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Found 14 results

  1. Skidmark_01

    Tier 6 carrier idea's

    Why cant the japanese Have The Akagi as a tier 6 no not her But this Bad girl With her 3 flight decks and sporting guns that could rival the Graf she would be awsome :D Just look at this beauty I would love to give the Ark Royal a run for its money.
  2. German counter to US Hybrid BB's
  3. Lord_Vakko

    French Battleship Split

    I think everyone that has played Alsace and then moved to Republic wishes there was an actual tier 10 version of Alsace instead. Well.... you're in luck because they actually designed an Alsace with 3x3 406mm guns and 40mm deck plating. So how does it work.. the split? Tiers 8 through 10... Tier 8 Richelieu (original) Tier 9 Alsace (original) Tier 10 Gregory XI (after the last French Pope) Alsace hull but upgraded armor to 40mm plating and 81,000 hit points 3x3 406mm using the Champagne turrets on 24s reload (Republique); this puts the AP DPM at 272,250 (super average). Tier 8 Occitanie (region of France) Gascogne-style ship on Richelieu hull 2x3 380mm using Flandre turrets on 23s reload; this puts the AP DPM at 186,261 (below average [Zieten<->Richelieu]). Tier 9 Suffren (original dual turret dreadnought, 1904-1916) Republique-style ship on Alsace hull on 28s reload; this puts the AP DPM at 248,571 (above average). Tier 10 Republique (original) Curious about what people would change... Even though this seems like simple copy/pasta for WG, HIGHLY unlikely anything like this would be put into the game (even though it seems like some super easy to do).
  4. i was wondering if we can have a new Iowa class battleship like now would bethe wisconsin or new jersey as a secondary brawler build with like massachusettes bb secondaries i would so buy that ?! please thanks
  5. ♦Don't ask me why the entire thing is bolded, I have no clue.♦ The real main characteristics of a Pan-American DD line is that there aren’t any. Sure, most might have bad AA, but the T9 & 10 ships get DFAA. These are ships built by different nations for different nations, so patterns can pop up and then disappear. Wargaming could always give them a trait like they did with the Pan-Asian destroyers(deepwater torpedoes), but I’m not a dev so I don’t know. My idea would be to give them improved AP penetration. This is just my suggestion to Wargaming, I’m doing the work for them. Tier 2: Rodriquez The theme of this ship is fast reloads. Three torpedo launchers are carried, 2 of them are on the centerline, 1 torp each. Reload is only 11 seconds. And what about that 3rd tube? Rodriquez has a unique trait: while destroyers like V-25 & G-101 have torpedoes that can fire almost directly forwards, Rodriquez has a tube mounted right in the bow. This is fixed directly forwards, and can give a nasty surprise to anyone trying to exploit a blind spot. It can also be used to feint a ram. The guns are also the smallest main battery of any ship in-game at 65 mm. As can be expected, penetration & a-strike is terrible, but with 4 in a broadside & 3 in axial fire, the amount of shells that can be put into the air in 10 seconds is astonishing. The ship has a new Pan-American Engine Boost & Smokescreen. Concealment is excellent with a 5.2 km surface detection range. Origin: France Operating Nation: Peru Armament: 65/50 main battery, 6 x 1 450 mm torpedo battery, 3 x 1 Base Max Speed: 28 knots from triple screws Tonnage: 520 Image: Blueprint: Tier 3: Maranhao This ship has several British characteristics, as she served in WW1 as HMS Porpoise. Her original torpedo armament was replaced by Brazilian ordnance & tubes, decreasing the a-strike but increasing the # of torps. Stock, Maranhao has no AA so the majority of players would likely appreciate the B hull. This gives three 20mm AA. Consumables include a tier 3 Engine Boost & Smokescreen. Later modernizations included radar and hydro, but the majority of the playerbase would not appreciate this. In WW2 the Maranhao patrolled the South Atlantic on ASW duty. She rescued the survivors of the torpedoed merchantman African Star. Origin: Great Britain Operating Nation: Brazil Armament: 102/40 main battery, 3 x 1 450mm torpedo battery, 2 x 2 20/70 