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Found 13 results

  1. Wargaming is ignoring a potentially huge marketing segment are we are all suffering as a result. It costs a lot of money for Wargaming to attract new players; and, they are doing little or nothing to retain them. I have seen most new players quit and never return long before they reach 200 battles. New players are the lifeblood of this game; and, there seems to be little or no real attention paid to getting them invested and interested in learning more on the road to becoming a long term player. I have already suggested that newer players should be encouraged to join clans for training and better indoctrination into the game. This gets players invested into a community that can help them develop faster and with a better appreciation of the game and its elements. What about having a form of clan battles that is just for the lower tiers and restricted to players that have not reached level 15? Just spitballing here...but new players that stick around are getting pretty scarce. If Wargaming continues to ignore it our just throw out vague marketing blurbs it is unlikely this trend will change. Wargaming...we all know you crave money...there is money here...come to the potential revenue...you can do it!!!
  2. I am a new player that have just been playing this game for a month or less and i want to focus on US cruisers now. I am currently on T5 playing the Omaha , grinding for Dallas and Pensacola . I quit for about a week out of frustration and came back . Now I want to know how to survive and do good damage(maybe <60k on average for each battle) I usually go full speed towards an island when the match start and camp it. I will let others fire their guns first to draw attention of enemy then I start firing. I tried to shoot over islands but if I cannot do so , I will peek my front turret out and spam HEs, I can do around 40k-50k damage for each battle if the enemy is playing in an offensive way. but how do I inflict more damage and what should I do if the enemy is playing defensively and they're concealed/out of range ?
  3. One of my friends has started playing the game, and I'm using this a a opportunity to have a fresh set of eyes look at this game. Now, I would figure that they'd have issues with low tier carriers, or maybe the spotting mechanics, or other things like that, but no (well not yet anyway) so far the big issue has been the mm. With the low tiers not populated, and no max wait time to get into a random battle, we routinely ran into 2-3 minutes waits and at least once had to just give up after 5 minutes. If it wasn't for me being there to chat, I have real doubts that they would have stuck around long enough for the game to either sell itself on its merits or fail on its faults. They probably would have just left because the game looks dead and they can't get into a match. And worse was how we would see the mm have a number of ships queuing up that could easily be split evenly between two teams, and still we wait. Something has to change. Personally, I think that I would prefer there to be incentives for longtime players to play tier IV and below. Allowing any combat mission to be completed at any tier would be a start. Some may say that having new players get clubbed would chase them off, but I think it would be better than being chased off by boredom. Less optimal would be a adjustment to MM at low tiers to be less restrictive on how it populates games. If there's a even number of ships in each class in a queue, throw them in! Let me know what you think.
  4. So I'm curious if you have seen this video? If not you might find it illuminating. I know I did. I would not have thought it possible but if you are willing to drop some RL coins, I guess anything is possible. This might help us understand why some of us believe the game skill levels/knowledge are going down the tubes. Oh, and of course, buy-able Tier X ships. tiafyc
  5. I'm a bit of an old player returning after a hiatus for personal reasons, and I'm looking to get back into the game. I think i left at about the same time that the British Heavy Cruisers were being announced, approximately. Any advice on important news since then, or Any advice for a below-average skilled player in general, would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!
  6. So I got this game yesterday and immediately worked towards aircraft carriers because I always thought they were cool as crap. I've got the tier IV american one now, and the results are a little underwhelming. I went to these forums to see what others were saying, and I keep seeing everyone hating them for being too good and then people hating on them for being too bad etc etc. I also keep seeing people referring to how the aircraft carriers used to work, which I obviously don't know, so it doesn't help me with how to use them now. The mechanics just seem weird to me, especially AA. They talk about "dodging" in their videos, and it seems you can try to avoid the explosions, but pretty much once you get into a ship's AA range your planes just constantly take damage like they have some sort of poison debuff from another game, like there's no dodging or anything you just take damage while you're there. I understand that battleships are hard targets - I don't go for them - but even destroyers seem to put up a lot of damage and take out a plane or three whenever I attack them. I know this game puts balance above historical accuracy, but at some point it just seems kind of laughable to me that a single destroyer from 1909 is supposedly fully equipped to deal with several flights of torpedo bombers, and can take several torpedoes from them before it goes down too. On that subject, it seems nearly impossible to do much damage. In cruisers and destroyers so far I deal tens of thousands of points of damage and often sink several ships, with an aircraft carrier I get far more torpedo hits than I do in a standard destroyer game but since each torpedo does like 1/5 the damage as one from a destroyer it's meaningless. It seems like what I can do is spot for my team and annoy the [edited] out of enemies by doing little chunks of damage to them. This pisses them off but isn't satisfying to play as either. I can make a small difference by doing that little bit of damage here and there, but playing as something else would be more useful and fun for me, my team, and the people playing against me. Then again, I see others saying they're actually good, and if carriers are something that just requires a strategy or something to become fun to play then I really want to know that because they're my favorite type of ship. I don't know, just post your thoughts below so a new player can get some insight on the subject from those who have played.
  7. i know the suggestion sounds odd, but inevitably i feel like if there was a " how to play " tutorial in the premium shop, it would help a lot of players or especially players who buy premium ships right off the bat without actually investing time in learning how to play the game, frequently seeing individuals lack of understanding there own ships or how to properly implement them in a game, IE ( asashio, ~ reach of torpedos, concealment, tips on how to use reload booster, knowing who to target or how to build for the optimal Captain skills etc) i know there's Youtube videos and tutorials available across multiple platforms like youTube from flamu or Reddit post and even discord tips from the community they're involved in, but again i feel like the avg player will never actually invest the time or want to really learn how to play the ship, i feel that if implemented it could possibly correct or even introduce new playstyles to help new and even veteran players in the game at a more convenient and quick video that there more lickly to interact with, or simply creating a hub accessible to anyone to show featured ships in all class's and tiers for " how to play " " how to counter " etc, i hope this was a worthwhile post.
