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  1. 1. You should set a target win rate (~55%) and a target kill/death ratio (~2.0) for your current tier before you move up to the next tier. Premise: Due to decreasing reward to risk, you will find players in high tiers significantly stronger. We all get excited easily with the prospects of "powerful" new ships in high tiers. However, Warships is a game much like chess, and player skills heavily determine the outcome. Moving up too fast (a lot of us do) and others will mercilessly club you like a helpless seal. Therefore, for the best enjoyment, you should hone your skills with players alike, get comfortable and improve before moving up. 2. You should focus on leveling your captains (towards one 19-point captain for every nation you like playing), not grinding down tech trees. WG likes encouraging us to collect a large number of ships. However, if you are lured into this, you will find yourself like me in my early days, having a lot of ships and all of them with a weak 6- to 9-point captain. It's daunting to face an opponent who specialize in a strong ship with a 19-point captain. Therefore, use https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/ to review the stats and pick a strong ship, specialize in it, and level up the captain first. Don't be distracted by the easily grindable tech tree and the daily +50 xp per ship reward. That reward is pathetic for distracting you from specializing in the ships you should. At last, there is no material benefit for you to rush down to the high tiers, but plenty of material benefits for WG. The exorbitant credit cost of high tiers means WG can reap your $$$ from your wallet. Focus on improving your skills and leveling up captains and this game can be plenty of fun at any tier.
  2. Was playing Texas for Twitch missions, one salvoed a T4 cruiser. The cruiser player thought he was detonated with detonation flag on. https://clips.twitch.tv/FairBreakableKoalaGivePLZ It takes few dozen games to get to Tier 4 and the player has no idea how the game works. WG needs a comprehensive first time NONE SKIPPABLE tutorial for new players. Make it so that the tutorial must be completed before joining Random Battle. This is not just to reduce the number of clueless players. But WG should feel morally obliged to do it, because there are new players who pays to buy camos and flags and yet are missing vital information on how the game works due to WG not providing them in game. A product should come with an instruction manual.
  3. I'm going to try and stay on track here and get the message out. I'll start with a little preamble to qualify myself and then get right to the meat.. feel free to skip the intro part if you've seen far to many of my posts! (*grin!*) Inspired by the holidays, second by Simon Sinek and his speaking on Millennials in the workplace and other topics. And third by you folks yourselves. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: Me: I'm an american, and a Californian over the age of 60. I've been table top and war gaming since I was gifted with a copy of Avalons Hill's "Tactics-II" on my 11 birthday. ANd have enjoyed computer gaming since from my first OWNED computer game and that was the original "Wing Commander" which I played on a 286/20 with a whopping 2 megabytes of RAM and an EGA video card put together from spare parts. (Had to do work on the MB.. was licenced electronic technician at the time. Had to replace the CMOS controller and some other parts including a CPU that had gotten fried from a power surge) I've worked as a grunt laborer, field hand, cowboy (yes a real genuine cowboy.. and I hate horses dumbest doggone critter I swear) Salesman, CS rep, electronic technition, computer technition, and for all practical purposes a stint of about a year as a SYSOP for a college main frame. middle manager, and for a about 3 years a store owner who owned a game and hobby shop in Oakland California. I've had my heart broken and my hopes dashed more times then I care to remember. We older folks we call this "life". craphappens ya know, you press past and achive if you can. No promises of success. But it really feels fantastic when you do pull it off. Thats all the important stuff about me that needs to be known here. On with the meat of the post! END INTRO ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... there see that wasn't so bad! on to the next subject... The ART of LEARNING. What? It's not an art. you get told, you see you learn, easy. Yea I wish! (points at 2 years of warships play and only now starting to pull unicum level stats) For some folks it's easy for other not so much and there is every graduation between the extremes. The best teacher I had as a kid was a civics teacher who taught me (no without one heleva struggle) to challange I believed to be truth (I'm actually grateful for Richard Nixon. Big lesson on "what you thought you knew was wrong!" and no I am NOT going to mention history repeating its self... this time.. no politics today!) . That taught me that there are facts, and there are truths and that they don't always jibe with each other. That the only differnece between (advertising) and propaganda are the words they label themselves with. They use the same tools and techniques. Both impact on our lives tremendously, and I see the reflection of it in MMO"s and online gaming constantly. Yea, whadda mess! But this is the world we live in today, and until "WE" turn it around for the NEXT generation (which has yet to be born.. we gotta a little time yet) we're stuck with it. An important note here. Every generation of adults gets "the JOB" for the next generation and not one of them through out ALL of human history has ever gotten it all done, or gotten it all right. The important part is the doing. It's not the mountain that makes the man, but the act of climbing it. It's not the goal, it's the journey. And yes I FUSSED over this myself this myself and did NOT like it. You younger folk, god help ya it's your turn! Don't give up. We learn the really important bits in life by making mistakes (not always, and be thankful for that!). Now there is a great deal we can learn from others, we can be taught, WE can gain from what other have learned. Of course there is a down side. If they learned wrong they will pass on to us their bad lessons and we will take them to heart and make the same errors they did till we realize (or not) the error(s), learn, and change. It's so common that it is NORMAL. There is no helping it. Process man, stinks ya know, gotta do it anyway. And that's really what THIS is about. Dealing with process, specifically the process of learning to be GOOD at this game (if its at all important to you. Might not be! *gasp!*) I've been criticized by those who pay a bit to much attention to the trees and miss the forest on some of my past posts trying to put together lessons I've learned in this game dealing with tactics, ship builds and more. Things change. The game changes. New lessons MUST supersede the old lessons. New ships, new systems, changes to old systems, new features. The list will only get longer, as each new patch is built upon the lessons of what has gone before. The dev's build, they learn, they watch the results. The find new ways, mostly better sometimes worse...they correct, they incorporate the changes and lessons and they move on to the next goal (and will deal with fans/gamers/customers who missed the memo and are still harping on something that ceased to be an issue MONTHS ago. *sigh!* fair, yea, sorry! Get over it folks. Its a bit more rare then ya think! Bad news, or apparent bad news always makes the front page.) They learn, and from the lessons they learn they make the game (usually) a little better. It can be a slow process from realizing that there might might be an issue to figuring out how to address it, correct it, and make it not an issue (..to the majority of the player base. Never ever will everyone be pleased with the changes). It what they have to do. And really. It's pretty cool. The only other human endeavor I can think of they regularly generates such inventiveness and progress tends to be War and the threat of war..