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Found 3 results

  1. Just introduced by WG! 2 new game modes!!! try them out now!
  2. So the pro "subs in randoms" and anti "subs in randoms" people are going all cats and dogs in a few forum posts and I don't want to discuss that here. I myself am viewing subs in randoms with cautious pessimism at the moment, but that could change. One point that gets dredged up in these arguments is a separate convoy attack/defense game mode for sub and anti sub play. I think its a great idea, with few negatives, at least for the initial introduction of submarine warfare to the game. Player controled subs and possibly aircraft attacking a convoy or task force vs player controled escort ships and carriers defending them. Pros: - Submarines could be introduced in their classic historic role, which will please the history crowd and the submarine crowd. People likely are looking for a cat and mouse action game while playing the silent service. - It could act as a soft intro of subs to randoms, get players used to dealing with subs and subs to deal with anti sub. - A new game mode, which is always awesome... but also a place for WG to play with game balence with subs and even aircraft. I do think having player controled escort carriers and player controled land based attack squadrons would actually be pretty cool, and keep the game moving. - WG wants to sell us stuff, totally understandable. Not only could lines of submarines come out, but WG could literally produce dozens of types of escort ships that really could never make it in a random battle. Corvettes, destroyer escorts, sub chasers, escort carriers, coast guard cutters, submarine chasers... they would be able to bring in way more ships. - Something other than the random battles that we have. People seem to want subs introduced to mix up randoms. This would give them some variety, while also softening the intro of subs to randoms for those who think things are fine as they are. I honestly can't see any major negatives, aside from the programming and server needs to add it to the game. Which may be significant, I don't know. Let me know if you guys are seeing something that I'm not! Edit- Spelling
  3. Admiral_Snoop_Dogg

    Axis vs. Allies game mode?

    I just had a random thought. To keep the game fresh, a game mode that I wouldn't mind seeing added in the future is an Axis vs. Allies game mode. Basically, it plays out similarly to random battles, but with an extra matchmaking rule that all Allied ships are put into one team and all Axis ships are put in the other. If you queue up in an Allied ship, you'll be placed in the Allied queue, and vice versa for Axis ships. In the case of French ships, I guess they can be put in either team as a wild card? I'm sure matchmaking times will be longer for this mode, but it's something I'd like to try just for immersion. What do you guys think? Would you like to see something like this implemented into the future or not?