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Found 4 results

  1. FirstDayAdmiral

    Hat tip to WG

    I was watching some content and saw the live stream chat. Viewers were complaining about more ships being added to the game I don't know that I can make sense of being angry at a company releasing new content for its player base. WG hears complaints about Brawling being dead... WG releases brawling and people complain What I'm trying to do is pull some of the negativity away. WG adding content as fast as they do is pretty amazing. Updates are often and servers are generally really good. But again, no props. WG clearly releases the game with the business model of F2P. Toxic players complain about bundles and options to fast-track your account. Speaking of containers and bundles. Don't blame WG... E.G - It's like blaming a liquor store for your lack of responsibility after purchasing their product. They offer you the ability to buy the ship you're trying to get outright. You chasing a ship through bundles is an obvious gamble. But players will buy containers or bundles and be upset they didn't get said ship or item etc. Let's not get started on being angry with the company for keeping the servers going, updates coming, and fresh content. Honestly at a loss. I don't know of a perfect game or company that can keep everyone happy. I get that. But not giving credit where it's due is pretty old. It's just continuing the negativity trend. Just my opinion. And I know, I'm not going to make any friends with the toxic crowd. I am completely fine with that.
  2. Hey there big man thanks for coming to my post broh So the title is self explanatory WG why no gib more game modes for random battles? All game modes we currently have revolve around bigger or smaller circles, circles placed in different places and thats pretty much it for the random or even coop battles. So how about the community here writes all of their creative ideas down below for new game modes. That way someone from war gaming creative department can take your ideas and use them to get a promotion! Lol anyway it could be anything to give you all ideas think of game archetypes, maybe fleet play where you must defend X amount of player vehciles for points or some kind of search and destroy or even a siege map. where one team assaults a port while another defends. There are infinite possibilities. So add your ideas below, maybe talk why we haven't had any major changes since launch almost 6 years ago. I'd like to hear your thoughts and see your voices heard Make it so.
  3. Out of these gamemodes, which would you choose? NOTE: Some of these game types are potentially already being added, or are never going to be added! These are simply suggestions for what I’d like to see be added, and I am wanting to see what gamemodes people agree should be added! If you don’t agree with any of these options or notice one that is currently being implemented or is already implemented, then don’t call me out on it as I am aware that some of these are being added already!!! Randoms Deathmatch - Is a mode where two teams fight to the death. There is no secondary objectives like capturing a certain point on the map or capturing the enemy base, you simply sink the enemy ships. Potential benefits: Could result in additional options for clan battle gamemodes, could be an additional game mode for more diverse game play. Historical Deathmatch- Is basically the same thing as the previous suggestion, but the ships you play as will determine what team you’re on. (For example, One team will consist of ONLY German, Japanese, Italian and SOMETIMES Russian ships [including premiums of those nations), and the other team will consist of ONLY US, British, French, and SOMETIMES Russian ships [including premiums]. Ships of other nations [such as pan Asian and Pan American/European ships] will go on the teams that the ships were historically allied with.) Potential benefits: could draw in more players who are interested more in historically accurate battles, could be another variant of gamemode for clan battles. Capital ship Deathmatch- Can have a historical AND random version. Similar to Deathmatch, but there is a main objective AND secondary objective. Primary objective is to sink the capital ship. (This ship is a randomly selected player who becomes the primary target for the enemy team, and the objective that needs to be defended at all costs.) The capital ships on each team could receive a form of slight buff in order to allow them to both stand out as the primary objective (like a unique color) and to allow them to last a slight bit longer as so the ship doesn’t blow up as fast. The capital ships would ONLY consist of battleships or carriers. The buffs the capital ships would gain would vary depending on what ship is made the capital ship. (For example, carriers could have planes with additional health or battleships could have a super heal that both heals the player ship, but also the any allied ships within 4 km or so of the ship.) The buffs could also vary based on the nation of ship. (For example, the German battleships could have super secondaries, or improved dispersion by say 40%, whereas Japanese battleships have a form of shield that is limited in use, or super armor piercing shells, or the British battleships could have super HE shells that can set five fires that burn for a slightly shorter amount of time.) Potential benefits: could be a new and fun game mode people are willing to play (if done right and balanced properly). Historical Convoy- Plays similarly to the Halloween Hotel Transylvania gamemode, but in this case it is several ships that one team (Consisting of British, US, French, and sometimes Russian ships) have to defend until either the entire convoy gets to the objective point on the map, or as many as possible get to the objective point, while the other team (Consisting of German, Japanese, Italian, and sometimes Russian ships) have to sink as many of all ships in the convoy. Potential benefits: The gamemode could be fun for random and coop battles, but not for clan battles, and would bring in history fanatics who want to see a realistic game mode. Free For All (FFA)- This is heavily inspired by the savage battles of 2019. The game starts where each and every player’s objective from the start of the battle is to be the last one standing or the one with the most points when the timer runs out. Potential benefits: Would be fun for random battles, and could bring in more players due to more gameplay features. With all that said, which of these would YOU like to see in WOWS? Feel free to explain your choices, and also feel free to give constructive criticism as to why you think these gamemodes would or would not work and potential ideas as to fix the issues with them!
  4. Hello, I play this since open beta, before that I was playing World of Tanks, and I've loved the mechanic of clans wars and tournaments, (automatic tournament register & play), some days ago I've played Shipstorm and this tournament is a mess, you need to upload replays, create room, upload victory bla bla bla, we want to play and not to stress with rules. Could this game evolve or this game will stuck with a ton of new OP ships and bla bla bla? This game was released in 2013 and has none of these things yet, it's disappointing.