(nothing focus's the mind like immanent death! It's a human thing) . I'm all in favor of there being more game designers then real world soldiers! So whats all this got to do with learning? Well. Lets see. you can try and force people to learn but results can be very spotty without application of a lot of fear inducing terror. Ask any of the failed (or nearly failed) Stalinist style communist governments that still exist. There's still one or two on the planet. And they are not doing well at all. Not really. Better to encourage learning and give the learner the tools to help them tell the good lessons from the bad. To teach them how to learn. And it's not a big secret. Teach them to ask "why?" "how?" "what?" "where". Critical examination is a easy skill to learn and mastery like in all worthwhile endeavors takes time work and attention.. Self examination has not been encouraged in eras of thought and consideration though it is on the upswing thank god! I could go into the details and history of this, and it is fascinating disturbing and will upset you greatly as you figure it out. Some other time maybe. SO important point number one. Making mistakes. First off in spite of what the salty speakers may say it's ok to make mistakes, because that's what you learn from. But important caveat.. ONLY if you notice your making the mistake. And please I'd much rather you make your mistakes here, in the game and not on the freeway at 80 MPH. The worst that happens here is the loss of some virtual currency and embarrassment. Out there, it can get you and others dead. So by all means please make the errors here. We Will Survive It (though to listen to some at same you might think different!). Here is whats really important to what is considered success in world of warships. 1.Winning the Match 2. Causing Damage 3. A player on YOUR team surviving the match to claim victory for the team (major point of failure right there!) Everything else is a means to and end. And it doesn't really matter how tidily you manage the 3 goals as long as they get done. Yes doing it with style and grace is part of the advanced course. ((well ok how tidily you manage does matter, but winning forgives all most everything! There are folks that blame the sun for shining. Don't be them and try to NOT pay those types to much attention. they're just looking for justification so that they can say "Not My Fault". and it may not have been but guilty concience ya know!)) Focus on those 3 goals and the rest will come. From a game stand point you are just one playing piece on a side of 7 to 12 players. Your ship is an asset to be spent. And your looking to get the best bang for your buck! Not always easily done and you will fail. Be thank full. Most warships that went down in action in the real world took better then 90% of their crews with them. This will not kill you! I promise..and I have a vivid imagination! Just not gonna happen. under any situation remotely normal. Look at the match you just played. Ignore everything other then what YOU did. Always ask "how could I have done better" and be prepared for a bit of a wait until all those little observations come together in your mind and you get the results you want. All so be prepared to be WRONG! Mostly the improvements in your play will come in tiny little changes, sometime it'll be a "Eureka!" moment and everything gels. But mostly "the grind" awaits. (got over 10k battle in this game on my accounts to back that one up! Ow! Yes I can be said to be an average learner. But then I go and try things myself and not take other folks word for it. Might surprise you how often you'll find the the conventional wisdom is flat wrong. Only way to find out is to test the assumption and yea you put your stats at risk..So what? Keep plugging, never give up, never surrender. (Galaxy Quest line. love that movie! Such fun) And really that may be THE single most important bit in all of this. Test everything including what you think is "right" all ways because things do change and what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. In this game we play everything is situational. There things you'll do when there is no CV in a match that you wont do if there is a CV in the match. Or even a specific class of ship. If you work at it you discover what ships are good for what situation and what will limit them from performing optimally. There is a LOT to learn. And eventually you will learn that it's the player the drives the ship not the ship that drives the player. (HERESY! Burn burn!) But it is true. Its you that makes a ship good. I'm working on proving that in the current ranked season with the HSF Harekaze which I will be driving exclusively for season 8 all the way to rank 1. I've made it to rank 13, only a little bit more to go. And yea I am and average player.. or used to be. I'm a bit above average these days (shhh don't distract with the facts, were talk'n truth here.. not the same thing) . There are better DD players then I and I am certain better Harekaze and Kagero drivers then I. I think that's wonderful but at this point there is not much they can teach me about my chosen ride. At best we can compare notes and observations. And likely will both learn a little itty bitty bit. If I have an major issue in MY play style, and it's that I tend to be a little over aggressive. I'm working on it darn it, and have seen improvement and that is why I will make rank 1 hopefully before to very much longer! And yes, LUCK is a factor! but far less so then it would have been in say season 1 through 7 because the player base as a whole is far more skilled with the game then it was even a year ago. Be positive. Pay attention, and let yourself learn your own lessons. Take advantage of what other can teach you, but remember Obi-Wan Kanobi's most important lesson. "the truth depends very much on ones point of view" Always remember this is a team play game and always play for the teams victory. Do that and the rest will follow. And never forget the real goal. Having fun, and being entertained. Merry Christmas and may the new year be a fine time full of memories to come for all of you. TL_Warlord_Roff sends EOL:Close.
  4. IJN Cruiser Guide

    IJN Cruiser Strategy Guide This general guide works for all Japanese Cruisers, as a history buff on the side I like to incorporate some real world philosophies and strategies used by the respective navies and apply it into the game. If you just like to see my ship and commander build just skip through my background section. Some Historical concepts Japanese ship design in WWII was a mix of good hull designs and armament but poor technology in terms of radar and other aspects as compared with navies from the other nations. As we know IJN radar technology and fire control systems was quite underdeveloped compared to the USN, RN, and Kriegsmarine even by early war standards. However, even with this disadvantage they were still able to push back the British and American navies from the beginning of the War in 1939 to 1942 and even enjoyed some victories in the late war period against radar equipped USN ships. They understood their disadvantages and developed equipment and tactics to counter these. The common Japanese naval tactic was to approach unseen during the night, using their night binoculars and expertly trained lookouts they could spot a ship at 20,000 yards. Once all ships were in favorable position the lead ship illuminated the target with a high powered searchlights or even no lights at all and bombard the enemy with shells and torpedoes. The attack was intense to cause massive confusion and before the enemy could react they used the cover of darkness to slip away or to reload for another attack. So, What does this mean in game Well at first I recognized night battles and search lights are out of the question as it is not a game feature or designed in this way. However we have the concealment mechanic to substitute for this, if the enemy can't see you then you're basically in the "night". My entire loadout philosophy is going to be focused around concealment and fighting battles on your grounds. Many of the national characteristics already favor this approach, the IJN cruisers have high base concealment, accuracy, maneuverability, long range torps, and slow turret traverse. My loadout (I will be using the Zao a basis) Keep in mind our goal is to be sneaky and fighting battles on our own conditions General Loadout (Ships T5+ as they have access to more upgrades) 1 Slot: Main Armaments Mod 1 - A no brainer choice, as your guns and torpedoes are your primary weapons and reducing incapacitation chance is always important 2 Slot: Amining Systems Mod 1 - This should be the standard choice as your guns do quick significant damage and are already accurate, this mod makes your shot grouping even tighter. Using main battery mod 2 for turret traverse is ill advised since the turrets are already so slow it makes a small impact. The only ship I'd recommend with the mod is the Atago/Takao as their stock turret rotation is fast enough (though still slow) to keep with your turns. However you can tweek as you like. Also for AA mod again the Moyoko Ibuki and Zao are the only ones that can make the build viable as they have numerous small caliber AA guns with a good overlap coverage. 