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Found 50 results

  1. So much so that Arizona is the single highest xp earning ship in that tier, while New Mexico is the single worst. I browsed through their stats and armour and couldn't truly identify any material differences. Are Arizona's guns dealing so much more damage because they are more accurate?
  2. I can't seem to make any significant progress once I acquired and started playing the New York. It's sluggish and not much firepower for its tier. Any suggestions? Is the New Mexico any better?
  3. It was a really close match, which we won by the skin of our teeth.
  4. Hey all, I've been working my way through the American BBs and I'm currently on the New Mexico. In general, I love it-as long as I sit between 10-16NM from the enemy fleet, take advantage of the pretty solid turning abilities of the class, and avoid DDs like the plague, I do pretty well for myself, especially given my skill level (I'm definitely never going to be posting YouTube how-to guides, but I'm also usually not bottom of the barrel either). However, this all changes when I get caught out by enemy cruisers with high DPS and a strong inclination to lob HE all over the place. I do try to stay with at least a few other ships (preferably at least one cruiser, one other BB, and whatever DDs there are that haven't gotten lit TF up yet), but when either my help all goes down, I get abandoned by the (much faster) fleet, or I over-extend myself, what's the best way to fend off high-DPS cruisers trying to Tommy-Gun me with HE?
  5. I have the New York and am looking at the New Mexico and saying "well, it can only get worse from here" but I am not sure if she is worth it. I have enough combined free/regular xp to get me to Colorado, but not sure if I should do that or play my way up, because I am also saving for the tier VII Lyon, and that is something I'd like, except if the New Mexico is specifically good or horrible, I think that I would like to know before I invest in free xp and xp. Thanks P.S. How does the Lyon play, is she any good either? I've noticed two rear facing turrets and figured that she will have a very different playing style. I would sort of like to know so I make good income in game King George V New mexicoLyon class Battleshit
  6. What To Do

    so I have the option of getting three ships. they all will take about the some amount of grinding to get and I plan on getting all of them. The problem is I dont know which one to get first the ships are -New Mexico -Independence -Gneisenau the gneisenau will need a little more of a grind for credits but that's about it
  7. I don't normally brag very often but I just had a 7 kill 120k damage game in my New Mexico while bottom tier. I don't get to take the ol' girl out very often anymore but when I do she sure puts the smile on my face. I especially needed this match because this weekend has been pure bad for me. I played my area, didn't over extend, I picked the easiest targets I could hit and with RNG on my side for once I was able to exploit enemy mistakes. While the damage wasn't crazy good I was able to put shots where they were needed. Heres the replay for anyone interested along with the screen shots https://replayswows.com/replay/13557#stats
  8. So just played a fun game in my Furutaka and was destroyed by a torpedo from a New Mexico? How is this possible? There either was a bug in the reporting of this, or some how the player was using a mod? I suspect it was the main turret. I believe they were about 15km away when the shells landed so it is unlikely to be torps.
  9. Even if it wasn't necessarily my best damage and kill-wise, this is absolutely the best game I ever had in my New Mexico simply based on the merits that this game was lost. I got that dreaded "our team...relies upon YOU!" message. lol I hate those because 9 times out of 10 you're not gonna win. 2 or 3 broadside cruisers, several torpedo salvos dodged and a DD out of torpedoes later and a win.
