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Found 6 results

  1. I already know the crowd that's going to come out and pout about my asking this. So I'll make this quick and simple. With the amount of nerfing that has been done to CV's, would it be possible to please give us increased damage back since your increasing a already arbitrary attack time making planes stay in damage zones longer? Or atleast give us back some armor for the planes that has been taken away like the Midways legendary mod? Also some love with giving us more CV's to use would be wonderful as well while I'm wishing. The inlfux of a new CV line, or the return of CVE/CVL style ships would be greatly appreciated and not leaving the CV players feeling so limited on the types of ships we have. If you review the tech tree you can easily see that the CV's are the most limited ship type in the game. It would be nice to get our odd tier CV's back, if that's no possible then placing them on tier as a different option would be fine as well. We are hearing about these new lines of DD's, premiums, cruisers, but it's leaving many CV players asking when are we going to get some new ships as well. As for those whom disagree, go right ahead not bothered by it. Won't stop me from asking for CV buffs, new ships,etc just like any and every other class. Though it would be nice to see some actual support for people who want to play the same game and have fun.
  2. OK, please, help me out here..... I have the Zao and love it, with it's 203 main guns and multiple torpedo types/ranges.... What is the Yoshino meant to do "in game" that the Zao can't do? Or, is this "just a trinket" to buy and has no real purpose?? The detects are not close (9 vs 15). The speeds are about the same. The guns are larger..... And, I'm not sure about the AA at the moment but, I'll assume the Yoshino's is a little bit better? Just something to tinker with or where does she fit in the game.........since, a few of us never play Clan Battles and I don't think ranked is going back to tier 10 soon???? What are your thoughts?
  3. So I didn't see any threads about this update on new ships and figured, okay, to anyone interested here's some info: T8 French CL Bayard (T8 Atlanta kinda). T5 French DD Siroco First look (I've seen) of TX IJN Battlecruiser Yoshino T9 USN DD Benham (no idea what monstrous things they will do to make a Menham work at T9. Heal + radar?) And that's just Premiums, here's the French DD LINE: Tier II: Enseigne Gabolde Tier III: Fusilier Tier IV: Bourrasque Tier V: Jaguar Tier VI: Guepard Tier VII: Vauquelin Tier VIII: Le Fantasque Tier IX: Mogador Tier X: Kléber As far as I can tell this has been posted no where but the Daily Bounce (not even the Dev Blog has it). https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-warships/world-of-warships-french-destroyers-6-additional-premiums-and-the-soviet-battleships-arc-announced/
  4. Has anyone heard, officially or unofficially, when the new Russian BBs will be made available outside of the test servers? Additionally, are they all grind ships, or will any be Premium/Award Ships. It will be interesting to see how these ""Comrade Nelsons" will do.
  5. It pays to know just how much that shiny new ship you want will really cost you when all is said and done. Let's take my current situation as an example. I want a Tier VIII destroyer in my port with which to broaden the range of ships to attempt permanent campaigns and take to what's left of Tier VIII Ranked next season. Absent the Cossack, which will almost certainly be mine if I don't slip badly on the RN missions, or the Lightning if I am blessed by RNGesus along the way, the first likely candidate for me is the Benson (because my highest tier destroyer right now is the Mahan). According to the relevant Wiki page, when I accessed it today, the Benson costs just a hair over 9 million credits to acquire once you unlock it with XP. I get clan discounts, so I can take a fair chunk off of that, but let's go with approximate costs in millions or reasonable fractions thereof. I could tell myself "Aha, I have just over 9 million in my account (which I don't right now, but let's pretend) and enough Free XP to get the hell out of the Mahan. Let's go!" HOWEVER... We want to equip, say, Main armaments mod 1. That's 125K credits. We want extra protection for our engines. Propulsion mod 1 will cost 250K. That's an extra 375K already, call it half a million to be sure of maintenance money if the first few games aren't good or I want to play around in co-op for a bit (which usually means taking losses on all but the best wins). We want aiming systems mod 1 to improve our chances of firespamming battleships at maximum range. Another 500K out the door, and we are already up to a total cost of 10 million. You really sure you wanna burn all that FXP right now? We would really like propulsion systems mod 2 to hoof it out of dissipating smoke, or rudder mod 2 to torpedobeat, according to taste. Slot 4 is one million credits. Eleven million for the ship. Finally, concealment is life. We WILL want concealment systems mod 1 (most of the time, anyway). Two million. So our stock out-the-door sticker price has just gone up from 9 million to 13 million. Sure, we could try to get by with a basic no-frills hull (and in first testing I often do, just to see what she's like fresh out of the box). But if you have any pretensions to Ranked play, you need to bring the A game. Oh, and the B hull. That's another 1.4 million; call it 1.5 to help cover maintenance on those losses. 14.5 million. And if you decide to help yourself to the extra gun range (which some people don't; they prefer to be stealthier at full bloom), add another million. And a further 1.5 million to get the extra 5K damage per torpedo, which can be really critical when facing HP-bloated high tier ships. Okay, are we all tricked out and ready to go? That's seventeen million credits for a ship whose bare-bones price is nine million. Nearly double what you first budgeted. Do you really want to go out naked and unequipped into the badlands? Now of course lower tiers are going to be cheaper, but higher tiers are going to be much, MUCH more expensive. Once you get to Tier 9 you get access to upgrade slot six, and any of the modules in that is going to cost you 3 million credits. That's right; seven million to the base cost of your ship, and that's before you get into B hulls, upgraded torps, longer-range fire controls and what have you. God help you if you are free-to-play and find you need to swap these out. It's something to be aware of when you push that "buy ship" button. Happy sailing. ETA: See also my related post on what happens when you neglect the above or all the upgrades come at once:
  6. With the upcoming addition to the tech tree of the T9 Kitakaze and the T10 Harugumo, I'd like to poll and troll for a bit and ask the forumites what they plan to do to exploit how these ships might affect the meta and balance of T8-10 battles....?