light AA battery, 3 x 1(B hull only) Base Max Speed: 29 knots from twin screws Tonnage: 1300 Image: Blueprint: Tier 4: Almirante Villar Russian Bias confirmed! This ship changed nations many times: built by Russia, made Soviet, captured by Britain, given to Estonia, and sold to Peru! Turning radius is pretty large as a result of dimensions. I’ll leave it up to Wargaming whether to use Russian torpedoes or a new Pan-American type. Among the tier 4 destroyers, AA isn’t bad but it’s nothing special. Origin: Old Imperial Russia Operating Nation: Peru Armament: 102/60 main battery, 4 x 1 450mm torpedo battery, 3 x 3 40/39 2 pdr QF Mark 2, medium AA battery 20/65 Breda light AA battery, 3 x 1(B hull only) 7.62/94 light AA battery, 2 x 1 Base Max Speed: 34 knots from twin screws Tonnage: 1620 Image: Blueprint: Tier 5: Teniente Serrano The first of the Post-WW1 destroyers, Serrano is also the first that isn’t a hand-me-down. The Serrano-class destroyers were built by Thornycroft for Chile. Because of Chile’s immense coastline, the ships were made to perform well in various climates. Teniente Serrano served Chile for 38 years. Operating Nation: Chile Armament: 120/45 main battery, 3 x 1 533mm torpedo battery, 2 x 3 77/40 12pdr QF Mark 2, secondary battery/heavy AA battery 20/70 Oerlikon light AA battery, 3 x 1(B hull only) 7.7/87 light AA battery, 3 x 1(A hull only) 2 “K” guns Base Max Speed: 36.5 knots from twin screws Tonnage: 1430 Image: Blueprint: Tier 6: Antioquia In 1933, the Colombian government was alerted to a new development in the South American naval arms race: the purchase of 2 Estonian DDs by Peru, one of which has been mentioned above. In retaliation Colombia purchased 2 modern destroyers from Portugal. Antioquia is a direct upgrade from Serrano, carrying one more main cannon, a longer caliber main battery, and an additional torpedo in the launcher. Antiaircraft defense is drastically increased with the upgraded hull. Access to Hydroacoustic Search is also granted alongside the Engine Boost & Smoke. Origin: Portugal Operating Nation: Colombia Armament: 120/50 main battery, 4 x 1 533mm torpedo battery, 2 x 4 40/39 2pdr QF Mark 2 medium AA battery, 3 x 1 20/70 Oerlikon light AA battery, 2 x 1(B hull only) 2 “K” guns Base Max Speed: 36 knots from twin screws Tonnage: 1563 Image(a sister ship): Blueprint: Tier 7: Cervantes In 1926, España sold 2 of their uncompleted Churruca-class destroyers to Argentina. In honor of the deal, the ships were named after Spaniards who played a key role in Argentina’s development. Artillery is a direct upgrade from Antioquia, with 5 main battery guns and a small secondary gun. Cervantes has a faster torpedo reload & more powerful torpedoes at the expense of having 6 torps compared to Antioquia’s 8. Cervantes is also noticeably faster than her predecessor. She did not receive any upgrades, save for a modernization in the late 1940’s that is a downgrade for game purposes. Origin: España Operating Nation: Argentina Armament: 120/45 main battery, 5 x 1 533mm torpedo battery, 2 x 3 76.2/45 Vickers Mark SS secondary battery/heavy AA battery 7.7/87 light AA battery, 4 x 1 2 stern racks for depth charges Base Max Speed: 37.6 knots from twin screws Tonnage: 2087 Image: Blueprint: Tier 8: La Rioja Another Argentine destroyer, La Rioja continues the general design onward from Cervantes. She was able to make a passage of 5800 nautical miles across the Atlantic without stopping. Being both bigger & faster than Cervantes, La Rioja should feel like her predecessor on steroids. However, she remains vulnerable to air attack. The ship was not given any upgrades save for a postwar modification that removed the No.3 turret. Origin: España Operating Nation: Argentina Armament: 120/45 main battery, 5 x 1 533mm torpedo battery, 2 x 3 76.2/45 Vickers Mark SS secondary battery/heavy AA battery 40/39 medium AA battery, 2 x 1 2 “K” guns Base Max Speed: 39.4 knots from twin screws Tonnage: 2120 Image: Blueprint: Tier 9: Mariz e Barros The first DDs built in Brazil, the ships of this class were based heavily off American designs, and players who have played the USS Fletcher will notice the similarities. This ship is primarily a gunboat, with torpedoes that are a definite