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Found 7 results

  1. This post is intended for new players trying to figure out which ships to focus on in WOWS. I hope it's helpful because it's something I wish I had when I started. I'm recommending 5 tech tree lines because you will get access to Research Bureau once you have 5 tier 10 tech tree ships. I don't play CVs so they're not on my list for that reason only. I hope some of the Youtube influencers will provide similar recommendations based on their advice for new players. If you don't need the explanation, the 5 tech tree ships I'd recommend are; Daring (UK), Des Moines (USA), Yamato (Japan), Schlieffen (Germany) and one of Kleber (France), Halland (Europe) or Petropavlovsk (USSR) Special ships recommended would be: Ohio (RB), Napoli (coal) and Bourgogne (steel) For destroyers, my first recommendation is the Daring (UK) line. In my opinion, Daring is the best all around destroyer in the game. It doesn't require a special commander to get the most out of her and the legendary mod isn't useful so the only upgrade she needs is the Hydroacoustic Search module that you can get for coal (12,750 coal with discount). The line is enjoyable to grind relative to other DDs. She'd also be my choice if I could only have 1 British ship (and I absolutely love Minotaur so that says a lot). For cruisers, my first recommendation is the Des Moines (USA) line. There are other cruisers that are easier to play than Des Moines, but there's probably not a better line to play to teach you the importance of angling and impact of radar. The unique commander for the USA (Halsey) can be earned through campaigns so he's free. Des Moines' legendary mod isn't necessary (although it might be fun), so the only upgrade you need is the Radar module (again 12,750 coal). The grind for the line is manageable in my opinion as I found cruiser grinds to be the most frustrating (due to being deleted at lower tiers). The other reason I recommend Des Moines is that, you can use the fully trained captain for it on the most obvious first Research Bureau ship (Ohio). For battleships, my first recommendation is the Yamato (Japan) line. One of the OG's of the game, she still packs a punch. The unique commander for Japan can also be earned through campaigns so it's also free (if you play enough). Legendary mod for Yamato is good but not necessary. Battleships are basically broken down into long range snipers and brawlers. Yamato is a sniper and also gives you access to the super ship Satsuma if you're interested in tier 11. The grind for Yamato is enjoyable... maybe Nagato is a pain, but the rest are great. The brawling battleship I'd recommend is the Schlieffen (Germany) line. Probably my top pick of all German ships, the special commander can be bought for 175K coal but isn't necessary to make the ship fun. The ships secondaries and torps make it as different from Yamato as you could ask for. No legendary mod to speak of and the only upgrade you should probably get is Hydroacoustic search. The last ship I'd recommend from your initial 5 tech tree lines really depends on what class you think you will enjoy. For gun boat destroyers, Kleber (France) is the clear choice. She's got speed, no smoke and bad concealment so there's not a better trainer for gun boats in my opinion. She would benefit from the 1,500 doubloon commander in the armory because of his passive skills. If torpedo destroyers interest you more, I'd recommend Halland. No special commander needed. Fast torps with great range, but no smoke. If cruisers interest you, my second choice after Des Moines would be Petropavlovsk (USSR) line. The sheer number of premium cruisers you could share a captain with from Petro makes this an easy choice even though the special commander is also 175K coal. You can use your Petro commander on Stalingrad, Moskva and Sevastopol. The Russian cruiser line also splits at tier 8 so once you have Petro, you can grind to Nevsky with just two additional ships. This was longer than expected, so good luck to you if you found this helpful. GLHF
  2. I noticed an increasing number of newer players in the game (or so it appears). That's great to see! I also found a lot of players that are not too familiar with the higher level gameplay or standard tactics in random battles...so I decided to start making and sharing videos with commentary of decent games, my thought process and positioning, etc. I'll preface it all by saying I'm only a semi-competitive player (typically Storm league in CBs), and the target audience for these is newer players. The games themselves are good and entertaining, but nothing insane. Each one will feature the game, comments, and a quick review of the ship and captain used. Hope it helps! And let me know if you have suggestions or requests for future videos/games. Here's the first one, U.S. BBs (Montana game) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAQY22u3qqY&t=2s
  3. I hear a lot of complaints about bad players, poor match making, buying into tiers etc. and how all this is 'ruining' the game. It seems that one way to possibly address some of these complaints is to encourage new players to join a clan as soon as possible. Today a new player has to have 200 battles and then search for a clan with no idea what they are looking for or what is out there. What if WOWS would open the clan universe to players upon signup? Our clan group has a clan dedicated just to develop new players and it make a huge difference. Is there an modification, incentive or some other method that WOWS could implement for clans to onboard new players and help them better understand the game? With so few players coming in to the lower tiers; and, it seems that few of them sick with the game it would seem that the approach needs to change. In my opinion it seems a win-win for everyone if clans can become a focus developing new players. I am curious what others think.
  4. If wargaming wants to retain players, they should not encounter carriers until they have at least the basics. Set a barrier, say 300 games until carriers enter their battle que and many will stick around. I know several people who were happy until they hit carriers and stopped playing.
  5. Anyone got any ideas on how to improve new player retention? Post them here. I've put in more hours in this game than perhaps any other game I've played but I'm not even sure I would recommend it to people (not without warning them of its flaws). This fact is something I find a bit sad, but I don't think WG can or wants to fix most of what I think is wrong enough with the game that it makes me hesitant to recommend it. However, there is one thing WG could easily fix if they wanted to: Make captain skill resets cost nothing, next to nothing (like 15k silver per point), or cost nothing but you can only do it so many times (so a 24-hour countdown timer begins when one commander gets his skills reset, and you can't hit the 'redistribute' button again until the timer reaches zero, and the timer is located on the 'redistribute' button, which is now greyed out). Why do this? Because it's not always obvious that Last Stand is a mandatory skill for DDs, or that BB players that like to rush in should have taken Fire Prevention before CE, or that CE is almost always a required skill, etc. Experienced players, and new players that do their research watching youtube guides can figure this out, but not all new players will have this level of dedication to learning how to play this game. The penalty for making a bad commander build can be serious; you can win a 10-point commander on a mission and make him useless by accident, and the only people who can fix this mistake are the ones with 19-pt commanders that can farm elite commander xp. Or people that are willing to spend doubloons. Being forced to pay real money to buy doubloons to fix a simple mistake like this will not make this game popular with newcomers. This is also part of the reason why I don't want to recommend this game to people; because if they get into it and make this kind of mistake, then they're just [edited]. There's basically no way to fix it.
  6. I'm new and it seems like the most real players I've battled against has been 3 on each team. When can I expect full teams of players?
  7. So, I've been playing for a good bit and never had ANY problems of accidentally hitting my own team or anything. I decided I wanted to play through Steam, so I had to start from day one, which means rookies. WELL, what I've learned is that there is severe penalties for team damage because people don't know how to not drive into their own team mates torpedoes being aimed at an enemy. I'm being punished for torps I shot no where near a team mate, that they simply drove into. (sailed yeah yeah) ANYWAY. this shouldn't be happening. There needs to be some algorithm for figuring out that I was not AIMING at a FREAKING TEAM MATE!