  10. New Mexico Welcome Captains to the Best of the Southwest, the New Mexico. Boy where to start with this one, well she is fighting the Bayern hard for Worse Tier 6 Battleship in terms of player performance YET a good amount of players seem to agree shes one of the best Battleships in Tier 6 and is very well balanced in tier 6 against the competition. Huh? I know that doesn't make any sense but I have a theory, when I joined this game in OBT I went up the USN BB line first and the USN BB line is pretty consistently played more than any other line (outside of new line launches) so I believe the issue is new players tackle the line first and since their new they're more prone to 'derping'. I will admit it my original stats weren't exactly great in her, but I loved her and kept using her even thought I moved up the line and as I learned to be a better player, my stats also improved in this girl. So whats she like then? Well when played correctly she is a pain in the stern for the enemy to deal with. Angled correctly you won't ever eat a citadel aside from the random ones. You also have one of the best torpedo protection in game and with her great turn circle means they will have to try to kill you by a thousand cuts, which sounds easy until slam them with the highest velocity 14" guns in the game. Unfortunately her speed begins to become apparent when bottom tier, but if you can adjust for this then it shouldn't be a issue. How do you adjust, well its a secret but I use a highly illegal mod call the Mini-map that WG provides for free and in between salvos I look at this illegal mod so I know where not only where the enemy currently is but what my allies are doing. Health In the armor department she doesn't let down, she has 343mm of belt armor and 343mm of forward and aft citadel armor which makes a box around your citadel. She also has 50mm of turtle back but isn't as well slopped as the German's which means you don't get the near citadel immunity they get. She is covered in 25mm of armor which means bow on you can bounce 14" shells but 15"+ shells will punch right through. Also all that 25mm of armor means she is prone to HE penetration damage. HP wise she is pretty much average at 53,200 HP and she gets 42% torpedo damage reduction thanks to her awesome torpedo protection, she has some the best protection in her Tier and some of the best protection in the entire game so if your going to take a torpedo try to get it to hit your torpedo bulge. Guns These are similar 14" guns found on other USN BBs except they only get 45 caliber rifles, the NM gets 50 caliber rifles which gives her some of the best velocity in T6 and is the highest velocity 14" guns in game and with the fact you get 12 of them means leading those pesky Cruisers and Destroyers is a much easier task. Take note I didn't say hit though because the NM has pretty bad dispersion, BUT you do throw a massive amount of American Steal at them which almost guarantees a couple hits or citadels. Moving on to her range, well its terrible, every USN BB up to T7 got a nice range buff a couple patches back, except this ship, it got a small buff and it really limits your build. Fully upgraded your limited to 16.1km which is nearly unusable when you are seeing Tier 8 battles, this means you don't have much of a option but to run the Artillery Plotting Room Mod to extend your range to a usable 18.7km. She also has the slowest reload at 34.2 seconds and a terrible turret rotation time of 60 seconds, this alone really limits the ship which I know sounds terrible but I do have to say these guns are awesome when they hit Finally a USN BB with secondaries that are somewhat useful, I know most people will laugh but the 127mm on this ship aren't that bad. They don't do allot of damage when they hit but do have a decent fire chance and RoF is good enough to set sometimes several fires on enemy ships AA The New Mexico has a nicely balanced AA and has pretty even DPS numbers through her auras which makes her more dangerous the closer planes get, along with AFT and BFT skills, she can easily shrug off lower tier and same tier CVs and hold her own in higher tier CV matches. Though I'm not saying she can sail straight with incoming planes, in combination with her turn radius and torpedo bulges is what makes her strong in this regard Speed/Rudder Welcome back to 21 knots and if you thought it was getting old, HAHAHAHA, just you wait till Tier 7. Her rudder shift is decent at 14.2 seconds (11.4 seconds with Rudder mod) and her turn circle is a tight 640m Mods I ran the usual Main Armament Mod 1, Artillery Plotting Room mod 1, and Damage Control Mod 1 and 2. I ran Plotting Room because the extra range is very much needed with high tier gameplay and I built this ship for tanking so I used DCS2 with the combination of appropriate captain skills makes for a harder to sink ship Captain Skills For the first tier I used Direction Center Catapult Plane for the poor mans Hydro, second tier I got Expert Marksman to help out the turret traverse. For third skill I got Basic Fire Training but Basics of Survivability or Superintendent are viable and for the fourth skill I used for Advanced Firing Training. Coming around again to tier 2 I went with Adrenaline Rush to boost the RoF in mid and late game DPM Tactics She plays like the proceeding New