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Found 5 results

  1. commando_brian

    Indian ship in the works

    Last week on WOWS weekly stream it was mentioned that India would soon have a ship in the game,is there anymore information?
  2. lordholland4293

    USSR Bagration

    I am going to keep this short and highlight the ship. It feels like a donski and T8, its but bulky. It does have 4-5 heals when fully spected. So you can be agressive. I doesn't have radar, so DDs could be a problem. Has like 9k more health then ochakov. Gun archs fairly flat, and user friendly. Easy to cit so have to be careful and play mid to long range. GIves you a boost if you want a tiny boost for the new event. Great for kitting, and Ap is super strong on broadside crusiers. Great ship to learn the Russian cruisers on!
  3. So i was scrolling through the WOWs wiki, when I noticed that a new ship had been added to the American line. Its possibly a test ship, but it looks nothing like the other tier 10 USN cruisers. Hard to tell, but the closest ship it looks to is an Alaska, but it looks like it has a better AA sweep then the Alaska. Has anyone heard of Wargames testing for a tier 10 big gun cruiser?
  4. slokill_1


    The following ships have been added for testing by developers, supertesters, and community contributors: V Hawkins, VI Devonshire, VII Surrey, VIII Bedford, IX Drake, X Goliath, VI London, VIII Odin, and VIII Siliwangi. So what's a Siliwangi? Humor is OK here because it just can't be helped. Am I allowed to say that or will someone need a safe space?
  5. I know the mikhal kuztuz is gone now but i'd like a russian tier 8 premium cruiser because the soviet tech tree doesn't have any and it would be nice have it in ranked battles ill make a poll pod for it to see if people want it but i think the game needs it maybe wargaming you could try adding it before 2019 its just one ship i'm not expert in modeling and making games but it doesn't seem to hard to do so please add it in this i a suggestion.