  8. Anyone got any ideas on how to improve new player retention? Post them here. I've put in more hours in this game than perhaps any other game I've played but I'm not even sure I would recommend it to people (not without warning them of its flaws). This fact is something I find a bit sad, but I don't think WG can or wants to fix most of what I think is wrong enough with the game that it makes me hesitant to recommend it. However, there is one thing WG could easily fix if they wanted to: Make captain skill resets cost nothing, next to nothing (like 15k silver per point), or cost nothing but you can only do it so many times (so a 24-hour countdown timer begins when one commander gets his skills reset, and you can't hit the 'redistribute' button again until the timer reaches zero, and the timer is located on the 'redistribute' button, which is now greyed out). Why do this? Because it's not always obvious that Last Stand is a mandatory skill for DDs, or that BB players that like to rush in should have taken Fire Prevention before CE, or that CE is almost always a required skill, etc. Experienced players, and new players that do their research watching youtube guides can figure this out, but not all new players will have this level of dedication to learning how to play this game. The penalty for making a bad commander build can be serious; you can win a 10-point commander on a mission and make him useless by accident, and the only people who can fix this mistake are the ones with 19-pt commanders that can farm elite commander xp. Or people that are willing to spend doubloons. Being forced to pay real money to buy doubloons to fix a simple mistake like this will not make this game popular with newcomers. This is also part of the reason why I don't want to recommend this game to people; because if they get into it and make this kind of mistake, then they're just [edited]. There's basically no way to fix it.
  9. 1. Understand what CoOp Is and Isn't Some people say that CoOp is "training" for the PVP battles in random. It is and it isn't. It can help you learn the basics of how to target and move around. BUT it also can make you far too aggressive since the bot ships on the "red" team normally immediately come towards you in CoOp so you hurry forward and point and shoot alot. In Random, this strategy will get you deleted frequently. (It took me over a thousand random games to stop blaming others for getting deleted early for charging the CAP (that large circle or three circles that appear on the game maps when you start). The CoOp bot ships will also travel in straight lines alot....in random games ships that travel in straight lines and seldom vary speed get deleted alot! 2. Don't show broadsides to opposing ships and know where the Citadel of your ship is located When you first play, it is natural I think to want to turn your ship broadside to opposing ships so you can fire all those marvelous guns. It is fun! However most ships in World of Warships, even battleships, expose too much of their ship to enemy fire when they go broadside. Most ships have a "citadel" that is most exposed when broadside....and when you are hit in your citadel you suffer huge damage and can in some cases can be sunk with one hit to it. So try to learn to travel at angles to ships firing at you....it diminishes the number of guns you can fire but will keep your ship afloat since it helps protect your ship citadel and will, in some cases, cause shells fired at you to bounce off harmlessly. 3. Use the Dynamic cross hair In the game settings, there is one in the controls settings for the type of cross hair. Pick Dynamic. Essentially, it helps tell you on the screen (to the left of cross hair and just below) how fast the shell you fire will travel to the target (lead time in seconds) and adjusts the number based on the ship you have targeted. This is reflected in the numbers you see to the right and left of the cross hair in those vertical lines....5 lines to left....5 second travel time...if the ship you are aiming at travels in a straight line at 30 km....if the ship slows down then the dynamic number changes. It took me 1600 random battles before I switched to dynamic.....don't wait anywhere near that long lol. The dynamic cross hair will not ensure instant damage since ships move at angles and adjust their speed constantly in random...but you will get the hang of it with enough use. And you will learn which ships are really fast..forcing adjustments...and you will also learn to account for the angles. Note that I have seen streams of very good players that just use the static cross hair and adjust their firing based on experience. But the dynamic has been a huge help in my case in figuring out the lead time for my shells. 4. Do NOT rush to tier 10 In many computer games, there is something to be said for getting to top tier/level quickly. In World of Warships....take your time..even when the game seems to encourage you tiering up ships quickly. In many computer games, your character gets additional skills...better skills ..as you progress but retains the same basic characteristics..they are just enhanced. As you tier up ships in WoWarships, they can have RADICALLY different characteristics and play styles as you reach the new tier. So essentially each new ship that you get as you tier/level up must be treated as new and different..with possibly different captain points..flags...type of consumables..etc...get to know the new ship. Your best tool for what a ship can and can't do is the World of Warship Wiki. Use it..it is your friend! 5. Captain Skill Points are as important or more important than leveling a ship to the next tier I not only rushed to tier 10 but I didn't take into account the importance of Captain skills. As a general recommendation, don't take a ship past tier 6 without 10 captain points or past 8 without 14 if you are really serious about playing it in random. Some of those captain skills are very very helpful and I can assure you that once you hit tier 8 you will be facing alot of ships with 19 pt captains. Again the World of Warships wiki is a huge help in making recommendations for where you put your points. 6. Read the forums and watch Video Alot of very good players make training videos and post thoughtful recommendations on the forums. I didn't start using these regularly until I had over 1000 battles under my belt. Big Big Mistake. Now I regularly watch videos..visit the forums ( there are lots of trolling commenters but a huge number that are trying to help)...and recently started watching twitch feeds which have really really helped and have increased my enjoyment of the game....Notster and Mr_Gibbins are two I would recommend. If you are a new player and searching the forums for recommendations, I hope these tips help. I have a 44% win rate....which makes me a War Gaming "potato" who happens to love the challenge of the game. My win rate would be much better if I had simply done all of the above as a new player with less than a thousand battles.
  10. So to celebrate my playing WOW for a week and all the help the community has given me I want to give back. Come hang out and if we get enough people maybe we will give away more! LOCATION: My stream live! https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie START: The giveaway begins at 7:00pm EST, on Friday August 10th, 2018. DURING: Between 7:00pm and 10:00pm EST, a random viewer will be chosen to win the prize of a create of coinage for World of Warships (4000 doubloons and 4,500,000 credits). We will give away one for sure and possibly two! You must be present in the stream and the time of the drawing to win. END: I will announce a winner during my stream. Winners will be contacted by my myself to claim the prize. https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  11. ScubaDoobie

