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Found 2 results

  1. Currently, I'm only going down a few lines in the tech trees: The American BBs (Iowa), DDs (Benson), and CAs (Baltimore), the Russian DDs (Kiev), and the German BBs (Bismarck). I have the Texas, Warspite, Blyska, Haida, and all the ARP ships as premiums. As much as I like most of the ships I have, I'd like to get a few more, but I'm not sure which ones to pick. Buying them and kitting them out won't be a problem. I already play BBs heavily, so I don't want to get any more. I'd also like to try for a nation that isn't the Americans or the British just to mix things up. As for what I'm considering, I'm thinking about going down the Japanese DD line that ends in the Harugamo, the Russian cruiser line, or rebuying an American CV in anticipation for the rework coming soon. What do you all think? Which of the lines I'm considering should I pick up? Should I go with another line I haven't considered? Thanks in advance to everyone who gives me some advice. Sincerely, 1Sherman.
  2. I know the mikhal kuztuz is gone now but i'd like a russian tier 8 premium cruiser because the soviet tech tree doesn't have any and it would be nice have it in ranked battles ill make a poll pod for it to see if people want it but i think the game needs it maybe wargaming you could try adding it before 2019 its just one ship i'm not expert in modeling and making games but it doesn't seem to hard to do so please add it in this i a suggestion.