York, a much tougher harder hitting New York. Personally I ran the Spotter Plane, not for range but for shooting into smoke which this ship does well because of her wonky dispersion, she can literally spread shells through out a smoke cloud. I lost track of the amount of random citadels and hits I've scored on smoke campers. This ship, as mentioned before. has 343mm of armor on all 4 sides of her citadel forming a box, to fully protect your citadel and I found you need to angle at about 45 degrees to the incoming enemy fire so it is hitting the corner of that box. You will catch over pens but those are fairly healable which is much better than citadel damage. I like to start the match by staying on the side I started, which I announce in chat. Most players will follow the ship that moves first because lemming trains and thanks to target fixation and your slow speed most of your allies will advance past you and turns them into nice meat shields. 15km is the start of her sweet zone but even max range is workable in this ship thanks to its velocity and punchy shells, but dispersion gets pretty bad out there. As I mentioned, use that illegal mod called Mini-map the WG provides for free, in between salvos I check it to see where the enemy is, what my friendlies are doing, and most important what DDs have been accounted for and where they were last spotted. Push when your allies are with you, if they start to run you need to run too, you don't have the speed to be late to turn around. One mistake I see often with USN BBs is players trying to cross the map when they should be fighting the area they start in, your to slow and it takes your guns out of action for to long so please don't do it. if your allies lemming train the other direction. then be the rear guard and kite the heck out of the enemy How did I do This is a new section for my reviews, every ship I play for a review I play 10 times in a row and keep account of various factors, granted this doesn't show a solid stats, but hopefully gives a idea of where I'm coming from. Out of the 10 battles I saw CVs 70% of the time with double CVs once out of that 70% and I averaged 3.8 plane kills during those CV matches. I was in Tier 8 matches 30% of the time, tier 7 50% and I was top tier 20% of the time. I averaged 1362 base XP with my best game was 1867 base XP. My winrate was 80% and my survived 60% with a kill average 1.7. Accuracy was 24% with average damage was 76,249, best game was 108,121 with a average damage per shell of 1683 (meaning every shell that hit average out to this number)
  11. ARMOR MODEL ERRORS THREAD, THE THIRD This is simply another compilation of armor model errors that I have been collecting for the past few months on a handful of ships in the game. I have checked each and every one of these errors as thoroughly as possible with the information at hand, and matched them with both official blueprint material and secondary sources such as Friedmans incredible series of books. I list these in hopes that they garner enough attention so as to be noticed by Wargaming and corrected. Some of these are long standing errors that numerous other forum users have listed, this simply acts as a way to combine them all together. I only list those that I believe have a noticeable effect on gameplay. Yes I know Atlanta's belt armor is 6 mm too thin, but the effect it has on gameplay is nonexistent (however that also means that there's no reason for WG not to just correct it). Be ready for a long infodump, read at your own risk. Anyway, on to the armor model issues. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ First up is the armor of the secondary battery turrets mounted on the following ships: -North Carolina -Alabama -Iowa (and by extension, Missouri) All of this ships, save for Monty and NC have a uniform battery of ten 127/38 Mk. 28 Mod.2/3 twin gun turrets (NC uses the Mod.0 which is 2" STS or 50 mm in real life). This turret is a special mount designed specifically for Battleship use, with increased protection levels compared to those mounted on Cruisers and Destroyers. The key feature of these turrets is the armor thickness of the mounts. Instead of the uniform 1" (25mm) STS on smaller ships, these are built with 2.5" STS (or about 64 millimeters) which more than doubles their protection levels over lighter mountings. Ingame, all Cruiser, Carrier and Battleship mounts use the same model with identical 1" STS armor, probably for ease of use when making new ships. The effect this has on gameplay is somewhat minor, but often visible. This means that 8" armed cruisers, or all guns in excess of 120 mm and equipped with IFHE, can penetrate and destroy these mounts when firing high explosive. Seeing as how battleships usually spend a lot of their time being spammed at with HE, this often leads to most of these turrets being destroyed, which severely impacts AA DPS and secondary firepower. ( I especially notice the loss of firepower with secondary spec builds, as I use these on my North Carolina, Alabama, Iowa and Missouri. It is common to end the game with only 1-2 turrets left functional from HE spam). Normally this probably wouldn't matter that much, but quite literally every other secondary battery mount in the game has protection at least in the ball-park of correct. It also severely hurts both AA and secondary specialized builds on high tier American battleships, when a single Atago HE salvo can wipe out a quarter of their firepower. I understand if this was done in order to standardize the models ingame, but its simply incorrect. Ironically enough, Montana's 5"/54 turrets have the correct thickness, being 2.5" STS all around the mount. To me this means that the incorrect thickness on the other battleships is not intended to nerf them, but rather a sign of laziness. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Second in line is the casemate battery of Mutsu and Nagato: This is a rather simple error. The lower casemate guns should have 6" (152 mm) gun shields (note: not the entire casemate, simply the gun shields themeselves), and the upper mounts 1" (25 mm). Ingame, both levels are simply 1", most likely because WG didn't want to have two different armor groups for them. A small gameplay difference, as it effects the survival of about half of Nagato and Mutsu's 14 cm/50 Third Year Type guns. Simply another product of laziness. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Third at bat is Colorado's forward torpedo rooms and the belt armor covering them: After checking multiple sources for accuracy, it seems to be the case that Colorado is missing a rather large section of its forward citadel area. This space in question encompasses the submerged torpedo rooms, torpedo magazines, and other small compartments contained within it. It occupies the length between frames 9 through 24 (frame 24 being the current location of the frontal citadel bulkhead on the ingame model), and the height between the double-bottom and the third deck. The reason for this position seems to have been solely to remove the submerged torpedo rooms from the magazine space, "the torpedo room, being a recognized weak place in the structure..." (quoted from Norman Friedmans "U.S. Battleships", page 134). Friedman goes on to say that there is a 127 mm (5") deck covering this area from above, and that it is capped by a 343 mm (13 1/2") bulkhead that tapers down to 8" at its bottom. Below is a rough approximation of its location and thickness. The "step" down of the armored deck and belt are visible here, denoted by the concentration of ordinance and bomb storage immediately below the third deck. When the torpedo tubes were removed in the 1930's, these areas were used for small arms munition stowage, as well as aerial bombs for the spotting aircraft. This bulkhead is clearly visible in the post Pearl Harbor damage report of the USS California. The California is a Tennessee class, which shares an identical armor layout to the Colorado class. The final nail in the coffin for this one is the schematics of the cancelled 1920 South Dakota class. This class essentially replicated the Colorado and Tennessee scheme, albeit up-scaled slightly. Ingame this forward area on Colorado is simply represented by a single bulkhead that starts at the base of the "A" barbette, much like that on Arizona and New Mexico. The gameplay effect of this is simple, the forward end of Colorado should be much more resilient to low caliber AP/HE spam, and the citadel size should be increased to encompass this area. The reason for it being modeled incorrectly ingame is most likely simply due to a drought in information about this particular area of the Colorado class, and the assumption that all standard type battleships had an identical forward bulkhead layout. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here's a quick one for Arizona and New Mexico: This is rather simple. The 38 mm (1.5") deck on Arizona extends all the way past the citadel bulkhead to the tip of the bow, and from the tip of the steering gear bulkhead to the tip of the stern. New Mexico mimics this layout exactly, apart from the third deck on it being 70 mm (2.75") over the citadel instead of 38 mm (1.5") like Arizona. The deck ends are visible in this recreation of a drawing from Norman Friedmans "American Battleships": The only effect this has on gameplay is that shells capable of overmatching the bow of Arizona and New Mexico will have a harder time actually impacting the forward bulkhead, instead being more likely to ricochet off of the 1.5" deck end instead.These deck ends are already present on the New York, Texas, Wyoming, Arkansas, Warspite and Hood (to my knowledge). They were probably omitted for model simplification reasons early on in the games development. With the increasing accuracy and sophistication of armor models ingame, I see no reason for these decks to not be added in. And that's it for this thread. I know there are a myriad of other glaring issues ingame, such as Montana/Iowa/Missouri's turret faces missing the STS backing, or Montanas incorrect bomb deck thickness (should be 57 millimeters, not 38). As well as others, such as Indianapolis's incorrect belt thickness, or Warspites ice cream machine being part of the citadel, but all of those have been covered extensively. I thought I would do one on these in particular since they are less well-known and may have a large impact on certain gameplay elements. Extra thanks go to MJPIA for bringing a few of these to my attention months ago, specifically the Colorado's torpedo room. Let me know if there are other points of interest/errors you want to have looked into.