downgrade from Rioja. Gun handling is much more responsive than Antioquia, though the shells suffer in usefulness at long range. The AA gets a massive buff with the addition of DFAA alongside Boost & Smoke. After having Hydro as default for the last 3 destroyers, Barros now has the option to choose Radar instead. She was given a fire control upgrade in 1956 but no hull upgrades. Operating Nation: Brazil Armament: 127/38 main battery/heavy AA battery, 4 x 1 533mm torpedo battery, 1 x 4 40/56 Bofors medium AA battery, 2 x 2 20/70 Oerlikon light AA battery, 10 x 1 4 “K” guns, 2 stern racks Base Max Speed: 36.5 knots from twin screws Tonnage: 2200 Image: Blueprint: Tier 10: Nueva Esparta Arguably the most powerful ships of the Venezuelan Navy, the Nueva Esparta class was a Cold War design that focused on the main threats of the time: submarines & aircraft. The 6-gun main battery is dual purpose & semi-automatic. The ship carries more ASW armaments than any of the other Pan- American destroyers. Carrying the same consumable options as Barros, players will also find that torpedo armament is another downgrade(yet Nueva Esparta also has the fastest non-TRB torpedo reload of any Tier 10 DD). Speed also is decreased from Dias. Part of the design was to make a comfortable ship for the crew, so she does have a fairly large HP pool. The World of Warships version of this ship is following her 1960 refit. Operating Nation: Venezuela Armament: 113/45 main battery/heavy AA battery, 3 x 2 533mm torpedo battery, 1 x 3 40/60 Bofors STAAG 2 medium AA battery, 6 x 2 2 “K” guns, 2 stern racks, 2 Squid Base Max Speed: 34.5 knots from twin screws Tonnage: 3300 Image: Blueprint: I hope this happens. ♦
  6. Just not the 1047 :) Ahh...I missed the relevant thread....
  7. The US Navy has Franklin Delano Roosevelt as their Tier 10 Premium Aircraft carrier. The German Navy will possibly have 2 Tier 10 Premium Aircraft Carriers: M. Immelmann and W. Voss can't find the image =( So how about considering a Tier 10 Premium Aircraft Carrier for Imperial Japanese Navy? IJN Shinano Ship Cost - 31000 Steel because there is no ship cost 31000 Steel Hit Point... If we compare the hit points between Hakuryu(63,100), Midway(67,600), F.D.R.(67,600), Manfred Von Richthofen(65,300) and Audacious(63,400), we can get the lowest HP - 63,100 and highest HP - 67,600. Hit Point for IJN Shinano should be between 64,000 and 66,000. Length 268m Beam 36.3m Draught 10.3m Secondary Armaments 8 Twin 127mm dual-purpose guns Firing Range - 5.2km Rate of Fire - 18 shots/min Reload time - 3.33 seconds HE shell - 100mm HE type 98 (same as Hakuryu) Initial HE shell velocity - 800 - 900m/sec Chance of fire on target caused by HE shell - 6 - 11% AA Defence 35 triple 25mm AA guns Average damage per second - between 110 - 170 Firing Range - between 3 - 5km 12 28 barrelled 120mm AA defence rocket launchers (28 explosions per salvo) Average damage per second - between 290 - 340 Firing Range - between 5 - 8km 40mm Bofors "chi" type 98 Average damage per second - 242 Firing Range - 3.51km (according to Hakuryu, doesn't need to be added) Maneuverability Top speed - 29 - 35 knots Turning radius - 1108m Rudder Shift time - 20 - 24 seconds Concealment(Shinano is smaller than Hakuryu) Detectability by sea Shinano - 12 - 14km Hakuryu - 15.66km Detectability by air Shinano - 8 - 10km Hakuryu - 11.42km Aircraft Compliment Rocket Attack Planes - Ki 84 hei Hayate Rockets in payload - 8 damage - 2000 - 3000 Fire Chance - 11% Cruise speed - 150 - 180 Hit points - 1500 - 2000 Squadron size - 9 planes, 3 per attack run Number of Aircraft on deck - 14 Aircraft Restoration time - 60 - 80 seconds Torpedo planes - B7A2 Ryusei Torpedo in payload - 1 Range - 3 - 4km damage - 3000 - 4000 flooding chance - 43 - 58% Cruising speed - 120 - 140 Hit points - 1700 - 2300 Squadron size - 12 plane, 4 per attack run Number of aircraft on deck - 18 Aircraft Restoration time - 70 - 90 seconds Dive bombers - B6N2 Bombs in payload - 1 Bomb type - armour piercing maximum damage - 7000 - 11000 Cruising speed - 130 - 150 Hit points - 1300 - 1900 Squadron size - 12 planes, 3 or 4 per attack run number of aircraft on deck - 18 Restoration time - 80 - 100 seconds
  8. Adm_Dodge_E_Waynker

