend money.. at least let us buy and stock up with doubloons at the very least. 2. The ability to actually buy crates with doubloons.. it once again seems like a massive money grab that I must go into the premium shop and buy full items.. e.g. Arizona was on sale, couldn't buy cause CC locked but I could've bought it with doubloons - I'll just have to wait for 4 months when it might be on sale again. Same with crates, I could buy a ton in game with doubloons but I cannot get any. Cmon WG, you know players stock up doubloons.. we already spent a ton of money must we spend more? Be nice For example, when an awesome premium comes out some players have the doubloon equivalent to buy it but they can't because WG forces you to buy from the premium shop.. which forces the player to spend more money. Let us buy the regular/new stuff with our doubloons.. don't pull this marketing crap on us please. Add all ships to the premium shop (except the OP ones) finally, you'll get more money. WG's 2017 New Year's Resolution should be: I will listen to the player base much more often and will be much more open to change. I feel like unfortunately this analogy is what the WG to playerbase communication is like: "We literally have to grab WG by the collar, shake them, threaten to murder their puppy and only then do they start listening to us... for the specific incident and once we release them it goes back to normal." 3. Something that really annoys me to no end. You must wait until January 9th to finally begin "Santa's Christmas Convoy's" (hello, Christmas is done.) which is fairly annoying and cleverly prevents many players that have not a lot of time because the break is over from getting the rewards.. you also need to grind Graf Spee when you get it for about a week to really start earning & stock up on the camos. Oh but you can complete it now if you want! Just buy a "on sale -19% off" Graf Spee package! ..Really WG? You're trying that hard to prevent players from getting the rewards? ,_, this annoys me. 4. Very easily could've made daily containers have a % of chance of it being a Santa Crate (even just $1) which would've actually been awesome and might've prevented me from creating this rant. Conclusion: While this Christmas/New Years event is.. nice it's also not what it could've been simply for the fact of you literally need to spend money to get anything except the achievements part - which is a nice touch. I'm sorry guys but it just seems like more taking and less giving.. but then again there's those that got free $60 premiums & rare ships from crates that I can't buy.. due to CC recently blocked and the inability to buy with doubloons. I don't like making these rants because I genuinely like this game and it's community but this event was a little too money grabby for my tastes. Sorry for being the grinch guys but I'm just so disheartened that I can't spend my doubloons I've been stocking up on, for any part of this event. Thoughts? Also, try and at least be a little constructive.. and less salty than I am in this post lol