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Found 1 result

  1. So, let me start by saying this is merely the theory crafting of a few old WoW's vets from a few years back that I decided to put on here. The Clemson-class Destroyer USS Edsall earned its reputation in the early days of WW2 (like most ships in the game) where it went up against the Tone-class Aviation Cruiser Chikuma, along with the Kongo-class Battleships Hiei and Kirishima, and survived for a few hours, dodging 8 and 14 inch shellfire respectively. It wasn't until dive bombers from the Kaga, Hiryuu and Souryuu came in that she was immobilized and subsequently sunk by the surface force. So, what would the Edsall be in the game? Well, that's where the fun begins. We came up with this not long after the Concealment Module (tier 8 slot) was rebalanced to add in dispersion penalties for shots fired at it. Basically, it'd be a tier 5 Clemson with health and torpedo buffs fitting a tier 5 DD, but with the tier 8 module available for usage. Why that module? Simple. The Clemson-class sit very low in the water as it stands, and are in general hard to hit at range. Now imagine one of them with the increased dispersion values granted by the concealment module. Hopefully the reason to care is fairly self evident. Now we get to the big question. How the hell is this thing balanced? Well, it is. You see, the guns would retain their 4.5-5 second reload time, the shells would still be 120mm, and the AA would still be laughable, and since it's now at tier 5 meaning it can see tier 6 carriers. It would be a bit of a departure and a rival for the Nicholas, but considering the Nicholas would have better DPM, better torps (maybe), and has "better" AA along with faster turning guns? I think they'd be a pretty good match as far as balance goes. What do the rest of you think?