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Found 8 results

  1. Welcome to REVY! What I pledge to you, Is a the base built to its maximum potential from oil earned by the members. Looking for Captains that Want some Clan wars but not a job. You want a Tag and the perks of the base the Clan Then please join us. Lock and Load a fresh Mag and Sail on! Revy does has a Discord channel and it is now required. Send your App in Game Tier 1-10, and active in game and on Discord when needed (Divisions) . See you on the Water!
  2. Founded January 7, 2020, WHEE is to be a very different type of clan. If you are looking for that competitive environment, look elsewhere. I don't care if you are have 500 or 5,000 games under your belt. Skill level does not count, having fun counts. No tests, interviews, or other bull... It’s a game folks. Playing every week or so to earn oil for the clan is the cost. I know its short of benefits now but get in on the ground floor & help make it like you want it. Immediate promotion to Recruiter. Troublemakers will probably walk the plank. WHEE - Why Hate Everything Equally And yes, it’s a boring post, not everything in life is covered with sprinkles.
  3. The [FR3AK] Clan is looking for active World of Warships players to recruit. We accept anyone—new players and veterans—who's looking to join a clan that's both laid back and actively improving and expanding. We strive to provide players with an opportunity to help shape a clan and make them feel as much of a part of it as the commander and officers. We exercise a number of clan activities ranging from clan battles and brawls to training room Juggernaut sessions. We want to provide a clan where everyone can learn and improve together. That's not even the end of the positives: when you join [FR3AK], you get the benefit of being a part of a joint clan. Our brother clan, [D3VIL], is also a part of our ever-growing community of players. Between the two clans, you'll never go without have a Division partner again. Not only that, but we often sync battles to further increase our gaming experiences whether we're allies or enemies. After all, it's always fun to challenge your mates to a little friendly competition every now and again. If you're interested in joining or would like more information, you can message the following people: [FR3AK] Clan Commander xFr3akShowx Recruitment Officer(s) TheHDYoutuber [D3VIL] Clan Commander Pyro68 Executive Officer(s) Romulus91 GiggaGonz0 dajiggler Recruitment Officer(s) VOODOO18 ---You can also join our discord server: https://discord.gg/DPd6GMk
  4. Clan: Special Warfare Short Bus Region: NA ⁃ Looking for players to play, bullshittery, everyone is welcome ⁃ Not too serious, we ask that you be on casually or regularly ⁃ General requirements: Discord required, we like that you visit the discord while you're playing ⁃ Stat Requirements: From seasoned veterans to newbies, all welcome! ⁃ Contact (discord ID) if you have questions/ are interested in joining the clan FOLLOW THE LINK TO ADD YOUR CLAN https://discord.gg/f5CxAg
  5. I'm new and it seems like the most real players I've battled against has been 3 on each team. When can I expect full teams of players?
  6. Are you a relatively new player? Think you are good at WoW? Want some teammates? Hate the uneven seeding of "Random" games where you are the only decent player on your team? Let's improve your experience 10x, 100x or more. If you are actively playing and developing your game, we are the clan for you. [DRAC0] Iron Dragon provides individual (real time) support, clan only voice comm. through Discord and a private clan "Officer's Club" for new and developing players. Excellent bonuses for all new commanders. Check us out. Typical stats for new members start at this level: https://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/1036198870-unseaworthy/!/pvp/overview/ We provide to our members: a private Discord server for voice communication during games and clan socializing (microphone & speakers required) a private clan web site with useful information, tips, strategies, forums and ways to stay connected with clanmates Valuable bonuses for all clan commanders through our growing Naval Base. Search WoW for [DRAC0] Iron Dragon for up-to-date information on bonuses and discounts available. We require all members to: Play regularly for their own account Play in clan events whenever possible Stay in touch with the clan commanders and clanmates at least occasionally (once every week or two) Obtain a free Discord account and to join the clan's server Subscribe to the clan's private web site The clan has experienced and capable members at every tier. Do a clan search for [DRAC0] Iron Dragon in the WoW community. Apply today by contacting me through this forum. GLHF in the meantime.
  7. So, I've been playing for a good bit and never had ANY problems of accidentally hitting my own team or anything. I decided I wanted to play through Steam, so I had to start from day one, which means rookies. WELL, what I've learned is that there is severe penalties for team damage because people don't know how to not drive into their own team mates torpedoes being aimed at an enemy. I'm being punished for torps I shot no where near a team mate, that they simply drove into. (sailed yeah yeah) ANYWAY. this shouldn't be happening. There needs to be some algorithm for figuring out that I was not AIMING at a FREAKING TEAM MATE!
  8. CobraOnAJetSki

    BEWBS is recruiting!!!

    BEWBS [NA] is recruiting CASUAL captains that are looking to have FUN and hang out with friends in Discord while they play. We're not huge stat snobs, but most of us WIN more often than not. We'd rather have a lot of folks having fun with us in Discord than a bunch of stoic unicums that never talk. Our focus is on teamwork and voluntary engagement. We avoid words like REQUIRE, MUST HAVE, WIN RATE, etc. New to the game? We don't care. Just be cool and hang out with us. We run a lot of Operations and division in a lot of high tier Randoms. All of us are 18+, ranging from our early 20's to mid-40's. We have a handful that would like to get involved in Clan Battles, so if that's your thing, have at it. if you're a hardcore player chasing steel, you may want to look somewhere else right now. Current details about out port: Coal Port +7% coal Dry Dock -5% cost of post-battle service Shipbuilding -14% cost to purchase ships of all tiers Design Bureau +20% free XP per battle Research Center +2% XP research on ships of all tiers Academy +8% Captain XP per battle Look us up if you're interested. We'd love to have you. Full disclosure: We're NOT affiliated with iEarlGrey's old outfit on the EU server. I thought the name sounded funny then some of our guys that are a little more plugged-in than I am clued me in on the connection.