3 Slot: Damage Control Mod 1 - Again no brainer as it reduces chance of flood and fire 4 Slot: Damage Control mod 2 or Propulsion - This slot is completely to the person's liking, personally I chose propulsion as it boosts my mobility. Since all the cruisers up to T10 with fully upgraded hulls have a rudder shift of 7.1sec Steering gears is not really necessary, so having propulsion combined with my already fast rudder is a good combo. THis gives you high mobility which should allow you to not take hits thus kinda making Damage Control Mod 2 irrelevant. 5 Slot: Concealment System Mod 1- This is a very important choice and one which the entire loadout is based upon. Concealment mod allows your detectability to be very low as your stock concealment is already higher than other nations. This high concealment allows you to position yourself and bring all your weapons to bare before launching the attack, if need be you can hold fire and maneuver to drop off detection. 6 Slot: Main Battery mod 3 or Torpedo tubes mod 3 - this is again to personal tastes though I recommend taking main battery as the high detectability of the torps in the current meta especially at high tiers outweighs their capability. Consumables: Catapult Fighter Hydroacoustic - I would recommend this only for tiers 6 - 7 as CV threat is not that significant and close range battles are common. At high tiers Def AA is a must. This depends on your playstyle if your looking for extra AA protection then go AA if your DD hunting or doing close range work which the night battle streaty is all about stick with Hydro. Repair Party Commander Skills: 1 point: Preventative Maintenance, Direction center, and Priority Target 2 point: Expert Marksman 3 point: Demo Expert, Superintendent 4 point: Concealment Expert, AFT Most the these skills enhance your ability to do damage and boost survivability, Japanese cruiser armor is quite good compared with other nations but are still vulnerable to BBs and other cruisers. The first slot of skills allows you to reduce the chance of your primary armament going down and boosts survivability for both surface and air action. Expert marksman is a no brainer for your very slow turret traverse. Third point skills are also straightforward, though you could sub in BFT if you're looking for more of an AA build/support role though I would only recommend this on the Moyoko, Ibuki and Zao as they have better AA armaments. For the four point slots Concealment is important as combined with Concealment mod it makes you a ninja and the main point of this build, and AFT for a boost in AA especially for mid to high tier play when CVs are more numerous. Playstayle: Using the basis of the night attack strategy it is quite clear how to utilize your ship. As a cruiser you're job is to escort and support other ships since IJN cruisers do not have good AA your primary tasks will be to deal support damage and kill DDs. Use your concealment to maneuver to an advantageous position, take the time to bring all weapons to bare. You have to choose your engagements carefully and make sure you have an upper hand and the element of surprise. Once you're ready you can start the attack with either a stealth torp launch or main battery, once the target is eliminated go back to being a ghost or if conditions become unfavorable drop off detectability and reposition. Conclusion: This build is strictly using the Japanese disadvantage to your advantage and is revolved around sneaking to allow you to be in an advantageous position for your attack. Just like IJN tactics during the war which worked to a surprising effect against ships more advanced than theirs. IJN ships in game are not really cut out for support roles as they lack good AA, smoke, or good Hydro but they do make up for HE, accuracy, long range torps. There is a lot of freedom in this build and you can tailor it to however you want to play it. Though the main focus is concealment which gives you that positioning capability and fight on your terms, don't be afraid to hold fire till you're close or in position.
  5. USS New York Upgrades

    Hi! I'm fairly new at playing randoms and am unsure what upgrades to get for the USS New York, Damage Control 1 seems pretty obvious but the other two I am not so sure about. The wiki recommended anything for the first slot and AA for the other. So "anything" doesn't really help me make an informed choice and AA seems like a peculiar suggestion when in the con section it's stated that even with upgrades the AA is terrible so I was wondering if I should maybe for the artillery plotting room upgrade. Thank you so much for your time and advice!
  6. Who does think WG needs to give us more available spaces when new players join ?? I am just with an lv 4 American ship and I just have 9 spaces available and I play with japanese nation and American nation. Who does agree with me ??????? Before any questions , I am from Brazil.
  7. Hi there! If you are a new player, allow me to welcome you to World of Warships and to point out some of what you will experience here. I will preface everything that follows by telling you that I am not a great player. I am perhaps slightly above average. But I have been around a while, have been active (albeit with few posts) on the forums, and have played a lot of games here. World of Warships recently having been added to Steam, I expect we will see an influx of new players. Maybe you are one of them. If you have been playing games online a while, you likely know that there are often issues with what can be loosely termed as "toxicity" among players, in the game and on the forums. Not everyone is rude or hyper-critical, but those that are can poison the experience with just a few lines of text. So, allow me to suggest that you do your best to ignore it when you see it, particularly if it is directed at you or your game play. In game there is a function for reporting players. Make use of that if you feel it is merited. But try not to engage in a shouting match with another player. It really never helps. The fact that you are here, reading this, suggests that you are one of the relative few interested in engaging in the community beyond simply playing the game. Please consider this forum an opportunity to learn about the complexities of the game. There is a lot of knowledge in the people that visit here regularly, and you can tap into that. But there are a few important suggestions I would like to make. Forgive me laying them out this way, but I believe these are important: 1. Claims that the game is broken or that a ship is terrible because you are not doing well will generally not be well received. Such posts, if I can generalize on behalf of this forum, are usually viewed with a jaundiced eye, the impression that because one person is having a hard time everything should change to better suit them difficult to be patient and understanding with. This comes from having seen such posts many, many, many times. As an alternative, a simple declaration of "I need help with X" because I do not understand it or am not doing well with it" will generally receive helpful hints and suggestions. Trolling is frowned upon. Posts designed to be incendiary or divisive will often result in your being labeled as a troll. This can make it difficult for you to receive constructive feedback on your non-troll posts. Avoid being a troll. 2. Understand that this is a game of surprising complexity that is covered in a veneer of arcade-game simplicity. Some players will never scratch beneath that veneer. Your being here suggests that you want to delve a little deeper into the game. You will find a lot of people here willing to help you do that. But please try to avoid falling prey to the temptation to write a "this game is bad because" post in the style mentioned in #1 (above) while you are learning about the game. 3. Youtube is your friend. Type "WoWS how to (insert your ship name here)" and you will likely find multiple different videos from various contributors, each with something you might find valuable. 