  12. How to New Mexico?

    got the New Mexico at the discount price for ranked, finally researched the B hull, so how should I play it, which upgrades should I get etc? some questions: 1. how far should I angle it? 2. at what range is it best to engage enemy BBs 3. how's it's AA and secondaries? Thanks in advance
  13. If you had to choose due to a credit crunch, which ship would you buy back for Ranked S7, New Mexcio or Bayern?
  14. I mean... it's not like it was a perfect game and I didn't did a single mistake, because indeed be citadeled twice at beginning of the match when I was trying to dodge some torps from that yolo Emile, it was a huge mistake that changed all my plans and I needed to get out of the fight to repair my ship, so I relied in my team to deal with the enemy at close range while I was going to west trying to repair my ship but still dealing damage to the enemy when possible, obviously later teammates were telling me that I was useless on the back (well kinda my fault for not notice how far I was from the main fleet, but still I wasn't kissing the border or running away either) something that I really dislike was they thought that I didn't know what I was doing treating me like a noob. Anyways, later I was thinking about that match and I got worry if I did something wrong there (aside that mistake at beginning) and indeed it was my fault, so I created this topic to discuss about that match, because I'm not very confident when I play BBs (I'm a DD main) so I would like if some people around here could tell me and critize this match (without insult or being a jerk please) because I think that I must improve my BB play style. Here is the replay of that match (sorry for the poor quality, this is not a gaming computer): P.S: Sorry for my broken english, also please excuse me if this sort of topic is not proper to this forum so I won't do it again.
  15. New Mexico Upgrades

    Hello, I have noticed some sources mentioning "hull C" for the New Mexico stating that the AA is great with the upgrade. However, in game, I only see an option for a hull B upgrade. Was there a patch changing the upgrades for the New Mexico? Sorry if this has been answered somewhere; I tried researching it but could not find any posts regarding my question.
  16. Been playing it on and off just grinding out some Captain experience on her as she has one of my 19 point Captains (has the original Captain from leveling if I recall correctly). While I've had a 200k game in her once before, it was a long time ago. Even the days of seeing the 150's seem to have slipped my grasp. I chalk this up to my uptick in CA, DD and general ship swapping as back in my proverbial New Mexico "hay day" if you will, I really focused on that ship trying to learn more and more about just that ship. Now days, I pretty much play for fun for as long as my body allows, which isn't too terribly long, but I digress. So there I was, in my ole trusty New Mex. queued into a blissful, mainly Tier 6 match, with only 1 Tier 5 on our team and 2 on the enemies. Set the cruise control and have some fun. But has anyone had that moment in a game when you start to realize "something" may be happening? lol I started getting this suspicion that I am setting up to have a really good game after getting a 3rd straight citadel on the 3rd straight ship I hit. After the 5th citadel I knew it was going to be a good game as it wasn't even the 10 minute mark. The game was close though as we behind at one point and almost lost. We didn't turn it around until the closing minutes of the match. It was well played on both sides and a very enjoyable match. Funny thing is, I would be saying the same thing about the enjoyment part had I lost as well. The match was truly enjoyable. Replay is here.