    Indian ship in the works

    Last week on WOWS weekly stream it was mentioned that India would soon have a ship in the game,is there anymore information?
  9. lordholland4293

    USSR Bagration

    I am going to keep this short and highlight the ship. It feels like a donski and T8, its but bulky. It does have 4-5 heals when fully spected. So you can be agressive. I doesn't have radar, so DDs could be a problem. Has like 9k more health then ochakov. Gun archs fairly flat, and user friendly. Easy to cit so have to be careful and play mid to long range. GIves you a boost if you want a tiny boost for the new event. Great for kitting, and Ap is super strong on broadside crusiers. Great ship to learn the Russian cruisers on!
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_1047_battlecruiser As the friesland is feeling lonely.. And being a Dutch native.. I feel we need to add another.. THis should be easy as it's loosely based on the scharnhorst.
  11. So i was scrolling through the WOWs wiki, when I noticed that a new ship had been added to the American line. Its possibly a test ship, but it looks nothing like the other tier 10 USN cruisers. Hard to tell, but the closest ship it looks to is an Alaska, but it looks like it has a better AA sweep then the Alaska. Has anyone heard of Wargames testing for a tier 10 big gun cruiser?
  12. slokill_1


    The following ships have been added for testing by developers, supertesters, and community contributors: V Hawkins, VI Devonshire, VII Surrey, VIII Bedford, IX Drake, X Goliath, VI London, VIII Odin, and VIII Siliwangi. So what's a Siliwangi? Humor is OK here because it just can't be helped. Am I allowed to say that or will someone need a safe space?
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_San_Diego_(CL-53) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most_decorated_US_Naval_vessels_of_World_War_II https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_San_Francisco_(CA-38) At least one of these ships needs to be in the game. 'nuff said.
  14. I know the mikhal kuztuz is gone now but i'd like a russian tier 8 premium cruiser because the soviet tech tree doesn't have any and it would be nice have it in ranked battles ill make a poll pod for it to see if people want it but i think the game needs it maybe wargaming you could try adding it before 2019 its just one ship i'm not expert in modeling and making games but it doesn't seem to hard to do so please add it in this i a suggestion.