4. Information is your ally. You can find a great deal of information at: The World of Warships Wiki. Take some time and get familiar with the ships you are playing. And learn about the ships you are playing against. Just got your butt handed to you by something you did not expect or see coming? Don't rage about it on the forums, learn about how it happened and how to prevent falling prey to it again. 5. Be Patient. This cannot be overstated. There is a lot to learn, appreciate, and enjoy in this game. Trying to learn and experience it all in a hurry is almost certain to be a frustrating and demoralizing experience. Take your time. Play lots of games in low-tier ships. Don't rush into higher-tier play until you really have a grasp on what your current tier has to teach you. There is no great reward for reaching Tier 10. Sure, the ships are better. But if you rush to get there you will not understand the fundamentals of playing at that tier, and you will be playing against players with many thousands of games under their belt and a deep understanding of how the game works to rely on. Learn all the fundamentals you can before you approach high-tier play. You are much more likely to enjoy this game long term with this approach. If you are a veteran of the game I hope you will understand what I am trying to do here and that I am asking for your help. This is especially true if you have a position of leadership (CC, Youtuber, Super-Unicum, Unicum, Clan Leader, Prolific Forum Poster, etc.) or any other relatively high-profile position or standing. Please consider that the culture in a hierarchy is generally top-down. Those in the spotlight are being watched, and likely emulated, by those that admire them or aspire to become like them. What tone and attitude toward our fellow players, new players in particular, are we demonstrating? Is it the one we want to demonstrate? For most of us the answer will be yes, wherever we fall on the spectrum between helpful and critical. But if you are considering this for the first time, remember that you can decide to present yourself however you want and that the way you present yourself can and will have an impact on others. Please know that I am not calling anyone out. I understand that there are many different personalities and that my view is not the "right" one, or any more important or valid than yours. I also understand that there are times when being blunt is quite appropriate. I am just trying to shine a light on something and sincerely hoping for your thoughts and input, our collectively finding a way to help new players that are interested in learning about the game and becoming a part of the community the goal. How might we offer those interested a way to get help, to learn about the game, and to access some of the accumulated wealth of information locked in your minds in a structured and easy to find way? How might we point new players toward resources and experienced players in order to maximize the chance that they will become a part of our community? For example, one idea I had (not sure it is a good idea, but it is an idea) was to provide an email address for new players to send game files to an experienced player asking for constructive criticism. Thoughts? I realize there are a great many efforts already in place along these lines. In no way am I minimizing their importance or effectiveness. This includes the recent request by WoWS NA here on these forums to create a new-player training regimen, among others. Thanks for reading. I know this is a longer-than normal forum post. Respects, Am
  8. The Soul Collectors are harvesting. its gonna be a long cold winter. and people are gonna be sitting inside in the cold dead winter, so if you got little to no experience, aren't a total dweeb, and have a twisted sence of humor, like to have fun, and want to learn a little about the game with out the pressures of being really competitive, talk to me in game, and i will talk to you about membership. following rules apply...... 1. Must be 18 or older no exceptions. 2. we use team speak 3 for voice comms, and would like to have people to chat with while harvesting souls. 3. we like dead baby jokes. 4. no real attendance rules, except you must be somewhat active. by that, helping to produce the oil for the naval base so that maybe one day we can become active in clan battles. 5, don't be a window licker. 6. must be willing to make a blood sacrifice to RNGesus. (we don't care if its yours, or even human. but we will need some.) 7. ship requirments: do you have one? yes? great. good enough. contact me here, or live in game. for info. also you can contact our commander and dc . soulcollector666 and bigviss.
  9. how to play tier 5+ brtish crusiers

    so i just got the tier 5 brtish crusier and i dont really know what to do with it camp in smokes?,support,follow destoryers? (btw this is my first tier 5)
  10. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    Hello Captains! Welp, it's no real secret that World of Warships is coming to Steam. Soon, we might have an influx of a large number of players. So here's a common thread I see for our current tutorial mode for World of Warships: - The mode doesn't teach players well enough about the game - More advanced mechanics should be taught - "The noobs keep torping allies" - Etc Alright then, YOU HAVE MY EAR. Here is a contest, I want to hear your ideas in order to teach new players about World of Warships. What are your ideas? How can we do better? -Now, I'm not exactly asking anyone to make a bunch of tutorial videos, but if you want to, go for it. -Do you want something like a mentor system? Tell me more about it. -Do you have a grouping of videos you suggest? -Etc So I legitimately want your constructive ideas. At the end of the contest I will submit your ideas up and work with the necessary teams to get it implemented (it doesn't even have to be development related). Your idea won't go unrewarded either. If I pick your idea, you will get: - Enterprise (or doubloon value if you have it) - Scharnhorst (or doubloon value if you have it) - One "Brand New Ship" that isn't released yet, but will be by Contest end - Three Port Slots - 20 x Sci-Fi Camo - The "Coo of Boom" Flag THE RULES Constructive Ideas only. I will personally hide your non-constructive ideas. No insulting other peoples ideas in this thread. That's a bad. You're better than that. Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest ideas when you post it on the forum, as outlined in the “11. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service. By submitting your entry, you agree to the Wargaming Official Sweepstakes Rules. Any violations of the above rules will disqualify your entry. Also, bear in mind I will be the sole picker of your idea (with some team input). This is hyper-subjective, so please understand that though your idea might be great, it might not be what I'm looking for at the time. DEADLINE: Friday 12/01 at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. I await to hear how the veteran community will help make the new community GIT GUD.
  11. Match Maker WR vs EXP

    I am convinced. Match Maker has nothing to do with Win Rate, not exactly. But everything to do with Experience, but not exactly. If you have a high WR, (+50%) but a low Exp, or a high Exp., but low (-50) WR, you will get put on a team with similar stats. It doesn't matter how well you play, because, if you get put on a team, that, at the beginning, what ever the history says, Match Maker Monitor will tell you if are going to win or lose. So, if you run Match Maker Monitor, if you are destined to lose, do as much damage as you can, because there is a very good chance, you won't be victorious, might as well get as much exp as you can. But if it says you will win, follow those that have the highest exp because they will gobble up what experience you would like to achieve. Take what you can. Your team will probably win. End of discussion.
  12. A new breed?

    So, we have a new influx of players, but it seems like we have an inordinate number of them who have been sold on the idea that they must reach Tier 10 as quickly as possible, There are always wallet warriors, but it seems like the new players are nothing but. Day after day I see silly questions from players in top tier ships, or players trolling others, only to realize that the player has less than 1000 battles. Is this the new norm? I'm sure this is good for WG's bottom line, but is it good for the game?