  17. With Artillery plotting room mod 1 installed on both Arizona and New Mexico, New Mexico now outranges Arizona by a whopping 0.1km! Yes, its tiny, like...ant sized tiny. But now New Mexico is a viable ship to play over Arizona. She sports better over all AA (especially in the top hull), a better rudder shift time, a better TDS, and a slightly higher muzzle velocity in her main guns. Just thought I'd bring this up for anyone feeling Arizona outstrips her tech tree counter part. New Mexico will STILL never replace my one and only bae however. Arizona for life <3
  18. Best/Worst T6 BBs

    As the question implies, what do you think is the best/worst T6 battleship, now with 7 choices to choose from. Personally, the Arizona just edges the Dunkerque for best. Worst, for me, Bayern. I know a lot of people love the German BB line, but at this tier, for me, last. (Please try and choose ships you've actually played, not hearsay about another ship.)
  19. Where are you celebrating Christmas from?

    Merry Christmas from Edgewood, New Mexico, USA! Ok, Christmas is still about an hour away here but whatever. Where are you guys celebrating Christmas from? (Curious to see where a lot of our WoWS players are from)
  20. I got her last night and have upgraded everything. However the 3rd and 4th slots remain empty. I find it easy to pick upgrades for DDs and cruisers but when it comes to BBs these particular slots stump me.
  21. I am something of a battleship newbie. That being said, from the word "GO," New Mexico and I have gotten on well. We're only 10 matches into our relationship, I don't even have the c-hull yet...but, somehow, things are just working out (even with MM showing me some truly fearsome opponents...getting secondary punked by Bismark = sad face). Honestly, it seems like Bayern should be a very similar ship...no? Unfortunately, Bayern and I are not getting along anything like New Mexico. Maybe it's the Seagal advantage, maybe it's my nooBBish like skills rapidly changing... Anyhow, can someone contrast Bayern and New Mex? Looking at the in game Armor viewer, it seems they have different armor setups, but that they should be similarly effective. Similar rudder shift, similar turning circle. Super small sample, could just be that MM threw a little hate at my Bayern...but, well, she's not been similarly survivable thus far. I assume that's why my damage is down a bit - not living to deal it out. Guns actually feel similar to me, for being as different as they are between the two. What's it take to keep this KM beast floating? I was average in Konig...but, I haven't been able to transfer what limited success I had in Konig to Bayern. I guess I need to find that URPeaceKeeper video series again...
  22. So title pretty much says it all, can't make up my mind. I'm within 1 million silver of being able to afford the Colorado without selling my New Mex anyway; the question I really can't make up my mind on is if I keep the New Mex, will I really play it? I haven't played ranked yet but the thought is there and I do enjoy the New Mexico except for its range which sucks pretty bad. I do like the Arizona better since it reaches out further and has nice punch, plus it's pretty durable. I understand this is really up to me, but I'm curious what most people do when they elite their NM? Keeper or sell? I still have my Wyoming (yes) because I liked it and it only gets dusted off once a month or so....my most skilled captain continues to climb to the next ship so if I keep one I'll start or assign a new captain for that ship. Thanks!
  23. For me, US BBs have always had huge anti air threats. Now that German BBs have practically replaced the role of US BBs (In my Hiryu, i avoid Gneisanaus and Bismarcks like the plague) with excellent AAA and good brawling characteristics, I think the US BB tree needs some tender love and care. I think a step in the right direction would be to get rid of the current B hull upgrades for the New Mexico and Colorado. The New Mexico in particular because it really does not offer much. The Japanese B hull upgrades on their respective counterparts add vast amounts of AAA and the New Mexico only gets 8 5in guns and 7.62s, pathetic. What I think could be a great idea would be to move the current C hull to B hull and add in the late war designs of AAA mounts. The last ship in the Colorado class (West Virginia) was rebuilt and modernized. It received 16 in guns (8x2) 10x4 40mm bofors mounts and 41 20mm. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b5/USS_West_Virginia_1944.jpg/512px-USS_West_Virginia_1944.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Tennessee_(BB-43) Since the New Mexico C Hull already has the historical modernized upgrades, lets apply the same with using the Tennessee class as an example instead. The Tennessee class was basically an improved New Mexico class. Having the same pre war armament and even hull length and 1000 Long Tons heavier in original config. (According to Wikipedia, the differences were improved firing elevation and torpedo protection). Late war USS Tennessee had 8x2 5in guns, 10x4 40mm guns, and 41 20mm guns (same as the Colorado class) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tennessee-class_battleship https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b5/USS_West_Virginia_1944.jpg/512px-USS_West_Virginia_1944.jpg Thoughts?
