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Found 1 result

  1. I knew I shouldn't have...but, I glanced at my stats. Generally, I've been absolutely crapthe last few weeks...largely because I've been playing battleships. Simply put, I don't "get it." If I ever did, I've lost it. I'm passably not horrible in North Carolina...everything else at Tier 8 or higher is a horror show. My self assessment is as follows: 1. I have NO idea where my initial position should be on a lot of maps. I miss out on dealing damage by taking too much early game and either a.) sinking or b.) spending critical moments out of the fight 2. I don't read the flow of the game correctly and don't push at the right times - that loops me back into problem #1. Generally, my accuracy is OK...but, I'm not happy with target selection or impact, either. Anyhow, are there any mindset/philosophical type things I can focus on? Just going out there and sucking won't make me stop sucking, I figure this esteemed group probably has two or three things I can focus in on or cue to that might help.