  13. I've been playing for only about 2 months, concentrating on BB & DD (IJN and USS) lines. I'm working on Tier 4 - 5 now and am tired of fighting solo. I'd really like to learn the finer points of team play. I'm continuing the Random Battles for the time being, but look forward to hearing from someone. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Katz
  14. I have only been playing WoWS since July 2016 and have no experience with WoT so this kind of game was fairly new to me. I made several mistakes early on that I now regret and figure I will pass on what I know to new players so they can avoid the same mistakes I made. #1 If you are still early in the game, stop and start over with a referral code or invite code. The premium ships are well worth it and you get some nice freebies as well. What you get in the end for free is worth nearly $50 US and you won't regret it. #2 Do not buy anything at first. Wait until you understand the basics first and what nation appeals to you before you spend real money. I played a few games, fell in love, and immediately ran to premium store and bought 3 premium ships, all Russian, even though I ended up mainly playing US ships. They were cheap and on sale but they did me little good in training up my US captains. Things have changed for me and been grinding up the Russian line so in the end I did well HOWEVER: #3 Don't bother keeping a captain in a premium ship nor bother to grind a premium ship captain unless you do not plan to pursue that nations normal tech tree. Any captain of the same nation as your premium ship can drive it and getting experience for your captains is very important. Do this even if you don't understand it early, you will figure it out eventually. #4 Try to play to get the first win bonus every day, it REALLY makes a difference. #5 Pay attention to what rank you are in your service level. Check this constantly to find out what rewards you will get at the next rank. You get several days of premium time at different ranks, I ended up not being able to take advantage of this because it immediately activated during the week when I had very little time to play the game. When you are close to getting your next service level and the reward is premium time, hold off playing until you have the time to use it. Premium time is great, you will love it so don't waste the free premium time. This is important when playing Ranked Battles as well so pay attention there to what rewards you get and when. #6 Play Ranked battles even if you are just an average player. At the early stages they just throw prizes at you like crazy as well as credits and experience. I play almost exclusively PvE but had fun in Ranked play for a while. Stop playing it when it feels like a chore (for me it was rank 16) or you feel you are just letting your team down. The prizes are great! #7 When you are comfortable with game and start to buy Premium ships, try to stay with ships at minimum tier 4. Lower tiered premiums are fun, BUT for many events and campaigns you need at least a Tier 4 ship to participate. You do not feel your time is wasted during an event if your ship meets that requirement. Lower tiered ships are great, don't get me wrong, just spend your money wisely at first then collect whatever you want later on. #8 Have a premium ship for each nation you plan to work on. It does not matter what kind of premium ship (ie destroyer, cruiser, battleship, carrier) just have one for each nation. It makes grinding captains so much easier and it matters very little if you put your carrier captain in a premium destroyer to help grind experience points. It also helps for retraining captains to new ships as you advance in tiers along a nation's tech tree. #9 Don't avoid other nations ship lines. There are lots of reasons for this but I failed to realize a very important thing early on. Sometimes events are nation specific, you need a US ship to participate in an event, for instance. I missed out on one event because I had no Japanese ships. Just make sure you get them to tier 4 as this has been the minimum level required so far that I have seen. Learning a bit about the ships you are going to face is a help as well. #10 Even if you plan on being a "free to play" player, buy some doubloons. Does not have to be much, think around $5 - $10 worth. They will come in handy as you play. Not going to explain why, you will figure it out. #11 There are many things that are not obvious to a new player in the game, important things that you need to learn about. Watch YouTube videos of people like Nosler, Mighty Jingles, iEarlGrey, etc and listen to the Warships Podcast in order to learn. I was tier 4 before I realized that there were upgrades available to install on each ship..... Seems stupid now but like I said, had no experience with Wargaming's series of games. If any of these people say something you don't understand, look it up or ask in the forums. It really, really, really helps your gameplay. #12 Play the game Player vs Player mostly. The rewards are much better, you make tons of credits, and get tons of experience points. If you get tired of losing or get frustrated with the game, switch to Player vs Environment (Co-op) for a few games. Its fun and much less frustrating than PvP but the rewards are tiny in comparison. When you unlock a brand new ship in your tech tree, always try it out in PvE first. People are much more forgiving and performance stress is much less. Get familiar with the ship in PvE and then take it into PvP. #13 Lastly read the forums and Wargaming's website for information you may like to know. Reddit has a great WoWS thread and good idea to at least monitor the discussions there as well. Staying up to date on events, freebies, etc really adds to the experience of the game. There are tons of things that I could have added but many of these that I listed were mistakes I made early on and now wish I could go back and correct. WoWS is a beautifully rendered and entertaining game, enjoy it.
  15. (This is my very first guide ever. So I apologize in advance for anything that's below par here.) There are five Nations in World of Warships, and all of them are unique. Back when I started playing World of Warships, I was a bit frustrated at the lack of a clear, simple Nation Guide to help me along my way up the Tech Trees, not knowing exactly what awaited me later. As such, I will be posting a relatively simple guide to each Class, and along with it an easy-to-understand description of what each nation of that Class specializes in. Do note that these Nation descriptions do NOT apply to Premium ships, which tend to be unique among their class/nation. Cruisers: Cruisers have the widest array of utility of any class by far. Some have devastating AA, some have Radar to see through Smoke, some have high rates of fire, some have high stealth and long-range torpedoes, and some even get smoke. Reasonably fast, good and reliable damage, and agile, Cruisers are quite easily the team's major damage output if played correctly, but if not played correctly, they are destroyed incredibly easily. Now as for each Nation.... America: The USN's Cruisers tends to have some of the best guns of any Cruiser line, having good fire chances, good penetration on the AP, and fantastic stealth. The real draw to them is their escort and support abilities, which are easily the best in the entire game. Only the Tier 4 Phoenix, Tier 5 Omaha, and Tier 7 Premium Atlanta have torpedoes equipped, which can cause issues in close ranged engagements, but the power and effectiveness of the AA and guns are hopefully good enough to make up for it. US Cruisers have a great rate of fire for their caliber, fantastic stealth, and long-lasting Radar starting at Tier 8. The US' Cruisers are difficult to use well, and I can only recommend the ships past Tier 6 for experienced cruiser players, but you can turn an entire fight around if your US Cruiser play is on-point. Japan: Imperial Cruisers are equipped with long range torpedoes and numerous and/or powerful guns. They're fast, have powerful armaments, but aren't very responsive. The guns have the slowest rotation of any cruiser line and have a decidedly average reload, and they don't turn particularly well. They work best from behind other ships, and where they have the range to deal damage but also have the freedom to cease fire and stealth-up again, where they can launch torpedoes from stealth if things go South. They lack the utility of other cruisers, including AA and Radar, but they make up for it with pure damage output and stealthiness. Germany: Germany's