  24. Legend of the Seas; FINALLY.

    Fifty Heroic Achievements? I've been such a coward at times I despaired of even getting the first ten, much less fifty; but I finally managed to get my 'Legend of the Seas' achievement. Bummer it had to be on a loss, but for once I was happy and managed not to get salty... (So, so many teams just folded tonight.) Nothing spectacular, but the highest damage I've ever had in New Mexico, a High Caliber, I guess some kind of HE detonation, (fired HE at a Furutaka, results say only two shells hit, but he just blew up...) and a really good fight with the Scharnhorst. Rudawg619; if you're out there; GOOD FIGHT. New Mexico may be a torpedo troller, but if you'd managed to catch me just a bit more off my guard, you might have had me with your torpedo attacks; as it was; you still hit me with one from each set.
  25. Not being terribly ambitious this morning; I logged in for a game before work, hoping to get enough for my first prize box of the day, (2,000 xp.) I fugured that should be easy enough; since I was running Warspite, (+50%xp,) ESCL (+50%xp,) and the Military Month Flag, (+5% xp.) All I needed to do was not suck, (as I ocassionally manage to do,) and of course winning would help. Shards Tier VII - IX 42 x 42 km "//cdn-messrm-na.gcdn.co/media/uploads/monthly_09_2016/post-1002276027-0-13111900-1475101248.jpg" Spawn in south, 8 vs 8, (Holy Co-op battles Batman!) presumably because the server population at the time (0530 CST,) was approximately 2,500. Enemy team had 1 DD, most of both teams were BBs, and a few cruisers for good measure. Enemy capped C, We capped A, majority of both sides gravitated towards B. Pushed towards C in my Warspite, but hesitated when I suspected the enemy destroyer had capped C, and though it was in that direction, the enemy team Leander actually capped C. When I saw that, I started pushing towards C more agressively. General melee around B. Didn't see what was happening in A, but we eventually lost that. Pushed up past the island at E7, generally along the 8 line, hoping to cap, C, but also to get a sightline on several ships at the NW tip of the E7 island. Meant to go after the enemy Leander, but when I saw the Dunkerque sitting there broadside to me at about 10k; it was as Jingles says; "Nom,nom,nom..." got off two good broadsides before he escaped behind the island again, but being where I was pushed the Dunkerque, Leander, and I presume the Minekaze out towards B, where my allies finished all of them off. Moved in and capped C, got hit and set on fire by a New Mexico at about B7-ish, but he immediately passed behind the island at C8, so I put the fire out to keep capping. Enemy Bayern, (he did good, four kills,) capped A, (how we lost it,) and started coming back towards B; two other New Mexico's left. We had my Warspite, a Bayern, and another BB whose type I don't recall, (sorry about that, my allied BB driver...) The Bayern and I finished off one NM, our other BB fell to the other NM, and the enemy Bayern came out to fight. Knowing a Bayern is tough to hurt at close range, I went in for the ram, and down we both went. Our Bayern re-capped A, came back for a brief fight and kept the last NM from re-capping B, and we won on points. Like I said; all I wanted/needed was about 2,000 xp... well, I got that and more. (Admittedly; I didn't tank very much potential damage...)