    Day six as a new player

    We are back for day 6 of playing world of warships. New player no invite code no special perks. I have been enjoying the game so far and had lots a good advice given by people here and in the live stream. Yesterday was the first time the game felt like a grind for me. I have unlocked a handful of ships and have a few tier 4 ships. (Don't laugh lol) again i felt a bit frustrated yesterday grinding out ship XP to try and continue my progression. I started playing with some folks in some random games as a division which I enjoyed so hope to get to do that again today. I have not spent any money on the game yet and am still undecided if I will still playing it by ear. Thanks for everyone's feedback and hope to see you on the water or in the stream. https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  12. Day 5 playing WOW and still having fun. Come share tips tricks and advice for new players. Small stream support welcome just stop in and say hi https://www.twitch.tv/scubadoobie
  13. anonym_YuREudLsADhh

    Battle Doctrine Question

    Hi, stupid new guy here. I just started playing and I'm a little confused about team strategy in Random and Co-op games. I was wondering if at game start is there supposed to be some standard opening gambit, like concentration of forces or forming battle groups with objectives, or is it just a free-for-all? Is somebody supposed to take command and coordinate efforts? I don't see anyone designated as a team commander or cat, and only see snippets of intentions from numerous people in the chat bow. The spread-out starting positions seem to suggest a need for a coordinated redeployment. I just don't want to do dumb things that screw up the plan (if there is one). Thanks in advance.