Cruisers are all about the Armor Piercing. Their guns are the same size or smaller than their contemporaries, but are considered high-velocity, meaning the shells fly fast, straight and accurate, as well as making the AP devastating while the HE suffers. They also have some of the fastest-turning turrets on any Cruisers. Their Hydroacoustic Searches go out wider than any other nation's, but the quality of their AA tends to vary widely. From bow-on, German Cruisers tend to be very reluctant to take damage from other Cruisers. In return, hitting them anywhere else will hurt them quite a bit. They tend to have 6 kilometer-range torpedoes mounted on the sides, and they get a fairly good number of them later on in the tiers. They do have good gun range, but I find that they work equally well at brawling should it come to that. Russia: Russia's Cruisers are the fastest Cruisers in the game, the longest ranged, and the fastest reload of almost any cruiser depending on the tier. However, they turn worse than most battleships, have awful armor, their torpedoes may as well not exist and the detection is terrible. They're dedicated support ships with great range, good AA and long-range Radar. Their massive detect ranges make them incredibly hard to carry matches with, but work very well in Divisions where you can easily coordinate with teammates. The incredibly low-caliber of their guns makes the Captain Skill "IFHE" almost mandatory on every ship until the Tier 10 ship, Moskva, which has massive guns for a Cruiser, at which point IFHE becomes useless, thus requiring a respec for your captain. Britain: Britain's light cruiser line isn't anything like the other nations'. They're equipped with smoke generators and a repair consumable to help compensate for their atrocious armor. However, they do not get the Defensive Fire ability that every other cruiser (and even some Carriers) get, nor do they get High Explosive rounds. Instead, they get Semi-Armor Piercing rounds, which are very very hard to bounce. The Brits also get 152mm guns that reload extremely fast, but do very little damage and have long shell travel times. They're fast and can accelerate while turning, and have good detection ranges. Frankly, these act more like Destroyers than cruisers. But notably, the smoke deploys for an incredibly short period of time, and the ships take a long time to slow and stop, making the smoke quite difficult to use. France: The French cruisers are like a combination of the Japanese and Russian cruisers, with an Engine Boost consumable attached. The AA is poor and the citadels are large and obvious, but they have torpedoes with good range and 203mm guns with great HE, like the Japanese, and they're very fast, have excellent range and a good rate of fire, like the Russians. The AP is indeed strong, but it has abysmal penetration values, meaning it should only ever be used at very close ranges. They do NOT get radar and the concealment values are either average or outright bad depending on the tier. Battleships- Battleships, contrary to what their players always say, have seen a huge number of buffs in recent times, and are now- rightfully so- considered bar-none the easiest class to play. The only thing they are meant to do is tank damage and deal damage. They have slow reloads, slow turret rotations, slow engines and slow rudders. The hope is you land your shots on a vulnerable place and essentially erase a ship in one shot. And while that is possible, higher tiers become much harder to successfully delete ships in single salvos due to the ranges of engagement. America: United States battleships used to be the premiere brawling ships in the game, featuring incredibly tough Citadels and strong guns. However, after the German battleships were introduced as even better brawlers, the USN fell out of style. Recently, they received large range buffs that totally shift their intended purpose. The USN is now the best line for Sniper battleships, featuring better turning than some Destroyers, range very much comparable to Japanese battleships and sometimes longer, decent stealth (for their size) and good accuracy. They are EXTREMELY slow until the Tier 9 Iowa, and the reload speeds are simply put bad, even for battleship standards, but their guns are reliable and long ranged, hopefully making up for that shortcoming. Japan: The Japanese battleships can fire on targets from an incredible distance and have more than a few secondaries. They're dramatically faster than the USN Battleships, but fall behind the Germans around the time of Tier 7. Though they do have impressive range, the accuracy is not as inspiring, and the IJN Battleships find themselves more at home in mid-range. The AA is terrible and the armor unimpressive, usually more comparable to a Cruiser's, but the IJN's ability to function at any given range is a strength that shouldn't be ignored. Germany: German battleships have a huge amount of excellent secondary armament and fast-firing main guns. Their gun range is good, but the accuracy and number of guns is abysmal. The armor is quite good, however, and can ricochet almost any kind of armor piercing from the front. Their Citadels are hard to reach, and the reload on their numerically-inferior guns is very good for a Battleship. Brawlers through and through. The AA is inconsistent, being awful at lower tiers, but ships like the Tier 7 Gneisenau have fantastic AA as well as a Hydroacoustic consumable. They are easy battleships to play, but a more experienced player will likely find better results with another line. Britain: British battleships, as they are at this moment, are very likely to be nerfed hard in the future. As such, I'm reluctant to give them a full rundown at this point in time. But the gist as of this point is that their HE is ridiculously strong, the AP is terrible, they have a good Heal, and great concealment. The HP pool is much smaller than other battleships, but the citadel is incredibly low to the water and very hard to punish. The last two ships in the line, Lion and Conqueror, have reached Global Damage Averages that surpass that of even the Tier 10 Japanese Carrier Hakuryu. There really isn't much else to say- the throw out HE, watch things burn, and get a ton of XP for it while being incredibly durable. Destroyers- Small guns and basically made of paper, Destroyers are the fastest ships in the game, as well as the stealthiest and have the most torpedoes. Destroyers tend to fire HE at everything to set them on fire, though some ships are susceptible to their AP at closer ranges. Destroyers all get an Engine Boost, which increases their speed, and a Smoke Screen, which will conceal your exact position and help you escape. For each nation... America: They have the fastest firing guns in the game, which can turn them into fire hoses with no trouble, and the best smoke of any ships by far. The torpedoes don't extend beyond detect range until Tier 8, but they have better reach than the Russians'. Starting at Tier 6, they acquire the option to trade one of their turrets in exchange for the AA Fire consumable that Cruisers use. They're the best support and capping ships in the game, though they tend to suffer when firing at extreme ranges. Japan: These destroyers have the best concealment in the game, and the longest ranged torpedoes. Their guns are slow to turn, slow to reload and have short range, and have especially bad AA. Torpedo boats, and not much else, seeing as anything besides another IJN Destroyer will outgun you no problem. Japan Line 2: A first for World of Warships, the Imperial DD line split in two at Tier 5. Both lines specialize with torpedoes, but the second line ends at Tier 8 with the Akizuki, an oddball in the IJN line, as it has incredibly good guns. Russia: The Russian Destroyers have the strongest and longest ranged guns of any Destroyers, and are the fastest ships in the game on top of it. Their AP can damage larger ships more reliably than the Americans', but the guns turn and reload slower- though not as slow as the IJN's- and their torpedoes have extremely short range until Tier 8. The AA isn't as bad as the IJN, but it's still Destroyer AA- as in it's still bad. They also, naturally, have the worst concealment ranges of any DD. The standard line can trade in smoke for a battleship's repair party at Tier 9 and 10 for the Tashkent and Khabarovsk. Russia Line 2: The second Russian line trades a few knots of speed for the ability to equip the Anti-Aircraft consumable USN DDs and most Cruisers gets at the cost of their speed boost consumable, and they're stealthier. This is the only