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Found 2 results

  1. immaBaconboi

    New Ship Ideas

    What new ship idea do you plan on having, could be anything you want
  2. Hello all, Let me preface the following thoughts with an assurance that I want CVs to be enjoyable for those playing them. I spent some time playing CVs, once upon a time. And would like to do so again, should they reach a point of relative balance within the game. I have seen a lot of complaint threads, and only a relative handful of thoughtful discussion threads where ideas are being discussed on their merits. Not wanting to add another to the long line of complaint threads, I thought I would make an effort at being constructive. In my admittedly myopic view, the current system leaves many players, CV captains and otherwise, feeling as though things are in need of further and perhaps significant tweaking. The ideas below are not all going to be gold, of course. But if they contain even a kernel of something that can help us all to reach a place where CV captains feel they can contribute without being called “cancer” and where surface ship captains feel they have some ways to better defend themselves versus air attack, I will consider any conversation worthwhile. I am not married to these ideas and will take no offense should anyone here poke holes in one or all of them, or point out a glaring lack of awareness on my part to even have considered them. I do not claim to have any special awareness or genius. My only claim is that I would like to see things improved for all of us. So without further ado, some things I would love to see tested: - AA damage versus one plane at a time (potentially allows some planes in an attack run to be shot down before ordinance is dropped). - 4 to 6 planes in an attack run (depending on nation), 10-12 planes in a wing (depending on nation). An attack still happens despite heavy AA but may be reduced by the number of planes destroyed in the attack run. - Ships detected by airplanes show on the mini-map of team mates, but are not targetable (Air detection ranges will likely need to be adjusted upward. CV players are still identifying enemy locations and able to contribute damage without negating detection and/or the need for spotting from surface ships.) - Increased air attack alpha damage. (If planes can be lost on approach more often, what gets through should still be significant.) - Fighter consumable twice as effective when supported by surface ship AA. - Small chance for aircraft damage when using speed boost, chance increasing the longer it is used (Captain perk and/or module to mitigate this.) - Direct control of CV, perhaps at the expense of whatever attack run was in progress, those planes returning to the CV at full speed. Player responsible for dam-con and maneuvers. Fires and floods work the same as BBs. - 5-10 second delay before the next attack wing can be launched after another is ended with “F” key. (Captain perk and/or module with ability to cut this time in half. Both together could reduce time to ¼ normal.) - 15 second delay before first attack wing can be launched from the CV - Return of range upgrades (modules/captain perks) to surface ship AA systems - Captain perk that adds planes to a strike wing and another that adds a plane or planes to an attack run. Thank you very much for taking the time to read through these ideas. Your constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged. Respects, Am