real difference worth noting. Germany: German Destroyers are more niche ships than anything else. They're torpedo boats and Anti-cap ships at heart, having terrible smoke, mediocre HE, and bad turning radii. They do however have the Hydroacoustic Search consumable, which can render the smoke of another Destroyer utterly worthless and even turn it into a liability as enemy ships cannot see through the smoke of their own Destroyers while your Hydro Search can. Their torpedoes don't do a ton of damage, but they reload reasonably fast and, more importantly, are hard to see coming. Aircraft Carriers- Carriers are the most difficult class in the game. They use planes instead of shells, and these planes have 'ammo limits'. They are completely defenseless against enemy ships and rely entirely on not being seen in order to survive. But they also rely on positioning to minimize the return times of the planes. America: American Cvs have planes that are stronger than their IJN counterpart tier-for-tier and they can choose between fire-starting HE Dive Bombs or powerful AP bombs (Tier 8 and up), but they have no squad options besides their stock loadouts. They're incredibly static and unforgivably predictable, and while a few of the earlier Carriers might still teach the basics fairly well, they have a very hard time competing with the increasing numbers of Premium CVs, increasingly hostile AA, and even their IJN counterparts until Tiers 9 and 10. Japan: Japan can only used mixed aircraft load outs, but they also get more squadrons to use. They also get worse planes all around with smaller squadrons, but they move a little bit faster. Although the planes aren't as strong, the sheer number of attacking planes can easily overwhelm most ships and even some Fighters. The ships themselves are stealthier and faster, and as such can creep closer to the front lines without being spotted, but the self-defense AA is quite a bit worse. The IJN CVs can gain significantly better results, but are also much much harder to master. This concludes the basic guide. Next is the recommended nations for each line. Cruisers: Japanese. The Tier 5 Furutaka in the Japanese line gives very early and effective insight as to how you should play the Cruisers in other nations at about Tier 7 and up, and on top of that don't really have any specific gimmick to worry about. They can easily teach the essentials of Cruiser gameplay while still being effective. Battleships: German. The German BBs at all tiers are very easy to use (arguably too easy to use in some cases) and can function well regardless of skill level. Once you get the idea, try the newly improved USN battleships or the always-dependable IJN battleships. Destroyers: American. USN Destroyers are fantastic support ships and fantastic capping ships. They do everything you need a Destroyer to do fairly well and only get gradually better at it as the tiers get higher. Carriers: Japanese. IJN CVs are not easy to use, but the reworks to USN CVs renders them basically useless until about Tiers 8 and 9. The USN is still easier to utilize, but are at such a huge disadvantage now that I cannot recommend them any longer, so the IJN gets this vote by default. These recommendations are purely my opinion, and yours will quite likely be different. I hope you got something out of my Nation Guide, whether you're starting out or if you're wondering about how a certain nation you haven't played yet worked. Feel free to leave any feedback or corrections and I'll make adjustments as necessary.
  16. Welcome to Naval Tactics series in this multi-part series we are going to explore naval tactics and strategy from the 20th century. We will look at historical naval tactics used and the experiences from the Russo-Japanese war, Battle of Jutland, and World War II. Then we will discuss ways to implement some of these basic tactics in game. This guide will not go in depth into the strategy only those which can be brought over and used in game to a certain degree. These tactics are mainly going to be focused on the use battleships however it can be applied to cruisers and to a certain extent destroyers. (my drawings aren't the best so bare with me) In part 1 we will cover: 1. Crossing the "T" 2. Line Formation 1. Crossing the "T" (Click to enlarge) Legend: Black - Allied Ships Red - Enemy Ships Blue - Direction of Movement Grey - Friendly Fire Orange - Enemy Fire In crossing the "T" friendly ships will attempt to sail horizontally in front of the enemy this will allow all friendly ships to fire at the enemy from the broadside allowing all the guns to fire. While in return the enemy only has its front guns being able to fire back. However in game this presents a problem even if the enemy can only fire its forward turrets your broadside is exposed and you risk a citadel hit(s). (Click to enlarge) We will use a modified version of crossing the T, instead of just sailing across showing your belt armor we will slightly angle it to one side either toward the enemy to get closer or away from the enemy to get farther. This slight angle will reduce the chance of your citadel getting hit and reduce damage taken as some shells should bounce off your armor. This gives you both the benefits of a full broadside attack while still retaining good protection. 2. Line Formation (Click to enlarge) Like the name says you sail in a horizontal line. You can see this in game sometimes at the beginning of a match as the battleships are sailing horizontally in the back of the map exchanging shots. Basically you sail horizontally while the enemy does the same, either in the same direction as the enemy or opposite. Both sides have their broadsides showing and they exchange fire. This tactic was used heavily in the age of sail, the Russo-Japanese war, and the Battle of Jutland. Both sides exchange fire till one retreats or gets sunk, its a battle of attrition. Again this presents a problem in WOWS as your citadel is exposed, I would only recommend using this tactic at long range where the shells start plunging down (Plunging Fire) on the deck armor instead of the belt where the citadel is. If you want to use this tactic in medium range just like with Crossing the T you should angle your armor to one side to maximize protection of your citadel. Battleships should be the only ones to use this as their strong belt armor can take the punishment, cruisers such as the Nuremberg or Cleveland should not attempt this maneuver. This is the end of part 1
  17. How to play your ship Effectively Part 1 So you just got a brand new ship and you might be wondering "hmmm should I mount defensive AA.........nah......how about hydro......i can't decide" or not sure which modules to mount on your ship. Well this guide will help you outfit your ship to fit your play style or role you want to play. There are going to be four sections each building on the foundation of the other. Thoughout this guide I am going to use this train of thought and keeo this in mind when outfitting or buying a new ship, "What do I want to do with this ship/what role(s) do I want to fill" 1. Pick a Nation 2. Pick a class of ship 3. Capabilities of the ship 4. Outfitting your ship 1. Pick a nation Each nation has its strengths and weakness, they play very differently from one another. This is one of the most important steps as everything else ahead will be build around this base. I am going to briefly cover the main attributes of the four current main nations, if you want more information about each nation got to the WG wiki here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships USA - Very good AA guns, decent armor, decent main gun characteristics, Battleships have strong "all or nothing" armor, poor torpedoes, mid to top tier cruisers lack torpedoes, gun focused ​Japan - Very good torpedoes, good concealment, good maneuverability, Battleships have longest ranges in game, good HE damage, poor turret traverse, poor AA guns, moderate armor, Germany - In between US and Japan, moderate AA guns, good AP shells, good maneuverability, moderate torpedoes, Battleships have good armor when angled and fast turret traverse, poor armor, fast reloading guns, basically an Anti-cruiser and DD nation Russia - Very good HE shells and shell velocity, good speed, poor armor, poor AA guns, decent torpedoes 2. Pick a class Once you have chosen the nation you want to play now its onto the next step, pick which class to play. There are four classes in the game Destroyers, Cruisers, Battleships, Aircraft Carriers. This is very important each class has a specific role to fill you do want to pick a destroyer and play it like a battleship, this will only send you back to the harbor over and over again. Here is a brief overview of each class if you want more information refer to the WG wiki. Destroyer - Are often called upon to scout out enemy positions, provide support - either with a smokescreen or as a distraction - and/or perform precise strikes on individual targets behind enemy lines using their concealment to attack with torpedoes. Cruiser - Are multi-role ships often called upon to hunt down enemy destroyers, perform quick response duties, escort and protect battleships and aircraft carriers from various threats, provide an additional layer of defense...whatever needs to be done at any given moment. Battleship - Are the heaviest, and some of the most powerful ships in the game. They can rain fire upon enemies with impunity due to their long gun ranges, weather more fire than any other class but they have poor maneuverability and are vulnerable to torpedoes Aircraft Carrier - Provide readily available air support to the naval fleets under their charge. While they can project power virtually anywhere on the battlefield, carriers are incredibly vulnerable when enemies have penetrated or circled your team's defenses, with no player-controlled guns and only AI-controlled secondaries to defend themselves. 3. Capabilities of the ship (Click to enlarge) Once you find a ship and bought it, it is time to look at the characteristics of the ship. You want to look at all the parameters first like the overall armaments, where are the turrets placed, gun caliber, does it have torpedoes, AA rating, maneuverability, armor, etc. Once you have looked though it you want to see what are the best capabilities of the ship (find the highest ratings) you want to modify your ship and enhance those characteristics. For example my Nuremberg has good artillery, decent maneuverability and concealment, it also carries torpedoes 4x3 tubes. I would want to outfit the ship to enhance these capabilities and compensate for the other poorer components of the ship like armor. 4. Outfitting your ship This is where we put all of the sections together, you have figured out what nation(s), class, and found the strengths and weakness of your ship. I will be using my Nuremberg for this example on outfitting your ship to fit your play style/role. I will be going though all the four sections from the beginning to the end 1. Germany has good AP ammo, decent maneuverability, decent AA, cruisers from tier 5+ all have decent torpedoes, somewhat poor armor for cruisers, poor HE damage, high HP pool 2. I am using the tier 6 German cruiser the Nuremberg since it is a cruiser it is multi role ship and mainly used to attack Destroyers and other Cruisers 3. From the previous sections I can see that since German cruisers have strong AP and poor armor I would want to attack Destroyers and other curisers more then battleships as my poor HE damage will to limited effect. The Nuremberg also as an unsually turrent arragment with two turrets in the rear, becasue of this I am going to use hit and run attacks. After looking over at my ratings I want this ship to be a Destroyer and Cruiser hunter mainly. <-- The way you outfit your ship should follow your set role 4. Outfitting my ship Equipment Since I want to hunt Destroyers and Cruisers I want to take: Main Armaments mod 1 - To protect my main armaments which are my torpedoes and 6 inch guns Main battery mod 2 - The increased turret traverse will help me target Destroyers and Cruisers at medium to short ranges Damage control 1 - To reduce damage taken as I don't have damage control party to replenish HP Steering gears mod 2 - The increase rudder shift will help me avoid torpedoes at short ranges when hunting Destroyers or Cruisers, also the boost to maneuverability will help me to avoid enemy shells as my armor is not good Abilities Hydroacoustic search - Used when hunting Destroyers to spot Destroyers and torpedoes and very useful when sailing close or into a smokescreen. Basically I modified my ship to have improved mobility, protecting my primary armaments, and selecting the hydo ability all of this becasue my role that I want to play is to Hunt enemy Destroyers and Cruisers. I did not use any AA modifications or take the defensive AA ability becasue the Nuremberg AA is not that great even if you where to take defensive AA fire it will only have a limited effect as most of the AA guns are 20mm. If I wanted to have good AA I would have used the Cleveland instead. You want to pick a Nation and ship that already fits 80% of a role you want to play and the rest 20% is you enhancing it with modifications. ----------------------------------------------------------------- This is the end of Part 1 in Part 2 I will continue on with captain skills. I also do suggest that you can also watch videos on YouTube by ichase, Notser, etc, as they have individual ship guides that may help however keep in mind it is also their own way of playing the ship and it is more specific then this guide.. This guide is not how to play a specific ship or way, its just to help you with deciding on what equipment to take for the role you are playing so you can be more effective. I hope you find this guide useful and god hunting
  18. Newbies should not ...

    I'm starting this thread as a guide in hope of giving guidance in a fun way to new players. Complete the sentence I'm a noob when I ....
  19. Hi All: I'd like to share a resource for new players that introduces you to some of the folks that play the game and can offer some tips and tricks and advice. Please take a look at this interview with Wastingsometime Gaming. There are 9 episodes in the Series, including an interview with iChase Gaming, Lert, Fiaura the Tank Girl and more: I hope you enjoy them! Tanks! Latest Episode:
  20. I have tried to bring a couple friends on and they are at tier 3 now. I got tier 1's again to help start them out and such. They are currently at tier 3 and ready to quit because a Kongo, Omaha, Murmansk, New York, Minekazi, Marblehead and the sheer number of fives that they have been facing at tier 3 has left them quite discouraged. I personally did not face such formidable ships when I was new and played the tier 3's. Since the patch I have noticed that 2 - 3 tier 3's are in the games and it seems odd. My friends and I went into a match with 2 Umikaze's and a St Louis only to face 90% tier 5's and also faced the "fail division" comments from our team. Well, the outcome was exactly what you might think with the St Louis being 1 volley shot by a Kongo and 1 Umikaze being obliterated early due to tier and inexperience. I however made it to the end of the game with final kill of their CV. This only demonstrates that experience could allow me to face tier 5 with a tier 2 but new players should not be constantly exposed too tier 5 with their new tier 3's. This will cause the same reaction my friends are feeling right now, wanting to quit at tier 3. This could be a disaster for you WG.
  21. I found out last night that since the USS Atlanta has been pulled from the tech tree and shop, many new players don't know what it's capabilities are. If you run into one, it can be a very painful experience. Here's a video I made yesterday about such a fight.
  22. Recruitment Rewards

    I cant post in suggestions yet, but soon I hope so I will put it out here how about getting some kind of Reward for recruiting players to WOWS? mabey some gold packs for recruiting so many players, recruit 25 new players and get a premium ship? something like that, Let me know what yall think please again sorry for posting here, but son I will have enough to post in the other sections, guess im still a forum noobie, lol
  23. Hi guys! I'm still waiting to get into the game, so I have no experience with WOW. I have been watching a lot of videos on the different classes of ships. So here's my dilemma. All of them make each class of ship look so awesome that it's difficult as a new player with no game experience to determine what might be the best class for a new player so start with in the game. Now that so many of you have had so much experience with the different classes of ships, perhaps you could give those of us who have not played yet some insight as to which might best suit a new player? Give us your opinions, reason why you think a certain class would be better, what would be the advantages for a new person to use that class of ship or what might be the disadvantages for a new person using a certain class of ship. Your ideas and insight would be most valuable and welcome. Thanks!